Aug 19, 2009

Vi Out....

Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review provides an opportunity to revisit a few predictions; read my July 30, 2009, commentary on Philip's retirement notes. Philip apparently decided the unsubstantiated rumor was true, even though it was reported on Operation Kleinwatch, the Beaumont Enterprise, and KFDM-TV:

Vi McGinnis - who not only has the respect of every and all persons on both sides of the political fence will leave her office at the end of her term this next year. And Beaumont City Councilperson Nancy Beaulieu will step up to the plate and run. As one other has announced - Beaulieu will be the name to beat.

Readers will note Philip's uniquely redundant and awkward sentence construction.

The rest of Philip's so-called article is an attack on Nancy Beaulieu in the form of five long-winded questions (edited for bandwidth and emphases are mine):

First question - what party will Nancy run in..our guess is her true colors as a tax and spend democrat will come out? Or Blue dog democrat?

Although he claims he's a political consultant, Philip doesn't know the difference between the Blue Dog and Liberal wings of the Democratic Party. On his question, surely a shrewd political consultant like Philip R. Klein would look for clues in past campaign donations.

Second question - what does KFDM-TV do now? Questions already arose when Larry Beaulieu stepped down with a little prodding from the news division at KFDM

Philip drags Channel 6 into the issue, even though Nancy has no official connection whatsoever to the station.

Third question - what makes her qualified to be a JP? Here vast experience in the law? We viewed her bio this morning - and all we could find is this :

"Nancy is an active volunteer for the Jefferson County Resolution Center and enjoys offering her mediation services to the families of Southeast Texas."

Let's compare previous experience:

  • Vi McGinnis: three terms on the Beaumont City Council
  • Nancy Beaulieu: four terms on the Beaumont City Council and an active volunteer for the Jefferson County Resolution Center

Philip didn't do his homework: only one JP in Jefferson County has previous experience as an attorney. 

Forth [sic] Question - Why JP? Really - with her experience in the business world - and her kind of arrogant attitude on the city council - as well as her blue dog tendencies...

Forth question?

In his first question, Philip identified Nancy as a "tax and spend democrat." In his "forth" question, Philip now claims Nancy has "blue dog tendencies."  Philip is either terminally confused, or he believes all Democrats look alike.

Fifth Question - who is going to run her campaign? She has to run and get support from some of the big three. And now she has to pledge her troth to the democrats? With her business background? And her ties to the GOP COC? Oh...wait....we forgot.....the COC in Beaumont is not is hybrid Democrat with the board made up of one of the most liberal tax and spenders in the history of the county. Never mind on this question - we already have the answer.

Another example of Klein's supercilious gibberish.

Last question - if the GOP does not run one - will they support her? We mean the rank and file. The GOP chairman has a problem.

Here's an interesting question: would the rank and file GOP in Jefferson County choose Philip R. Klein as Chairperson? I suspect that the rank and file believe Klein has a problem.

Philip closes with a threat:

We also are going to watch very very closely the coverage of tonight's announcement on KFDM and see if they invoke the relationship as well as see if they invoke "Uncle Larry's" movement off the set to his office....

Ah yes. Political drama coming to a TV near you.

Do you think Philip will investigate Larry Beaulieu's time sheets?  Please note that Philip R. Klein indulges in the first (and only?) name-calling in this race.


Anonymous said...

Another slam dunk for Gus.

Klein's Crackberry said...

MN called: Pls don't endorse her.

Anonymous said...

When Klein reads this, maybe he can bookmark that campaign donation site.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure filup will change his opinion on Mrs. Beaulieu daily right up to the election. Astutely, filup noted that she has "her heals dug in". What a brilliant analysis from a brilliant mind!

Anonymous said...

Wonder how Philip looks in high "heals" and stockings?

Anonymous said...

Klein's writing provides inspiration for every kid who flunks out of school.

You too can grow up to be a fat laughing stock.