Aug 3, 2009

Who Reads? (Anonymously)

As most readers know, Philip R. Klein monitors the IP addresses of visitors to his multiple websites:

There is much debate about who reads and how many read this web site. Over the last year we again have kept a running database on who the biggest readers are of the Review.

The biggest readers are you the people. Individual IP sites make up for over 62% of the total inbound hits - however - the rest is made up many businesses and government entities. We though on this slow news day you might enjoy reading who is watching this site.

Another example of Klein's IP tracking: Philip revealed in numerous interviews that he tracked Patrick McDermott to a fishing vessel operating off the coast of Mexico by monitoring the IP addresses to  Philip still hasn't found McDermott, even though fishing boats equipped with upstream satellite internet or long, long-distance wi-fi connections must be pretty rare in Mexico (see Note to Philip below).

In today's article, his list of the top domains that visit SETPR doesn't make any more sense than his search for Patrick McDermott. Let's compare with a similar list he posted in his now-defunct Nitwit Tidbits on April 28, 2008.

August 3, 2009 April 28, 2008
  1. County of Jefferson
  2. County of Orange
  3. KFDM - TV
  4. The United States Department of Justice
  5. KBMT - TV
  6. City of Port Arthur
  7. City of Beaumont
  8. KBTV - TV
  9. State of Texas General Services Commission
  10. Hearst Corporation
  1. Jefferson County
  2. Hearst Newspapers – Beaumont Enterprise
  3. Freedom Broadcasting – KFDM
  4. Beaumont Independent School District
  5. City of Port Arthur
  6. Clear Channel Corp.
  7. KBMT – TV
  8. City of Beaumont
  9. Merrill Lynch Corporation
  10. United States Department Of Justice
Readers will notice immediate discrepancies: visitors from Merrill-Lynch, Clear Channel Corp., and the Beaumont ISD apparently stopped visiting Klein's site, while Philip implies that everyone in Orange County discovered his website between then and now.

With his reference to "hits," Philip confirms this list is not credible. From (emphasis is mine):

Don't use the term hits unless you want people to know you don't know much about Web analytics or Web measurement.

The three fundamental measurements in web analytics are visits, visitors, and page views. I've previously debunked Philip's fraudulent claims here and here, but these external sites offer a more realistic perspective:

Philip received 112 visits via anonymous link to his website during the 24-hour period ending at 7:28 PM this evening:

Philip will deny, of course, but I suspect the anonymous traffic to his website has the fat detective concerned, else why would he post this article out of the blue?  

This isn't about politics in Southeast Texas, this is about Philip R. Klein. I hope I've answered the comments on why I put up the anonymous links. Tell your friends!

Note to Philip: I love that purported fax from Mexico on the Patrick McDermott site! One might wonder why someone on a fishing boat equipped with a state-of-the-art, long distance internet connection would use outdated technology like a fax machine, instead of email from an anonymous account.

What I found funniest is the last paragraph:

If you continue this madness that you have created by your accusations Pat will hold you accountable for your actions. Let him live his life in peace and harmony. He is safe and and has started anew again in a new place both mentally and personally.

I'm sure all 910 readers will immediately recognize your grammatical trainwrecks, like the missing punctuation, run-on phrases, and signature subject-verb disagreements. Did I mention the same trite phrasing you use in almost every article on SETPR?

Next time, ask Inga or Caroline for help with your homework.


Anonymous said...

Gus, be sure you create an anonymous link to his Beaumont Underground II website!

Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that a klein trap too?

Anonymous said...

Only for the people who believe he got Sam's IP number from google security. Welcome back, Gus. I'm a longtime reader.

Anonymous said...

Klein post, "We though on this slow news day you might enjoy reading who is watching this site."


Sam the Eagle said...

We here at the Eagle's Nest thought you might want to see who visits The Review. Also, check out Mike Aguilar's Going Underground for a wonderful rebuttal of Philip's 'report' on the new Port Arthur High School. And remember......Philip lies......

Anonymous said...

Klien thinks it was a slow news day because he wasn't in the news:

1) BBB warns of phony debt collectors. Be wary if the collector identifies himself as an FBI agent.

1) Texas District Judge Bob Wortham ruled Monday for a group of SouthPark alumni who wanted to block Beaumont ISD’s plans to demolish the former South Park High School structure.

2) CLUB SHOOTING UPDATE: Business owners want club shut down

3) Jefferson County commissioners once again approved a contract to house Harris County's overflow inmates at the Jefferson County downtown jail.

4) Post office to close 1000locations; none locally

5) A Houston construction firm could let the city know by week's end when it plans to start the $24 million second phase of the Calder Avenue project.

Anonymous said...

I talked to this dumbass a few weeks ago and he told me had more readers than the Beaumont Enterprise and Channel 6 combined.