Sep 14, 2009

Employee's Beating Drum

You'll find one of Philip R. Klein's signature clichés in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. In this case, it's one of my favorites of all his literary and grammatical train wrecks:
Well there seems to be employee problems in the sleepy little town of Nederland, Texas.
In the past, Philip confirmed that Nederland is sleepy:
Let's get started in the sleepy town of Nederland, Texas.
But so was Port Arthur:
Three homicides in a week for the sleepy little town of Port Arthur.
And Kirbyville:
...when the going got a little hard for the sleepy town in East Texas.
My absolute favorite:
Another case of corruption in this sleepy little county we call Jefferson.
In this article, PRK predicts an employee riot at the Nederland City Council meeting this afternoon:
Seemingly - city council will take a look at new rules for employees today at 4:30. And the employees are rumored to be going to show up in force.
The problem, according to Klein:
Meaning before an employee can have a weekend or night second job to pay ends meat - they have to have permission from the city manager if the suggestion passes city council in a vote due this afternoon.
Philip offers this critical analysis as a wingnut blogger
Now - we could see it if the city inspector is doing construction on homes inside the city and then inspecting them. That is a conflict. But for someone to have a side job that has NOTHING to do with the city. Uh nooooo.
To be revisited.

Administrivia: A real reader left this comment concerning my Mad Hatter critique:
I enjoyed your blog, but I believe one of the headings for the 2008 general election results is incorrect. McCain should be the heading instead of Bush.
You are correct! I've changed the heading and appreciate your attention. In the words of Philip R. Klein:
We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.
Also in the words of Philip R. Klein:
Simply put - we stand by our first story - and we stand by our second story.
That's our stories and we're sticking to them. Thanks for the help!


Anonymous said...

I think he was typing while drunk again.

Meaning before an employee can have a weekend or night second job to pay ends meat

Anonymous said...

"to pay ends meat"

Is that something you buy at the butcher shop?

Anonymous said...

"Employee's beating drum?

Anonymous said...

What a moron! This guy is such a windbag, and his use of the English language is absolutely pathetic. I'm surprised he can spell his own name correctly. The retard writes, but he's so, so, so wrong.