Sep 17, 2009

Aggies Gone [sic]

In his latest article article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein pirated an entire posting from Mike Aguilar's new blog.

Isn't this "copywrite" issue one of Philip's chief complaints in Klein v. Google?

Regarding Klein's "take," who cares? This isn't political commentary - it's Philip R. Klein's commentary about PRK and what he thinks of Michael Aguilar. Paraphrasing a scene from Beaches:

     Philip R. Klein:
But enough about me, let's talk about you... what do YOU think of me?

Read Mike's new blog here, as he originally intended before Philip's bad cut-and-paste.


Anonymous said...

Phil is going to be furious at The Examiner, which reports the U.S. Coast Guard has recognized the "extraordinary" work of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in waterway security. Mitch Woods, whose work PRK often derides, and his chief deputy, Ron Hobbs, will be panelists next week at a national conference of port officials in Reston, VA.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe that Klein is suggesting that someone should shoot the news director at KBMT. I gues he has lost what little mind he had...

Anonymous said...

Posting a statement on his Web site that the KBMT news director "should be shot" could be classified by law enforcement as a threat of terrorism.

I hope both KBMT and the Beaumont police, as well as the Nederland police, have been informed of this threat. Such an act merits prosecution.

Anonymous said...

I've just made sure that law enforcement and KBMT are aware of Klein's outrageous suggestion. Hilton Kelly has more credibility than Klein, and that makes him irrational.