Sep 30, 2009

REDRUM & Lee Dead

Philip R. Klein irresponsibly speculates on the death of Allen Lee in two articles today on The Southeast Texas Political Review:
Details are sketchy - however - detectives have said that the death is questionable.

And too bad for the media. A murder of a political figure could go a long way. 
According to an official statement from the Beaumont Police, released at 11:03 AM this morning:
This morning at 5:45 a.m., a woman called 911 in reference to a sick call at a home in the 5000 block of Maddox. EMS arrived and determined that the husband of the caller was in grave condition. The male subject was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. He has been identified as 61 year old Allen Lee of Beaumont.

Investigators at the scene and at the hospital observed several injuries to the body of Lee. Judge Jones pronounced Lee deceased and ordered an autopsy.

The autopsy on Mr. Lee was conducted this morning and the preliminary cause of death has been ruled as natural causes. Mr. Lee's health had been declining over the past several months.
Philip's inflammatory demogogery shows a reckless disregard for the truth. Throwing stones at the deceased is not political discourse.

Sep 29, 2009

Taking The Risk

Philip R. Klein makes another prediction in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
And the fall out? Nobody can say they didn't ask for it when the lawsuit flies. And be sure - the lawsuits will fly. And it will grab the attention of almost everyone in the State of Texas. As they say - this one will be case law.
Philip thinly guised threat refers to a tabled issue from the Sept. 14th meeting of the Nederland City Council regarding the city's personnel policy.  Unlike the fat detective, I'll avoid forming an opinion until I actually read the revisions. Is this really a hot political issue as Klein claims, or another case of his hidden agendas as Director, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department?

While Philip offers an uninformed and callow opinion of an obscure HR revision that affects less than 100 people, he missed the bigger stories today:
  • The Jefferson County Commissioners adopted the 2009/2010 budget and approved a $0.365 per $100 dollar tax rate, unchanged from last year. The budget's spending increase: 1.8 percent, not the 5.4 percent that Klein claimed on Monday.

  • The Beaumont ISD banned the book "Friday Night Lights." High school students will have to rent the DVD or watch it on cable instead of reading the Pulitzer prize-winning novel for themselves.  I doubt Philip has read the book, either.

  • The Jefferson County Commissioners accepted a Texas Department of Transportation maintenance grant of $34,000 for lights and runway upkeep. Philip doesn't like Airport Manager Hal Ross - I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that PRK nurses a grudge because Hal wouldn't let him make numerous trips through the first responder buffet during Hurricane Ike.

  • Commissioners in both Jefferson and Orange counties voted to join the six-county Gulf Coast Community Protection and Recovery District. Yet, the future of Sea Rim State Park looks bleak, since no money has been earmarked by the state for rebuilding the facility. Philip has previously stated that he thinks parks are a waste of money - I suspect that as a "true conservative," Klein believes parks should be run by private businesses who charge admission.

Sep 28, 2009

Not One

In his latest Southeast Texas Political Review article, Philip R. Klein's confusion becomes obvious between one paragraph and the next:


Yes - Jefferson, Hardin, Orange, City of Orange, City of Port Arthur, City of Beaumont, State of Texas, Federal Government - each has grown in spending by over 5.4% for this next fiscal year.

In the first paragraph, Klein states that spending has grown by an average of 5.4 percent among the listed entities.

In his second paragraph, Philip states that each entity has grown spending by over 5.4 percent.

As I noted yesterday, the Beaumont Enterprise clearly refuted Klein's distortion of the facts:
The 1.8 percent increase from last year's $119 million adjusted budget is mostly related to the 5 percent salary increase for union employees and 2 percent salary increase for non-union employees, according to Patrick Swain, county auditor.
More to come!

Sep 27, 2009


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein offers his opinion on KSET Radio, without actually having heard the station:
They have launched their web site and their line up which is.....well......interesting.
  • You can kick your day off with Sebastian and Friends? Whoever the h*** that is?
  • Moving on....The doctor doctor show. With a doctor that is a doctor of body and God.
  • Moving on...Then a geek....on geek radio talking computers....
  • Moving on...The Golden Triangle Entertainment show? Funny? Entertainment in ..... oh never mind...
  • Moving on...Oh crap.....we have to throw in a lawyer...Paul Clayton......
  • Moving on....And of course Jack Piper.
To stifle other opinions, Klein did not include a link to the KSET website. Philip's final analysis, based on an uninformed opinion:
So you politicos.....there is nothing there for you until you hit around 4 p.m. after Jack is a little warmed up. And then his liberal spew will start. And you can call...and you can dig him and watch him spit on the mic.
Other than Klein's feeble attempt at demagogy, what does this have to do with politics in Southeast Texas?

Meanwhile, neither Klein nor The Examiner mentioned this story from the Beaumont Enterprise:
County Commissioners to vote on $121 million budget
September 27, 2009
Posted: September 26, 2009, 4:38 AM CDT  
Last updated: September 26, 2009, 4:44 AM CDT
A $121 million budget that includes salary increases for county employees will be voted on Monday by Jefferson County commissioners.

The 1.8 percent increase from last year's $119 million adjusted budget is mostly related to the 5 percent salary increase for union employees and 2 percent salary increase for non-union employees, according to Patrick Swain, county auditor.

Union employees work in the sheriff's office, are corrections officers and deputy constables.

Non-union employees are elected officials and other department heads as well as clerical staff, Swain said.

County employees also received a salary increase last budget year.
The 1.8 percent increase and 2 percent salary increase contradicts PRK's previous statements.

A Tale of Two Wingnuts


Philip R. Klein and his PNG conspiracy theory.

Muammar al-Qaddafi and his JFK conspiracy theory.

In his latest letter to himself on his Reader Mail page, Philip R. Klein clearly states that County Auditor Patrick Swain committed a felony:
And he cooked the books? To the tune of almost $2 million. First the county is going bankrupt and then it is swimming in money right after the election...It is hard keeping what is spent from the taxpayers - until guys like me come along.

"Guys like" Philip Klein must include those other conspiracy theorists who refer to themselves in the plural.

During a speech before the United Nations, Muammar al-Qaddafi claimed Israel was behind the plot to kill President John F. Kennedy:

Jack Ruby, an Israeli, killed Lee Harvey Oswald. Why did this Israeli kill Harvey? Ruby later died mysteriously. The whole world should know that Kennedy wanted to investigate the actions of the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona.

Two sides of the same coin.

Sep 24, 2009

It Is Not Working [sic]

I've identified the primary source in Philip R. Klein's "Inside Report" on the Beaumont Enterprise:
"Awww, look, the Enterprise has been shooting itself in the foot for years. They choose at one point to ignore very important stories and they choose to allow the Examiner to take the lead in investigative stories. People like that kind of reading. They do not like the reading where everyone tries to figure out some lame excuse for telling half of the story in a left wing slant. All of the great writers have left and they are left with kids trying to learn the business. I guess we all have to learn sometime - but the Enterprise should be big enough with Hearst behind them to pick up one or two high paid writers that can dig into a story? Don't ya think?" - asked one source high up in county government.
After careful review, I've determined that the similarity in style clearly identifies Cacma D. as Philip Klein's source. See for yourself:
Today I write this letter on behalf of Pat McDermott. It is to that end that I ask you to stop this search for him immediately. You have attempted to damage his reputation as a man whom has done nothing to anyone.

You may assume that Pat is alive and is very well. Pat asked that I portray to you his innocence in the crimes you have accused him of. Pat has committed no crime. He simply has gone to a new life without the hassles of California or the spot light to which he lived for years. Pat has no ill will to anyone. Pat simply wishes to be left alone.

If you continue this madness that you have created by your accusations Pat will hold you accountable for your actions. Let him live his life in peace and harmony. He is safe and has started anew again in a new place both mentally and personally. Please be a friend.

Cacma D.
Apparently, Cacma has moved from the western coast of Mexico to Jefferson County where he or she is now "pretty high up in county government."

The fuzzy focus of this article is another of Klein's frequent themes, the death of the Beaumont Enterprise:
We continue to hear it is game over - just the death rattle is all that is heard right now. Just the death rattle. And that is too bad.
In a January article he titled, "Death Rattle," Klein claimed the Examiner would buy the Enterprise. He's still firmly attached to the Examiner's coat tails:
I can go to sites like yours and the Examiner and get the exciting stuff. If you guys are talking about or the Examiner is talking about it - there is something going on." - said another source inside county government.
Here's a Beaumont Enterprise story that the Enterprise first published yesterday. Neither Klein or The Examiner mentioned:
UPDATE2: City sues Entergy for "unethical, fraudulent bill"
Posted: September 23, 2009, 10:40 PM CDT
Last updated: September 24, 2009, 4:44 PM CDT

The city of Beaumont has sued Entergy Texas accusing the electric utility of "unethical and fraudulent billing practices" that led to a "staggering" amount of overbilling.
The Enterprise also published the source documents.  Here is Klein's greatest irony in this article:
Give us a story - not commentary.
Philip specializes in telling stories.

Sep 23, 2009

Slim Shady

In Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he defines the role of treasurer in county government:
Meaning? They are the banking dude for the county.
Philip's simplistic paraphrase and signature grammatical train wreck provides insight into his frequent claims of being a popular speaker at local schools.

I hope PRK doesn't deceive students with fraudulent attributions, since this item actually came from the Texas Association of Counties website, not the "council of government" as Philip claims. A better description is found in the Title 3, Subtitle B, Chapter 83 of the Texas Local Government Code.

I also hope he's not quoting figures to the students about county finances:

"Well, the average price of property and taxable items has gone through the roof. To the tune of anywhere between 23% to 63% according the Jefferson County Appraisal District."

I couldn't find those figures anywhere on the JCAD's website, but I did determine that this year's certified tax roll shows net taxable property values of $18.6 billion, which is roughly a 12 percent increase from last year's $16.5 billion. That final figure dropped by 4 percent after protest hearings.
The rest of the article is a laundry list of Philip's dead horses, the "same old think, over and over and over again."

Fat Phil's copyrighted name-calling in the absence of a real point: offspring of the gang of seven...

...Patrick "Slim Shady" Swain...

...Georgine Guillory - who is a power broker want-to-be...
A liberal dose of mudslinging:
He helped Patrick "Slim Shady" Swain architect the lie perpetrated to the taxpayers and citizens of Jefferson County Texas. And memories are really fresh right now when you walk onto the property of the courthouse. As they (the commissioners) have built a mote to protect their beloved courthouse, have created a navy, have created an air force, have created a huge airport nobody uses, have created layers and layers of government, huge buildings (Ford Park) and given everyone raises at 3 times the inflation rate (remember there was no inflation this last year) - well they need an insider in case they get called on by someone smart in the media....uh....well....
Philip meant "moat," not "mote." I'm not sure which lie he's referencing, since the rest of his sophomoric gibberish is hopelessly muddled.

Air patrols: See here and here.

Courthouse security: See here, here, here, here, and here, among others.

Ford Park: Carl Griffith was the Father of Ford Park, not Patrick Swain, whose opposition became a source of irritation during Judge Griffith's final term in office. After Judge Griffith lost his reelection bid, Philip nursed a grudge against Judge Walker and Patrick Swain. Klein has stated on several occasions that he doesn't endorse political candidates, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck:
Carl R. Griffith Jr. - Oh boy. Here is our man...The leader of all leaders (and we are serious about that). The guy has his ticket written and the media loves him.
River patrols: See here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, among others.

Jefferson County employee raises: Philip distorted the facts, since Jefferson County Commissioners approved those raises in August 2008, months before the recession occurred. From the Beaumont Enterprise, August 18, 2008:
During Monday's budget hearing Jefferson County commissioners agreed to budget a 6 percent raise for all non-union county employees for the next fiscal year.

Commissioners consulted the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics' numbers, which indicated the country's consumer price index rose 5.65 percent from June 2007 to June 2008. The index measures the average price of goods and services and is used to gauge inflation.
For previous articles on Jefferson County employee salaries, see here, here, here, and here.

Bottom line: Keith Hawkes has not officially announced his candidacy, so Klein's rhetoric, mud-slinging, name-calling and demogogery are premature.

Sep 22, 2009


Philip R. Klein's published his latest article this morning at 11:09:43 AM. He stated:
Testimony in day one of the South Park political fiasco continues - with old and new showing up to say that Dr. Thomas, the supreme leader of BISD, told just about everyone that Southpark was going to stay standing?
When Philip wrote this, testimony was already over. Most of the testimony took place yesterday during the real first day.

Philip presented this probing analysis of the proceedings, even though he apparently spent at least 24 hours in the Twilight Zone:
We smell something in the political air out there? Maybe the powers to be have had enough? Or maybe someone just has gas? Who knows?

Bottom line - Dr. Thomas is getting his political a** kicked. And it is kind of interesting to watch.
As a Beaumont native, I'm amused that Klein has refused to spell South Park correctly. Not only does this underscore Philip's lack of credibility, his arrogance is representative of a fundamental lack of respect for the real heritage of Jefferson County.

The most confusing part of this trial came when two engineers representing both sides gave conflicting costs on renovating the former South Park High School. Both sides should carefully consider Judge Bob Wortham's advice concerning an independent cost estimate on renovation.

Compare Klein's juvenile and misinformed rant with this editorial from the Beaumont Enterprise.

Instead of common ground, Klein's extremist and patently false statements only obscure the real issues:
Moving on - testimony from the GOPER that helped one of the biggest tax increases in Jefferson County's history - Dr. Teuscher of Beaumont. He says...well....he says....well....he says....well....he says.....well....he says.
Said by someone who doesn't know what day it is and consistently refers to himself in the plural. This isn't political discourse, it's a personal attack on Dr. David Teuscher.

While most of Klein's statement is gibberish, I publically challenge him to provide evidence to support his statement that this bond represented "one of the biggest tax increases in Jefferson County's history."

Nederland Sued

Philip R. Klein attempts to report hard news in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
The City of Nederland and a police officer have been sued for brutality by Bobby Dale Simon.

According to the petition - Simon says he was notified that there was a fire at his sons residence located in Nederland while out to dinner. He states that he was concerned that his grandson was in the house. He states that he tried to enter the house. As he was trying to get into the house - the fire department tried to keep him from entering. At that time the fire officer at the scene asked to have a police officer get him off the porch.

The petition states post that - the officer grabbed him and threw him into a different section of the porch, tazered him and pepper sprayed him. As well, "other people" wrestled him to the ground. He states in the petition that he was hit twice in the head by a baton. He was then taken to the street, tazered again once in the chest and back. He states his head was held under water in the ditch. He states in the petition that he heard the officer tell two other officers to tazer him and hold his head under water.

Simon was found not guilty be a jury regarding the criminal side of the case less than six months ago.

The lawyers for Simon is B. Adam Terrell  and Jon Burmeister.

The suit was filed on September 2, 2009 and served upon the city this past week in citation. The city has yet to file a response.
Klein states that Simon was found not guilty. Klein states that happened less than six months ago. Klein doesn't state Simon's charges.

If Philip really does speak often at local schools as he claims, we can deduce that he's not speaking to journalism classes.  Compare Klein's version with this version of the same story from Channel 6, who also published the story before Klein. Which account is more credible?   Which account seems to have been written by a deranged middle-school student (hint: look for the one with the grammatical trainwrecks)?

Most importantly, what does this have to do with politics?

Advice to Philip Klein: Don't try this as home, leave it to the professionals.

Sep 21, 2009

Maybe We Were Wrong

This Southeast Texas Political Review article is Philip R. Klein's third (by my count) in a continuing series solely devoted to calling Dr. Carrol Thomas of the Beaumont ISD a liar:
In fact - we - along with other news media people compared notes. And all of us saw the same thing. The guy simply lied.
Judge Bob Wortham is so much more eloquent than Philip. 

Not much legitimate and credible political content exist in Klein's dead horse, but he's egotistically attached himself and the other Philip to the mainstream media. His claim is improbable since he's also feuding with almost every media outlet in the area.

Perhaps Klein compared notes with "ace reporter" Jerry Jordan from The Examiner. If so, I wonder if they also discussed what Philip derisively calls "The Jefferson County Navy."

Philip's story

Philip quoted a manufactured source from the United States Coast Guard (USCG):
"We always can use help, but these guys have gone overboard man. They are going to do what if they find what? Shot them with their pistols? Shoot them with their guns? If there were a true attack the only things those boats would be good for is to put it into high gear and run away," said a long time Coast Guard official in Port Arthur.

"Well, the boats are a joke in waiting, but the helicopter we can use. The problem is communicating with it. We have to fix a couple of problems with that," said the source.
Shortly afterwards, Philip Klein claimed the USCG leaked information to him:
The US Coast Guard called us this past week. Seemingly the NEW BOAT FLEET has not moved from its moorings in three weeks? Wait? We thought there was a big push for patrol? Keeping us safe? Twenty four hour patrols for our waterways?
And a few weeks later, Philip claims the USCG called back with this tip:
Coast Guard - Has made it clear on Sunday. Big boat of LNG coming in mid-day - (giggle) - if Jefferson County crosses state lines in their boats and attempts to enforce any laws - out of their jurisdiction - they will act. This includes the chopper? We are going to watching this one.
When SETWAC was formed, Philip claimed two local plant managers were "seriously concerned" over the two cents per ton security fee to fund the river and port patrols:
We spoke with two plant managers this week that are seriously concerned.

"They just have to tax us. That is all they know how to do. We do not need the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department running up and down the river patrolling the fish and the alligators. We have the US Coast Guard to protect us. They do a damn good job and they are already paid for. It seems to me that maybe the Sherriff [sic] might want to put his resources on the drunks and crime in Jefferson County rather than pick on us again," said the source very close to one of the major plants in the area.
Readers will notice that Philip lost his train of thought by the end of the quote. What started out as "two plant managers," ended as a "source very close to one of the major plants in the area."

The Southeast Texas Plant Managers Forum disputed Klein's claim in a powerpoint presentation:
Part 105 of 33 CFR regulates security at “maritime facilities”

The Coast Guard’s method of extending this to refineries is problematic but relates to facilities taking in crude or shipping out product through harbor terminals.
The real story

According to an article in The Examiner (Sept. 18-24, 2009) on page 10A:
While most Southeast Texans have paid little attention to the work of those securing the local waterways, the U.S. Coast Guard has taken notice and has seen the work done by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the Sabine-Neches Navigation District as nothing short of extraordinary.
The USCG has recognized the cooperative business model used by local plants and the Jefferson County Sheriff's office, so Sheriff Mitch Woods has been asked to speak at a conference on port security by the Commandant of the Coast Guard.
According to information from the Coast Guard, the South East Texas Waterways Advisory Council (SETWAC) was recognized as the National Harbor Safety Committee of the year at the 12th Annual National Harbor Safety Conference in Tampa in June.

Adm. Thad Allen, Commandant of the Coast Guard, commended the SETWAC for the efforts they took along with the community to restore the waterway traffic to normal after Hurricane Ike. Other nominees for the award that SETWAC received were the Port of New York/New Jersey, the Port of San Francisco, the Port of Seattle, the Port of Puget Sound, and the Port of Tampa.
There is no doubt: Philip and the other Philip were indeed wrong.

Sep 19, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits 9/19/09

Here are some fast looks at slow thoughts from Philip R. Klein this week.

On Beaumont's heritage - Klein wrote about the appeal of an injunction against the BISD concerning the demolition of the South Park Middle School building:
The court of appeals has upheld Judge Bob Worthum's decision regarding Southpark High School (middle school).
Southpark or South Park?  Worthum or Wortham? This is to be expected from someone who has no respect for the heritage, officials, or citizens of Jefferson County.

On Philip's personal feud with the local media - Philip comments on a KBMT Channel 12 story about Hilton Kelley in his story "CAC-BM." Inside the story, Philip notes:
And guess who took the story this time? Some newbie reporter from KBMT-TV.
Philip pirated this image (on right) from an old KFDM Channel 6 report without permission and posted on his front page headlines without identifying KBTV Channel 12 as the source of the news story.

Misleading, don't you think?

Philip confuses the issue even more by mentioning KFDM Channel 6 twice in his article, even though they weren't the source of the news story:
You see the media sees business as the enemy - until they need their ad revenue to stay on the air? Right KFDM?
Philip's thesis that the "media sees business as the enemy" is an unsubstantiated and inflammatory  opinion, based on his own personal agenda. Else, why didn't Klein mention KBTV Channel 4, since they've consulted Kelley for his opinion on frequent occasions. 

On toxic waste - Klein referenced the real point of the KBMT Channel 12 news story only once in his lengthy article, when he called Hilton Kelley a liar:
PCB shipments going to an plant in Port Arthur from Mexico to be destroyed. And Kelly simply starts to lie again - saying it is unsafe and that people can be killed or injured.
Despite Philip R. Klein's claim as a self-proclaimed expert on toxic wastes, Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) can indeed "kill or injure people." Because of its toxicity, PCB was banned in the U.S. in 1976. Veolia is seeking an exemption to import 20,000 tons from Mexico. 

During his now-defunct radio talk show on April 28, 2007, Klein attacked Hilton Kelley for his opposition to the VX project at the Veolia plant. When a caller tried to discuss the real issue, Klein manufactured this statistic::
This stuff has already been...before it's even been brought here to Southeast Texas, Texas, it's already been dissolved to a point where you would need to wallow in it for two years to even get one point of one-tenth of a side effect.
So who's really lying?

On Hilton Kelley - Philip attacks the man, not the issue:
Kelly...Says he worked with good old Don Johnson on a TV show as a "stunt man." IMDB nor the shows creators, as well as the actors association (to which you must be a member to work on a TV show) says they ever had any man named Hilton Kelly work on any TV show - as a stunt man or actor. It made us go .... hmmmm...And lately - Kelly touts himself as being "involved" and "appointed to the EPA board." So we contacted the EPA - uh no. He did however - met with a state EPA advisory committee and may in fact be getting a seat at the little table. Why? You tell us? Who wants this guy at the table?
Philip has never explained what Kelley's IMDB listing has to do with incinerating the world's toxic wastes in Port Arthur. Nor did Klein offer a citation on Kelley's purported statement, but I suspect he's referring to this article about a meeting that Kelley attended with the new EPA administrator for the State of Texas.

Philip's ad hominem fallacy has nothing to do with the real issue of incinerating imported PCBs from Mexico at a Port Arthur. Here's the real story with the EPA.

Philip's final solution - Klein offers another solution to stifling legitimate debate:
We will give this new reporter a pass - but his news director should be shot. Case closed.
Does PRK's statement constitute a terroristic threat against a person in the media?

Low points in the English language - A real reader nominated this statement as PRK's top grammatical train wreck of the week:
Meaning before an employee can have a weekend or night second job to pay ends meat...
Real readers write - A reader left an interesting comment yesterday:
Phil is going to be furious at The Examiner, which reports the U.S. Coast Guard has recognized the "extraordinary" work of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in waterway security. Mitch Woods, whose work PRK often derides, and his chief deputy, Ron Hobbs, will be panelists next week at a national conference of port officials in Reston, VA.
The story from "ace reporter" Jennifer Trahan apears on page 10A of this week's Examiner. Klein had no comment.

Sep 17, 2009

Aggies Gone [sic]

In his latest article article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein pirated an entire posting from Mike Aguilar's new blog.

Isn't this "copywrite" issue one of Philip's chief complaints in Klein v. Google?

Regarding Klein's "take," who cares? This isn't political commentary - it's Philip R. Klein's commentary about PRK and what he thinks of Michael Aguilar. Paraphrasing a scene from Beaches:

     Philip R. Klein:
But enough about me, let's talk about you... what do YOU think of me?

Read Mike's new blog here, as he originally intended before Philip's bad cut-and-paste.

Sep 16, 2009

Jumping Ship

Philip R. Klein's bias is showing in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
The Review filed a PIR (Public Information Request) to the city of Beaumont to see who our new spokesperson would be for the City of Beaumont (more pork spending but things are good right now - right?). Government is having to cut back right now and not add positions? Right? Funny huh?

Back to the story - on the 10th day our list was given to us of who applied - ready? Here it comes!

From KFDM - wanting a government job?
What Philip left out: those applicants from KBTV and KBMT. I suspect there are as many, if not more, applicants from those stations. Wouldn't Jackie Simien more properly be identified with Channel 12, since she currently anchors their newscasts? 

In the real world, a person with media experience has the prerequisite skills needed.  Philip's ignorance is showing, too, since these jobs are common at all levels of government.

As an example, TxDot spokesperson Marc Shepherd came from the local media. Considering the number of reporters and anchors at Channel 4 at over the past few years, things have been "bad, really bad"  for a long time if Klein's skewed logic makes sense.

Likewise, private businesses tend to hire communications from the media. For instance, the spokesperson for Klein Investigations and Consulting has experience as a TV commentator and talk radio host who once ran six Dairy Queens.

This isn't politics; this is Philip's personal feud against KFDM and an attempt at intimidation. It's interesting to note that Klein hasn't mentioned the Port Arthur City Attorney.

Sep 15, 2009


In his latest article, Philip R. Klein writes:
There is a reason nobody in business wants to do business with Jefferson County Government - and we have said it time and time and time again - corruption.
Philip offers no evidence for his wingnut opinion, beyond his mangled version of a real story:
Here we go again - in less than 60 days - the proprietor of the leased Jefferson County Jail where inmates are held and a government building is used for private outsourcing - will leave this fare county. Leaving a huge contract with Harris County (they ran out of room) and holding their prisoners for a small gross profit of $2.5 million.

Well the company that owns the jail business - called Geo Group did not like the deal. Why? Well Jefferson County was making more money than they were and they were taking all of the risk. So - no more risk and no more ...... money for Jefferson County? Which has left around 100 people out of work in the next 60 days and hurt the profit margin (yes we said profit margin) of our county government in the balance.
Philip obfuscated the truth to feed his own personal agenda against Jefferson County.

As an example, the GEO Group has been operating that facility for 11 years, but Klein claims the firm is leaving because they didn't "like the deal."

The real story is a lot simpler than Klein alleges: the U.S. Marshals Service moved its prisoners to state facilities as beds became available.

From the Beaumont Enterprise, Sept. 15, 2009:
Geo notified the county last week that in 60 days it will terminate its contract to run the jail. Room for the Harris County inmates was available after the state removed inmates it housed in Beaumont as beds were made available in state facilities.

The moving of state inmates left the downtown Beaumont jail "grossly overstaffed" and in a "very negative cash flow," [Tom] Rugg said.

The decision leaves the 100 Geo Group guards without jobs and the Harris County inmates nowhere to go in Jefferson County.
From the Beaumont Enterprise, Aug. 26, 2009:
Geo Group Inc., the contract company that runs the jail inside the Jefferson County courthouse, reduced staff last week when the number of inmates in the jail decreased, said Pablo E. Paez, a spokesman for the company.

Inmates of the U.S. Marshal's Office and Texas Department of Criminal Justice were recently housed at the downtown jail until they were transferred elsewhere.
Most sane business people will realize that the GEO Group had too many guards and not enough prisoners. Philip calls this corruption on the part of Jefferson County; I call it poor planning on the part of the GEO Group.

It's not the first time the company has had problems. From October 9, 2007:
The corrections company that lost its contract for running a juvenile prison in West Texas has had problems at other prisons in the state.

The state closed the Coke County Juvenile Center last week and canceled its contract with GEO Group Inc., which had operated the prison since 1994. Officials cited an ombudsman's report that described conditions including dirty bed sheets, feces-smeared cells and insects in the food. The center's 200 inmates were moved to other facilities.

In a report Sunday, The Dallas Morning News said GEO has encountered problems at other facilities it runs in Texas, such as:
  • An Idaho inmate at the Dickens County prison in northwest Texas slashed his throat after being held for three months in a cold, moldy solitary cell with bloodstained bedding, according to court records.
  • GEO settled a wrongful death case brought by the family of a female inmate at the Val Verde County facility. Plaintiffs alleged the inmate committed suicide after being raped and denied psychiatric care, according to court records.
  • A jury ruled Wackenhut Corrections Corp., which became GEO, destroyed evidence of an inmate's beating death at a Willacy County facility and returned a $47.5 million verdict against the company.
GEO spokesman Pablo Paez was not available for comment Sunday. In an earlier interview, he told the Morning News the company strives to provide quality services at its facilities.

State lawmakers are expected to begin hearings soon on GEO's statewide correctional contracts.
The state eventually sued The GEO Group over a wrongful death.

Since Philip mentioned corruption, here's a much better example than Klein's contrived allegations against Jefferson County.

Philip lapses into his same tired rant against Jefferson County by the end of his article:
Roads, bridges, water, sewer, police, fire, ems and infrastructure. Anything other.....a waste of your tax dollars.
I thought Philip said the county was making a "small gross profit of $2.5 million?"

The Uniform Klein Report

On December 12, 2008, Klein predicted:
Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!
As I pointed out in this article, Klein's fictitious statement was dead wrong. The crime stats for the year decreased by 10 percent across the county, not an 8 percent increase as Klein claimed.

Yesterday, the FBI release its Uniform Crime Report. From KFDM Channel 6:
The number of violent crimes has decreased across the nation, according to an F.B.I. report released Monday, and the decline extends to Southeast Texas.

The number of violent crimes reported in Beaumont decreased by about five percent from 2007 to 2008.

In Port Arthur, violent crime decreased 15 percent in 2008, and in Orange, it increased about two percent.

Violent crime includes murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

To read more about the report:
On February 3, 2009 Klein described a "Crime Wave" in Port Arthur that only existed in his imagination:
What is up? The crime stats say everything is okay? Right? Well not in Port Arthur. Arsons, shootings, and robberies? Say it is not so.
It wasn't so. The numbers speak for themselves.

Sep 14, 2009

Employee's Beating Drum

You'll find one of Philip R. Klein's signature clich├ęs in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. In this case, it's one of my favorites of all his literary and grammatical train wrecks:
Well there seems to be employee problems in the sleepy little town of Nederland, Texas.
In the past, Philip confirmed that Nederland is sleepy:
Let's get started in the sleepy town of Nederland, Texas.
But so was Port Arthur:
Three homicides in a week for the sleepy little town of Port Arthur.
And Kirbyville:
...when the going got a little hard for the sleepy town in East Texas.
My absolute favorite:
Another case of corruption in this sleepy little county we call Jefferson.
In this article, PRK predicts an employee riot at the Nederland City Council meeting this afternoon:
Seemingly - city council will take a look at new rules for employees today at 4:30. And the employees are rumored to be going to show up in force.
The problem, according to Klein:
Meaning before an employee can have a weekend or night second job to pay ends meat - they have to have permission from the city manager if the suggestion passes city council in a vote due this afternoon.
Philip offers this critical analysis as a wingnut blogger
Now - we could see it if the city inspector is doing construction on homes inside the city and then inspecting them. That is a conflict. But for someone to have a side job that has NOTHING to do with the city. Uh nooooo.
To be revisited.

Administrivia: A real reader left this comment concerning my Mad Hatter critique:
I enjoyed your blog, but I believe one of the headings for the 2008 general election results is incorrect. McCain should be the heading instead of Bush.
You are correct! I've changed the heading and appreciate your attention. In the words of Philip R. Klein:
We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.
Also in the words of Philip R. Klein:
Simply put - we stand by our first story - and we stand by our second story.
That's our stories and we're sticking to them. Thanks for the help!

Sep 13, 2009

Mad Hatter?

In the latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein states:
As fall approaches - and Commissioner Mark Domingue keeps his silence on if he will run for his commissioner seat like he says he will - or will he take the plunge and challenge Judge Ron Walkers hand picked man?
According to Philip, Precinct 2 Commissioner Domingue is keeping silent about his intentions, but he's already said he'll run. Apparently, this makes sense to Klein. PRK offers no evidence on his biased statement that Brent Weaver is "Judge Walkers [sic] hand picked [sic] man." 

Philip presents this penetrating political analysis:
...if he stays in the race for the heart and soul of the Jefferson County mid-county pct. he may get beat by the popular Brent Weaver - in fact - we think that Weaver is the candidate to beat.
Klein didn't explain why this race was for the "heart and soul" of Jefferson County, unless it's related to this gibberish:
As well, the GOP has simply taken over the mid-county boxes. The GOP rating (including cross over) was more than 65%. Domingue - who is simply not popular and understands that the old democratic union guard is dying (and we mean dying) is in a place where he can run and make it a race.
Here are the the 2006 primary election results: 

Democratic Primary
  • Mark L. Domingue  . . . . . . 5,506
  • Brent McDonald. . . . . . . . 1,951
Republican Primary
  • Rhonda D. Dugas . . . . . . . 679
Domingue ran unopposed in the fall elections after Dugas withdrew from the race.

The last time Philip invoked his "GOP rating," the figure had no relation to reality. In the November 2008 general election, his rating was close to the real ratio of straight party tickets for the entire Commissioner Precinct 2, not just mid-county as Philip claimed:

PCT 21
PCT 30
PCT 31
PCT 35
PCT 36
PCT 37
PCT 38
PCT 40
PCT 41
PCT 42
PCT 43
PCT 56
PCT 57
PCT 58
PCT 59
PCT 60
PCT 61
PCT 69
PCT 71
PCT 74
PCT 80
PCT 83
PCT 95
PCT 98
PCT 106
PCT 109
PCT 110
PCT 114
Sources: Jefferson County GOP website
                  Jefferson County Clerk

In a confused literary reference, Philip evokes the ghost of Lewis Carroll:
He is like the Mad Hatter. He is sitting back - listening and watching.
In Lewis Carroll's works, the Hatter is an eccentric and outspoken character, who testified against Alice in her trial and asked a riddle for which he had no answer. 

Since the Hatter was not known for "sitting back - listening and watching," Philip obviously hasn't read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. An underlying theme of both books is the ephemeral nature of logic, so I suspect Klein never made it through the first chapter.

Philip concludes his critical analysis by predicting the outcome of the race for Jefferson County Judge:
Meaning? When the sheep go to the polls - they will remember Domingue more than they will remember Branick.
We'll revisit in the future, many times I'm sure.

Revisiting Courthouse Security with Philp R. Klein

In an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review from Sept. 7, 2009, Philip R. Klein wrote that layoffs at the Jefferson County Courthouse led to long lines at the ingress:
Well, things are secure at the Jefferson County Courthouse. This morning for example - you had to wait in a line that stretched around almost a block? Why? Well it seems that four staff members have been laid off!
According to a story on page 14a of the The Examiner (Sept. 11-17, 2009), the line was due to a mechanical failure that affected the entire system:
"Our entire system is down," Sheriff's department spokesperson Brent Warner said of the surveillance system. "It is out of our control. They are working on getting the part we need."

Warner said the cameras have been down for over a week but that courthouse security officers have been taking up the slack.
Since the courthouse security officers number only six part-time employees, I would call Philip's statement a blatant lie. 

Any comment, buddy?

On Philip's New "Copywrites"

Just two days after pirating an article from Fox News without proper attribution, Philip R. Klein has claimed the copyright to images of Old Glory and the quotations of George S. Patton:

Anonymous link to the Southeast Texas Political Review

Closes source to the Southeast Texas Political Review tell Operation Kleinwatch that Philip is currently negotiating for the rights to the Holy Bible, Webster's Dictionary, and all Playboy centerfold images from 1963 through 2009.

Sep 12, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits (09/12/09)

[Coming soon someday to a radio near you] In his last article of the week on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:
Well - let's get cranked up with KSET which was going to be on the air in August, no wait - September 1, no - wait again, September 10, no - wait, oh get the idea.

What is the hold up? The FCC. The same FCC big government that Jack Pieper loves and wants. We think it is kind of funny to see the government hold back one of the voices of the government?
Philip isn't the only one confused. Beer Talk Radio thought they were debuting in June:

One can see why PRK is excited. Despite Klein's misinformation, I suspect there may be other problems than the FCC. This is verified by Jack Pieper's twitter feed:
  • Jun 30th: Had lunch with new live comm. client and it looks good. Our 1st to sign up...2-5 pm with Jack Pieper on KSET 1300. On air very soon now.
  • Jul 13th: Update ...airdate for KSET now looks like the end of July. Studio wiring & some engineering issues remain. I'm itching to get back on air.
  • Jul 22nd: Finally....KSET am 1300 sign on date now set for Sat. 8/1. It looks like all systems are go. My first talk show will be Mon. 8/3 2-5 pm
  • Aug 13th: Latest sign-on date for KSET AM is Mon Aug 24. Owner Bill Hill is ready and so am I. My show will be Mon-Fri 2-5 PM.
  • Aug 23rd: Bought some new earphones today for use on my afternoon talk show. Engineering underway...sign-on for KSET radio very close now. Hooray
  • Aug 26th: We're at the signal testing stage with KSET am 1300. Hope all goes well. If it week it could be for real...
  • Sep 1st: The trials and tribulations of getting KSET on the air. Between studio construction and FCC permitting it now looks like late Sept. Oh well.
Apparently, the FCC thinks the station has the necessary permits, since a 30-second search of the FCC website uncovered this notation:
Call Sign Facility IdService Licensee Status Details

Here's a link to the station website.

Philip routinely tries to pick fights with the leading media in Southeast Texas, whether it's the Beaumont Enterprise, KFDM, or KLVI. Here's a recent example.

Yet his direct involvement with the local media is limited to operations like KOLE and Channel 4, who's been running a distant race against Channel 6 for decades.  In the case of Philip's involvement with KOLE, his radio talk show was only months old before he was sued for defamation. The show lasted approximately 17 months before being terminated. Shortly after, the station fell silent.

Most importantly, what does any of this have to do with politics in Southeast Texas?

Philip's comments are really more representative of Klein's preoccupation with Philip R. Klein. My prediction: look for Klein's new radio show on KSET as soon as station officials finally give in to his whining.

[Q: How can you tell when Philip is lying?] Philip made this statement about the U.S. Federal Government:
The government is bankrupt.
[Philip on race] in his bizarre new editorial, Philip stated:
And when the name calling does not work? Oh let's invoke race?
Apparently this works just fine for Philip R. Klein. Here are a few of his past statements:
Thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the "childrens" of Beaumont have gone to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
These men had attitudes from the beginning - they were black.
And you folks in the black community - shut up.
Calling Obama the "first black American" ever elected to office. Again, a lie. He is half black.
The city council has two blacks - now they need a Mexican.
[Philip's disclaimer] After pirating a Fox News article without proper attribution, Klein distorted the real story and printed this disclaimer:
We urge you to understand that we are a conservative web site and urge you to find the liberal sites that see opposite of our political philosophy and come up with your own opinion (s).
Conservative or wingnut?

[On Finance 101] Philip is apparently confused about what a balanced budget means:
The Review has learned from a source very close to city council that after review of the city budget for 2009-10 - that the budget will be unable to sustain the outflow of money.
[On the collapse of civilization]  Chicken Little writes:
The problem? Seemingly the water and sewer infrastructure is collapsing and improvements are not keeping up with the problems.
[Low points in the English language] Philip discovers a purported message from the Port Arthur City Council:
The message that will be sent - it is a crisis that we did not see coming thus we have to come to our business partners and take (get) more money to help the citizens of Port Arthur.
[A: His lips are moving or he's pecking at the keyboard]. Philip claimed:
Remember the promise - little or no lines? Well that is out the window.
No elected official made promises about "little or no lines." The Southeast Texas Record had the real facts in September 2008:
Although still in favor of enhancing security, some commissioners expressed concerns that the new measures would worsen courthouse congestion, especially since up to 500 citizens responding to jury summonses pass through the courthouse doors from 8 - 9 a.m. Mondays and Tuesdays.
[Off the deep end] Philip investigated the BISD and Beaumont Chamber of Commerce:
More corruption and money passing hands between the BISD and the Chamber of Commerce.
As evidence, Klein questioned $1700 dollars in dues and sponsorships:
  • $1,000 enjoy a night at the Spindletop Awards and Banquet.
  • Then - it was the yearly membership dues? Of $500.
  • Two tickets for lobsterfest were bought.
  • $40.00 bucks for .... a volunteer awards luncheon.
I suspect Philip was simply jealous because he wasn't invited to Lobsterfest.

[With no direction or home] Philip is confused about simple directions:
Maybe you should go ask some of the folks living in the Northend - or the Southend of Beaumont that question?
My Advice to Philip: "Southpark" isn't in the "Southend," but they're spelled similarly.

Sep 10, 2009


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein pirated copyrighted material without proper attribution:
Last night we all got a chance to hear President Obama tell us to trust our government and to let things rest in their hands when it comes our money and now health care.

There are times when I have learned that it is best to say nothing. Just give an example.

With that thought in mind - here is a list of expenditures our government has undertaken in the next sixteen days spending your money. We thought you might enjoy - and then think about if you want these guys and girls to spend your money :
  • $12 million to monitor sea turtles and monk seals.
  • $5 million for a supercomputer to help study planets and fruit flies.
  • $8 million for a cultural exchange between villages that once made a living killing whales.
  • $24 million for the East West Center, a private think tank even President Obama wants to cut.
  • $500,000 for music enrichment programs for Native Hawaiian children -- part of $59 million for health and education programs targeted to Native Alaskans or Hawaiians.
Want more? Here is the GOP's help in spending money.....
  • $201 million to his alma mater, the University of Mississippi, including $10 million for programs at the Thad Cochran Research Center.
  • $750,000 Mississippi Biotechnology Association building -- an organization that has no members and doesn't exist, and that got $450,000 last year.
  • $4.4 million to build fire stations, $14 million to improve drinking water in local communities (responsibilities typically left to the states).
  • $1.6 million for a mobile music lab.
  • $650,000 to a private Christian school (Piney Woods) on 2,000 wooded acres where student tuition is $31,400.
  • $400,000 to pay overtime for the Jackson Police Department to combat drug use.
  • $950,000 for the local Audubon Society, despite national Audubon assets topping $18 million.
And from our friends the democrats?
  • $500,000 to improve the profitability of dairy farms.
  • $1 million to toward the $250 million Sky Shuttle, an urban Mag-Lev train for a university in southwest Pennsylvania.
  • $1 million for a trolley museum.
Klein plagiarized this information from an article published yesterday by Fox News. Had PRK simply cited the real source instead of deceiving his readers, this use would have been legal under the Fair Use doctrine. Instead, I suspect Philip invented a story as attribution where he exploited school children for his own vanity:
Thanks to the Seniors at a local high school for passing the web site to us - and thanks to you seniors and your teacher for reading the Review.
Philip missed the fine print at the bottom of the page:
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. © 2008 FOX News Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Moving past this blatant plagiarism, copyright infringement, and exploitation of children, Klein substantially misrepresented the story. While PRK claims this sort of pork spending is typical, the real article from Fox News clearly states:
Since 44 congressmen make no earmarks at all, that means the rest are doing more than their share. For example, in the House, just 4 percent of members took home 32 percent of all the bacon -- and all were members of the Defense Appropriations Committee.
Furthermore the Fox News story clearly stated that all of these earmarks came from just two senators and one congressman:
1) In the last two years, the self-described earmark king, Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, has sponsored earmarks totaling $2 billion dollars.

2) The top Republican spender, Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran, made waves in 2009 with the largest earmark ever -- $439 million to restore barrier islands off the Mississippi coast, a giant project that comes on top of $80 billion that taxpayers have already forked over to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

3) Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., earmarked $120 million this year, and wants another $148 million for 2010.
Putting this into proper perspective, these are the extremes, not the mean. Philip R. Klein's latest article simply underscores his inability to put forth a logical argument supporting his wingnut opinions without distorting the facts.

Sep 9, 2009


In Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, another of his "anonymous sources" identified the primary issue in the next Port Arthur city budget (emphasis is mine):
"We are going to have some serious problems with funding the budget come May of next year," said our source inside the Port Arthur City Council.

The problem? Seemingly the water and sewer infrastructure is collapsing and improvements are not keeping up with the problems. A whopping $30 million dollars is needed to bring the city up to where it should be according to our sources.

"It is like the little boy with his fingers in the dike. There will be a time when he runs out of fingers," said our source.
We'll revisit Klein's prediction after May of 2010.

Sep 8, 2009


Philip R. Klein confuses cause and effect while beating another of his dead horses in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Well, things are secure at the Jefferson County Courthouse. This morning for example - you had to wait in a line that stretched around almost a block? Why? Well it seems that four staff members have been laid off!
Klein's statement is a classic example of an elementary logical fallacy, post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Even before the security devices were installed, long lines regularly formed at the courthouse ingress, depending upon many factors. For example:
  • First business day of the month after a long week-end
  • Time of day
  • Number of citizens reporting for jury duty
  • Number of cases on court dockets
Philip asks:
Remember the promise - little or no lines?
Not true.  No public official has ever stated unconditionally that lines would never form.

Philip provides no supporting evidence, but in truth, commissioners were concerned about the lines. From the Southeast Texas Record in September 2008:
Although still in favor of enhancing security, some commissioners expressed concerns that the new measures would worsen courthouse congestion, especially since up to 500 citizens responding to jury summonses pass through the courthouse doors from 8 - 9 a.m. Mondays and Tuesdays.
Continuing up Klein's slippery slope, he provides dubious evidence that the amount spent on courthouse security led directly to the workforce reduction:
Sources that are close to the courthouse security system tell the Review that work hours have been cut and that four employees were cut.

So we dug around a little - and we found a source we have used in the past regarding courthouse security. And sure enough - they tell us that : "They blew the budget on cloths, on equipment and on training. Now they have to layoff some of us. And they did," said the source.
Klein's source is either manufactured or misinformed. The Beaumont Enterprise explained the real issues last July in this story and this editorial.

I'm reminded of some of Philip's past statements about security in the Jefferson County Courthouse:
"Second, we believe this courthouse security plan is the most ill deceived plan we have ever seen. In fact, it is embarrassing."
The million dollar security system is working just fine, thank you.
The full cost, including increased staffing, is half of what Klein claims.

Here's my favorite: inconspicuously disguised as "The Review," Philip spent a day sneaking in and out of the courthouse:
Two times the Review was able to make access into the building unquestioned and through the front doors of the old courthouse by doors left open by employees. In fact, one time, a citizen that was leaving the courthouse held the door open for the Review and two other people walking into the courthouse to do business.
Let's put this into context of the top 20 counties in Texas by population. Which has no courthouse security?
  • Harris: 3,935,855
  • Dallas: 2,366,511
  • Tarrant: 1,717,435
  • Bexar: 1,594,493
  • Travis: 974,365
  • El Paso: 734,669
  • Collin: 730,690
  • Hidalgo: 710,514
  • Denton: 612,357
  • Fort Bend: 509,822
  • Montgomery: 412,638
  • Cameron: 387,210
  • Williamson: 373,363
  • Nueces: 321,135
  • Brazoria: 294,233
  • Galveston: 283,987
  • Bell: 276,975
  • Lubbock: 260,901
  • Jefferson: 241,975
  • Webb: 233,152
Philip has never commented on this.

Sep 7, 2009

Your Tax Dollars to...

Philip R. Klein writes on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine): we go again. More corruption and money passing hands between the BISD and the Chamber of Commerce.

This past week, the SET Political Review filed a Public Information Request for all taxpayer money given to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. And guess what?

Thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the "childrens" [sic] of Beaumont have gone to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
In addition to Philip's racial bias, his investigation also uncovered:
  • On September 10, 2008, the district spent $1,000 dollars of YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS to enjoy a night at the Spindletop Awards and Banquet. There was no list of who went - but we can only imagine.

  • Then - it was the yearly membership dues? Of $500.

  • Of course - it is time for lobster - and two tickets for lobsterfest were bought. We hope that the poor "childrens" of the Southend [sic] enjoyed their dinner.

  • And finally - $40.00 bucks for .... a volunteer awards luncheon.
The total amount of graft and corruption alleged by Klein:
Now you might say that just under $1,700 of YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS is not a big deal?
Philip's final answer of $1700 is not the "thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the 'childrens'" that he initially claimed. Neither can Philip resist YELLING at his readers, even though it's not the same as haranguing listeners on his now-defunct radio show.

Eventually, Philip found a point: 
Around $1,700 could be used for....books? Fuel for buses? Or maybe a light bill? Maybe a new projector for a classroom? Or maybe a few new computers.
Others might consider $1700 a cheap investment in the job market for future graduates, since promoting local businesses is the primary mission of the Chamber of Commerce.

Putting this into proper perspective, the Sabine Pass and PA ISDs are members of the Port Arthur CoC, while Orangefield, Little Cypress-Mauriceville, and West Orange-Cove CISD are members of the Greater Orange Area CoC. School officials who serve on the boards of local CoCs are also quite common: see the Dallas and Houston ISDs for many examples. A conspiracy of Klein's fantasies?

Philip and his legal entities are not members of the Beaumont, Port Arthur, or Nederland Chambers of Commerce. 

I suspect he's just bitter because he didn't get an invitation to Lobsterfest.

Gonna Watch (Redux)

Live streaming of the President's address begins here
at 11:00 AM, Tuesday, September 8, 2009.
Philip R. Klein made this claim in his Southeast Texas Political Review article from Friday:
Back in the early 80's - President Reagan made a speech to school children (thus the idea from team Obama). It was on personal responsibility in kind of a nut shell. Simply you are responsible for you, the way you act and what you give back to this country. It was not on policy - it was not on health care - it was not on anything but leadership.

Thus the fear from the right and the middle - Obama is going to speak to "childrens" on social issues and try to push a social agenda. And from all reports - that is what he is going to do.
As I pointed out in this article, "all reports" is another of Klein's obfuscations: The Truth-O-Meter rated Philip's claim, "Pants on Fire!."   Klein stated (emphases below are mine):
Obama should stand up and call for leadership. Personal responsibility. Asking the question not what the country can do for you, what you can do for your country. There is not one person in the US that would object to this. But we all know - Obama - who now without question is far left and boarders on a socialist agenda - wants to plant a seed.

So now - there will be a speech that has done nothing to pull us together as a country - yet pull us apart more. And parents have the right not to have their children become pawns of a socialistic agenda.
The White House has released the text of the President's speech here. Compare Klein's comments with the Presidents remarks:
Now I’ve given a lot of speeches about education. And I’ve talked a lot about responsibility.

I’ve talked about your teachers’ responsibility for inspiring you, and pushing you to learn.

I’ve talked about your parents’ responsibility for making sure you stay on track, and get your homework done, and don’t spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with that Xbox.

I’ve talked a lot about your government’s responsibility for setting high standards, supporting teachers and principals, and turning around schools that aren’t working where students aren’t getting the opportunities they deserve.

But at the end of the day, we can have the most dedicated teachers, the most supportive parents, and the best schools in the world – and none of it will matter unless all of you fulfill your responsibilities. Unless you show up to those schools; pay attention to those teachers; listen to your parents, grandparents and other adults; and put in the hard work it takes to succeed.

And that’s what I want to focus on today: the responsibility each of you has for your education. I want to start with the responsibility you have to yourself.
The President's bottom line:
What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country. What you’re learning in school today will determine whether we as a nation can meet our greatest challenges in the future...So today, I want to ask you, what’s your contribution going to be? What problems are you going to solve? What discoveries will you make? What will a president who comes here in twenty or fifty or one hundred years say about what all of you did for this country? 
Philip R. Klein's extremist partisan statements aren't a solution, they're part of the problem. He's been on the crazy train about four stops too many.

Sep 5, 2009

Walker Leaving KBTV

From Philip R. Klein's most recent posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine, Klein's commentary is italicized, Jim Walker's statement is not):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has confirmed that Jim Walker will be leaving KBTV. In a statement released to the Review late this afternoon - Walker announced his retirement.

Walker, who is seemingly well respected by staff at KBTV issued the following release to the Review this afternoon :

"I learned on Wednesday night that my position as co-anchor of Beaumont’s FOX 4 News at 4pm and 9pm was being eliminated by Nexstar Broadcasting. From here on, I was told those broadcasts will be presented by a solo anchor.

What has happened here is a reflection of our economy. Most of the nation’s major broadcasting companies have experience salary cuts, furloughs and layoffs during the last two years.
The News will be handled by one anchor from this point further.
Perhaps someone emailed Philip with Walker's statement, since Jim posted the note on his blog.

Philip stated less than two weeks ago:
We checked with 12 and 4 - business is good and raises have been given on time.
In the meantime, we're still awaiting those massive cuts that Klein predicted for KFDM.

Sep 4, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits: A short diversion into real politics

A special note to readers: Since Philip R. Klein has petitioned for a fishing license under Rule 202, I've received correspondence from individuals who have personal complaints about his businesses.

I apologize for not answering the messages separately, but this is outside my scope and has little to do with Philip's bizarre opinions about politics, Patrick McDermott, or Southeast Texas. See the Texas Department of Public Safety website for more information.

Confusion: Philip proves he has little talent for political commentary.
Back in the early 80's - President Reagan made a speech to school children (thus the idea from team Obama).
Ronald Reagan actually gave his speech in 1988; Jimmy Carter was president in the early 80s. The first President Bush gave two speeches to school children in 1991 and 1989.

Still confused: PRK does, however, present a nice wrap on Reagan's speech.
It was on personal responsibility in kind of a nut shell. Simply you are responsible for you, the way you act and what you give back to this country.
"Nut shell" is an appropriate description of Philip's summary, since personal responsibility was never mentioned in Reagan's speech.

President Reagan spoke about the greatness of America and used the Q&A to push his drug policy, his economic policies, his handgun policy, and his accomplishments.

Racism and logical fallacies:
The emphases are mine.
Thus the fear from the right and the middle - Obama is going to speak to "childrens" on social issues and try to push a social agenda. And from all reports - that is what he is going to do...There will be a speech that has done nothing to pull us together as a country - yet pull us apart more. And parents have the right not to have their children become pawns of a socialistic agenda.
The Truth-O-Meter rated Philip's claim: Pants on Fire! 

Complaints R Us: Philip offers now solutions, just complaints:

We have thrown BILLIONS at children in schools and many schools cannot even pass a basic 8th grade test (what we now call the TAKS test to graduate from High School).
Most schools are buildings, but I'm sure that Philip meant students inside the schools. I'm not sure what he meant by taking an eighth-grade test to graduate from high school.

Philip's argument is lost in the context: would he be happier if we only spent hundreds or thousands?

Truth or Opinion:
Philip repeats (again) one of my favorites.
Text books have changed true history and pushed a left wing agenda...Maybe if some parents got into what their children are reading or what the left leaning teachers are preaching and teaching - maybe we could see the upset. Maybe we said. Just maybe.
Philip has no empirical evidence for his statement, since pushed agendas belong to the right-wing extremists on the Texas State School Board. Texas has never had a Bible literacy requirement in its public schools until now. See the tidbit, "Confusion," above for another example of changing true history.

From the Operation Kleinwatch comments:

You want to see bad? Wait until the SBOE comes out with the new science guidelines. The chemistry books will have recipes on making gold.

Sep 3, 2009

On Klein v. Google



Philip R. Klein and his counsel, John Morgan, have filed litigation aimed at silencing critics, a SLAPP suit. By definition, it's a frivolous action.

According to Philip R. Klein:
On Wednesday afternoon, August 26, 2009, the company that owns the SET Political Review and its sister company, Klein Investments, Inc., filed a cause of action in the Jefferson County District Courts which is entitled PRK Enterprises, Inc., Klein Investments, Inc., v. Google, Inc.,

We have filed this cause of action further naming two particular blogspot sites, namely, opertionkleinwatch [sic] and samtheeagleusa, as well as another site associated with the first after a two-year investigation and monitoring of the site (s).

This case has been filed under rule 202.2 of the Texas Civil Code, which is the first step of three that we intend to take under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, 17 U.S.C., section 512.
For perspective, Philip claimed in May of 2008 (emphasis is mine):
April – May of 2007 – A new web site appears on the Internet. It is named “The Decline of Klein.” The site is written anonymously by a pen name of “Gus Pillsbury.” The site is originally headed according to Google Security from Lamar University Systems computer. The site abruptly changes its name to “Operation Kleinwatch” post enquiry [sic] from Google Security...The “writer” notes themselves as a retired professor.
If Google Security has already provided this information, why is Klein now litigating? This displays his propensity of intimidating and harassing critics. See sidebar for another example.

Any action regarding Operation Kleinwatch should be filed separately. By including both blogs in this action, Philip implies there is a conspiracy where none exists. I am not affiliated with The Sam the Eagle Political Review, each site is run independently, and I have no control or influence over content that Mr. Eagle chooses to publish.

This is clearly prejudicial.

Operation Kleinwatch debuted on April 15, 2007 and has not changed its editorial style. Texas law has affirmed a one-year statute on libel actions, specific to online postings (see Nationwide v. Belo). Why has Philip R. Klein waited for two-and-a-half years before bringing this suit?

Regarding Philip's copyright allegations

The Southeast Texas Record published an overview of Klein's suit on Sept. 1, 2009:
PRK and Klein Investments allege both Web sites are engaged in the violation of copyright laws, as they do not have permission to reprint snippets of articles appearing on the Southeast Texas Political Review. "A review of the Web sites make it clear that they are not expressing any 'opinions' protected by the First Amendment but instead are solely vehicles for defamation," the suit states.
This issue is settled law.

Philip Klein is asking for an unprecedented waiver of the Fair Use doctrine, as codified in the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107. Specifically,
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.
This site clearly offers critical and reasoned analysis of Philip R. Klein's expressed opinions and statements. Whether these expressions are made through his daily blog, media appearances, newspaper and magazine interviews, radio shows, or TV commentary, this criticism is protected under the First Amendment.

Furthermore, these snippets are absolutely crucial to the context of this analysis, since Philip Klein does not maintain a public archive of his past articles. Critical readers cannot document his previous statements. This violates commonly accepted usage standards for blogs who deal in political commentary of a controversial nature.

A  legal blog, de Novo, previously advised Philip R. Klein of this issue. I documented this exchange here and here.

Even though this fair use extends to the recordings and images found on Operation Kleinwatch, Philip R. Klein lacks standing since he does not hold the copyright to these items. One can't hold a press conference and later claim a copyright on the pictures; the copyright belongs to the person who took the picture. Any requests from the copyright holders of record will be carefully considered; please email all notices to Operation Kleinwatch.

Perhaps Klein has confused defamation and parody (see Today's Cover Boy in the sidebar). In Campbell v. Acuff-Rose, the Supreme Court determined that parody, even commercial, is a transformative work, not derivative. As such, the work is protected against copyright claims under the Fair Use doctrine.

Regarding this charge of malice

"These Web sites host significant, false information and invade the privacy of Petitioners throughout the Web site," the suit states. "The purpose of these Web sites is to disparage, harass and cause injury to these Petitioners, as well as Mr. Philip Klein personally."
I've previously stated my intent on several occasions. From an Open Letter to Caroline Klein on July 7, 2008:
As a person, indifference best characterizes my opinion of your father. I don't dislike him or wish him malice whatsoever. However, I strongly object to his manufactured lies, half-truths, smears, and personal attacks under the guise of credible political commentary.
Calling one an idiot for making ridiculous statements does not constitute malice; it's publicly expressed opinion and protected under the First Amendment.

In truth, I have a vested interest in the welfare of Philip R. Klein. By promoting Philip's media career as a public personality (see sidebar), my own readership will grow.

Likewise, Klein acknowledged that Operation Kleinwatch has significantly contributed to his blog's growth of traffic in his editorial from Dec. 1, 2007 (see personal endorsement in the sidebar) .

Regarding charges of posting false information

"The Web site Operation Kleinwatch, contains false information on legal proceedings that do not involve either Mr. Klein individually or the Petitioners, falsely represent that judgments have been taken against the Petitioners and/or Mr. Klein individually, falsely identify a bankruptcy proceeding, also identify lawsuits that do not involve Petitioners and/or Mr. Klein individually,"
The extensive litigious history of Philip R. Klein and his legal entities is public record.

As noted in the sidebar, they include those actions where Philip R. Klein, PRK Enterprises, Inc., or Klein Investments, Inc., are plaintiffs or defendants.

Almost all can be verified through the Jefferson County Clerk's site or the Jefferson County District Clerk's site. The notation under the Abstract Judgments section incontrovertibly states that Klein Investments, Inc. is the grantee in each instrument. The bankruptcy proceedings can be verified through U.S. Bankruptcy proceedings on PACER for the Eastern District of Texas.

Regarding the Anonymity of Operation Kleinwatch

They are also asking for the identities of all people who provided money or literary substance to the Web sites, who posted comments on the Web sites and those who are in any way affiliated with the Web sites.
In other words, Mr. Klein and his counsel would like Google to pay for their fishing trip.

Philip's complaint has not identified any specific comments on Operation Kleinwatch that are libelous, if any exists. Since Klein contends that all comments are defamatory, he is simply seeking to stifle the free exchange of critical opinion by suppressing First Amendment rights.

As the person solely responsible for all other content on this site, I have already addressed Klein's other contrived complaints above.

As a public personality, Philip R. Klein has established a pattern of using his position to intimidate those with dissenting views. The most recent example of this intimidation concerned a local citizen, Rhonda Dugas. From
August 30, 2009:
Sources tell us that Dugas, after being told of the problems, began yelling, cussing and screaming at employees and owners of the daycare. Further being in earshot of the children. She was asked to leave by the daycare representatives - but refused and continued to scream and curse and upset not only employees but "possibly some of the children."
This is not legitimate political discourse. At best, this is hearsay; more realistically, this is a gross invasion of Ms. Dugas' privacy with a reckless disregard for the truth. Philip failed to disclose his prior relationship with the owner of this daycare facility.

PRK has demeaned Rhonda Dugas for over four years. He has called her names on his blog including "loon" and "nutcase," disparaged her physical appearance, published photos of her home taken without her knowledge or permission, posted her financial information, published rumors about her private relationship with her child, allowed subscribers to his now-defunct Talk Back Line to post manipulated and obscene images of her, and fraudulently claimed she was under investigation.

In other cases, Klein has invented or threatened "investigations," or to "monitor" private traffic on the web of those who express criticism. See the example above concerning Mr. Klein's alleged Google Security "inquiry," none of which is true.

In Closing

Given Mr. Klein's history, this action is clearly aimed at silencing his critics and retaliation against dissenting opinion. The First Amendment right of free speech, specifically anonymous criticism, extends online as well (First Cash v. Doe). To release any information is a gross civil rights violation.

This spurious litigation has no merit.