Sep 22, 2009


Philip R. Klein's published his latest article this morning at 11:09:43 AM. He stated:
Testimony in day one of the South Park political fiasco continues - with old and new showing up to say that Dr. Thomas, the supreme leader of BISD, told just about everyone that Southpark was going to stay standing?
When Philip wrote this, testimony was already over. Most of the testimony took place yesterday during the real first day.

Philip presented this probing analysis of the proceedings, even though he apparently spent at least 24 hours in the Twilight Zone:
We smell something in the political air out there? Maybe the powers to be have had enough? Or maybe someone just has gas? Who knows?

Bottom line - Dr. Thomas is getting his political a** kicked. And it is kind of interesting to watch.
As a Beaumont native, I'm amused that Klein has refused to spell South Park correctly. Not only does this underscore Philip's lack of credibility, his arrogance is representative of a fundamental lack of respect for the real heritage of Jefferson County.

The most confusing part of this trial came when two engineers representing both sides gave conflicting costs on renovating the former South Park High School. Both sides should carefully consider Judge Bob Wortham's advice concerning an independent cost estimate on renovation.

Compare Klein's juvenile and misinformed rant with this editorial from the Beaumont Enterprise.

Instead of common ground, Klein's extremist and patently false statements only obscure the real issues:
Moving on - testimony from the GOPER that helped one of the biggest tax increases in Jefferson County's history - Dr. Teuscher of Beaumont. He says...well....he says....well....he says....well....he says.....well....he says.
Said by someone who doesn't know what day it is and consistently refers to himself in the plural. This isn't political discourse, it's a personal attack on Dr. David Teuscher.

While most of Klein's statement is gibberish, I publically challenge him to provide evidence to support his statement that this bond represented "one of the biggest tax increases in Jefferson County's history."


Anonymous said...

Philip R. Klein...Courthouse Reporter!

Anonymous said...

Has this moron been arrested yet and charged with making threats of terrorism against the KBMT news director?

Anonymous said...

I can hear him whining to the judge: "But, sir, no one takes me seriously!"

Anonymous said...

Gus hit the nail on the head. Credibility comes from having a credible argument.