Aug 31, 2009

Slow Crime

Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review has little to do with politics (emphases are mine):
Officers with the Port Arthur Police Department report that the summer of crime predicted in Port Arthur was not as bad as everyone thought it would be during the spring crime spree.

"We have had some shootings, stabbings and assaults - but nothing of what we thought it would be earlier this year. It was not that bad. But it could get better," said a high ranking source in the Port Arthur Police Department to the Review this morning.

The source went on to say : "Don't get me wrong. We still have problems, and it is not getting better. We are just keeping a lid on thing," said the source.

Our take?

Good job by the street crimes unit and Mark Blanton. The message is out. Enough. And we like that. Blanton and crew seem to be letting it known that they are not going to be putting up with the freestyle street crime issues that have plagued Port Arthur.
And that is a good thing.
This is another of Klein's tired devices: the crime wave.

On December 12, 2008, Klein predicted:
Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!
As I pointed out in this article, Klein's fictitious statement was dead wrong. The crime stats for the year were actually down 10 percent, not up 8 percent as Klein claimed.

Philip responded on February 3, 2009 with another article also entitled "Crime Wave," he described a crime wave in Port Arthur that only existed in his imagination:
What is up? The crime stats say everything is okay? Right? Well not in Port Arthur. Arsons, shootings, and robberies? Say it is not so.
To avoid confusion, note that there are two articles with the same title, "Crime Wave." Reiterating, it's a claim that Philip frequently makes.

In December 2007, he claimed crime was so bad that the US Attorney's office, the FBI, the ATF, Secret Service, DEA, ICE, and the military would descend upon Port Arthur:

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.

Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is agencies in the United States have been lined up to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.
None of that happened.

The bottom line is this: crime in Port Arthur has been dropping for at least two years according to the real crime stats. Despite his back-handed compliments, Klein continues to insult the good work ("not getting any better") of the Port Arthur Police Department and the citizens of Port Arthur.


Anonymous said...

slow crime= slow brain

Anonymous said...

From the PRK Rule Book:

Rule 1 -- Slander Port Arthur and its citizens
at every opportunity.

Rule 2 --- Lie if necessary to support Rule 1.

Anonymous said...

I think you have them backwards

Anonymous said...

Another of Kleinio's dead horses, Gus. Have you through about dropping a dime to the SPCA?

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