Aug 20, 2009

Two (Pt Deux)

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine):

The SET Political Review has learned this morning that the US Marshal's job for the Southeastern District of Texas is down to two candidates - being Jefferson County Sherriff Mitch Woods and Lt. Ray Beck of the Beaumont Police Department.

The Review has learned that the Obama administration has formally asked a senators office for a recommendation between the two - and that nothing has been forwarded back to Washington.

The Review has also learned of a "dark horse" that may come in at the last minute to sweep the position from underneath the two candidates.

"We have been given a third name that has not formally applied. If he applies there seems to be interest in him," said the source.

The senators staff refused to give the name.

Let's count:

  1. One: Mitch Woods
  2. Two: Ray Beck
  3. Three: Philip's dark horse

Isn't that Three, not Two? From December 4, 2007:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Eddie Arnold ran unopposed. From December 8, 2008:

Two sources confirm that they have received direct confirmation that attorney Jeff Branick will run for [Jefferson County Judge] when it comes up.

Nick Lampson, Bo Alfred and a dark horse blast from the past that has asked us not to use their name at this time. That name may be a GOPER.

To be revisited, many times.

See Two (Part 1) below.


Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, Klein will have Dick Culbertson as the front runner.

Anonymous said...

"The dark horse is Willie Bauer --- sources close to the candidate tell the Sam the Eagle Political Review? Bauer semmingly came back from the dead to a GOPer."

Anonymous said...

It is Tommy Gard

Anonymous said...

No, it is Patrick McDermott.

Anonymous said...

Delores Davis?

Anonymous said...

"dark horse" is Philip's code for black person.

Anonymous said...

Klein cant count to 3! Funny Gus!

Anonymous said...

All the filup's are such a dick! Even their fictitious "sources" are always wrong. I guess the buried in the myriad of personality disorders is the reason he lacks any self-shame.

Anonymous said...

Sources close to sources close to Philip Klein tell me PRK has uncovered evidence that Tom Maness will apply for the US Marshall job.

Anonymous said...

With his, seemingly unlimited "sources", surely filup has heard of an applicant in the Tyler area.

Anonymous said...

Why does the dumb one believe there are only two applicants for this position?