Sep 12, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits (09/12/09)

[Coming soon someday to a radio near you] In his last article of the week on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:
Well - let's get cranked up with KSET which was going to be on the air in August, no wait - September 1, no - wait again, September 10, no - wait, oh get the idea.

What is the hold up? The FCC. The same FCC big government that Jack Pieper loves and wants. We think it is kind of funny to see the government hold back one of the voices of the government?
Philip isn't the only one confused. Beer Talk Radio thought they were debuting in June:

One can see why PRK is excited. Despite Klein's misinformation, I suspect there may be other problems than the FCC. This is verified by Jack Pieper's twitter feed:
  • Jun 30th: Had lunch with new live comm. client and it looks good. Our 1st to sign up...2-5 pm with Jack Pieper on KSET 1300. On air very soon now.
  • Jul 13th: Update ...airdate for KSET now looks like the end of July. Studio wiring & some engineering issues remain. I'm itching to get back on air.
  • Jul 22nd: Finally....KSET am 1300 sign on date now set for Sat. 8/1. It looks like all systems are go. My first talk show will be Mon. 8/3 2-5 pm
  • Aug 13th: Latest sign-on date for KSET AM is Mon Aug 24. Owner Bill Hill is ready and so am I. My show will be Mon-Fri 2-5 PM.
  • Aug 23rd: Bought some new earphones today for use on my afternoon talk show. Engineering underway...sign-on for KSET radio very close now. Hooray
  • Aug 26th: We're at the signal testing stage with KSET am 1300. Hope all goes well. If it week it could be for real...
  • Sep 1st: The trials and tribulations of getting KSET on the air. Between studio construction and FCC permitting it now looks like late Sept. Oh well.
Apparently, the FCC thinks the station has the necessary permits, since a 30-second search of the FCC website uncovered this notation:
Call Sign Facility IdService Licensee Status Details

Here's a link to the station website.

Philip routinely tries to pick fights with the leading media in Southeast Texas, whether it's the Beaumont Enterprise, KFDM, or KLVI. Here's a recent example.

Yet his direct involvement with the local media is limited to operations like KOLE and Channel 4, who's been running a distant race against Channel 6 for decades.  In the case of Philip's involvement with KOLE, his radio talk show was only months old before he was sued for defamation. The show lasted approximately 17 months before being terminated. Shortly after, the station fell silent.

Most importantly, what does any of this have to do with politics in Southeast Texas?

Philip's comments are really more representative of Klein's preoccupation with Philip R. Klein. My prediction: look for Klein's new radio show on KSET as soon as station officials finally give in to his whining.

[Q: How can you tell when Philip is lying?] Philip made this statement about the U.S. Federal Government:
The government is bankrupt.
[Philip on race] in his bizarre new editorial, Philip stated:
And when the name calling does not work? Oh let's invoke race?
Apparently this works just fine for Philip R. Klein. Here are a few of his past statements:
Thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the "childrens" of Beaumont have gone to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
These men had attitudes from the beginning - they were black.
And you folks in the black community - shut up.
Calling Obama the "first black American" ever elected to office. Again, a lie. He is half black.
The city council has two blacks - now they need a Mexican.
[Philip's disclaimer] After pirating a Fox News article without proper attribution, Klein distorted the real story and printed this disclaimer:
We urge you to understand that we are a conservative web site and urge you to find the liberal sites that see opposite of our political philosophy and come up with your own opinion (s).
Conservative or wingnut?

[On Finance 101] Philip is apparently confused about what a balanced budget means:
The Review has learned from a source very close to city council that after review of the city budget for 2009-10 - that the budget will be unable to sustain the outflow of money.
[On the collapse of civilization]  Chicken Little writes:
The problem? Seemingly the water and sewer infrastructure is collapsing and improvements are not keeping up with the problems.
[Low points in the English language] Philip discovers a purported message from the Port Arthur City Council:
The message that will be sent - it is a crisis that we did not see coming thus we have to come to our business partners and take (get) more money to help the citizens of Port Arthur.
[A: His lips are moving or he's pecking at the keyboard]. Philip claimed:
Remember the promise - little or no lines? Well that is out the window.
No elected official made promises about "little or no lines." The Southeast Texas Record had the real facts in September 2008:
Although still in favor of enhancing security, some commissioners expressed concerns that the new measures would worsen courthouse congestion, especially since up to 500 citizens responding to jury summonses pass through the courthouse doors from 8 - 9 a.m. Mondays and Tuesdays.
[Off the deep end] Philip investigated the BISD and Beaumont Chamber of Commerce:
More corruption and money passing hands between the BISD and the Chamber of Commerce.
As evidence, Klein questioned $1700 dollars in dues and sponsorships:
  • $1,000 enjoy a night at the Spindletop Awards and Banquet.
  • Then - it was the yearly membership dues? Of $500.
  • Two tickets for lobsterfest were bought.
  • $40.00 bucks for .... a volunteer awards luncheon.
I suspect Philip was simply jealous because he wasn't invited to Lobsterfest.

[With no direction or home] Philip is confused about simple directions:
Maybe you should go ask some of the folks living in the Northend - or the Southend of Beaumont that question?
My Advice to Philip: "Southpark" isn't in the "Southend," but they're spelled similarly.


Anonymous said...

Omigod! What a line up...Phil Klein followed by beer talk!

Anonymous said...

I admit it. I would listen to klein because we need more commercial free radio stations.

Anonymous said...

hey KSET- If you are foolish enough to give idiot boy time on your station we will not listen and we will boycott you. We will also boycott any sponsors that you get.

Anonymous said...

Phillip just wants all the free samples he can drink from Beer Talk.

Anonymous said...

Don't let up Gus. You know this is killing PRK that so many people are reading your work. You are credible because you back up everything you say with the facts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Gus