Aug 11, 2009

What the H**L?

I'll the gibberish in Philip R. Klein's most recent posting on his Southeast Texas Political Review; instead, we'll examine the main points that Philip buried amid a tsunami of bad grammar and logical fallacies. The emphasis is mine:

1) The Board of Trustee's thinks that the ruling by Wortham was political. They ignore that their blessed superintendent lied on the witness stand. And as well was one of the worst witnesses that has ever been on the stand as seen by the Review. And they think that the 9th court of appeals - which is run by conservative Judges is going to give liars a chance to appeal their lies? Wow!

Philip didn't mention that Judge Wortham ordered mandatory mediation in his ruling and that he appointed Marsha Norman as mediator. Neither did he mention that Marsha has little experience in mediation, but could make between $10,000 to $15,000 on this case. Klein is also apparently unaware of rumored business connections between Judge Wortham and Marsha, so I can understand how some people might get the idea that Wortham's decision was political in nature.

Notice that Philip clearly states he saw Dr. Carrol's testimony on the stand. From his article on Wednesday, August 5, 2009:

Fact, Thomas, according to many in the media that the Review spoke with, made a fool of himself during direct questioning and cross.

Either this is another case of Philip's self-proclaimed sixth sense, specifically remote viewing, or Philip simply can't keep track of his own lies. 

2) It continues a fight between old Beaumont and the black community that wants Southpark to be taken down because of its racial history. H**l, just ask Paul Brown - he will tell you.

I edited Klein's crude language, but his exaggeration is immediately apparent.

If the ongoing debate on this issue includes racial connotations that the building may or may not have, so what? This is certainly germane to the issue -- most artifacts of the Jim Crow era have long since disappeared; that is, except for Philip R. Klein's rampant racism.

Here's the question to Philip R. Klein that I've posed on multiple occasions, but which he refuses to answer: what's the most effective return on investment for the Beaumont taxpayer?


Anonymous said...

Gus hits another one out of the park.

Anonymous said...

Expect another racist rant from PRK when he reads that "Uncle Hilty" has been honored by two environmental organizations for his efforts to improve the lives and safety of Port Arthurans.

Anonymous said...

Gus, you do a hell of a lot better at rumor mongering than Klein. Keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Good lord this guy Klein is a total moron. What a disgrace to the human race. Loser, major loser.