Sep 2, 2009


Philip R. Klein comments on the BPD beating case in his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review. Ironically, Philip quotes Jim Rich:

Jim Rich, president of the Beaumont Chamber is correct. The black / white issues - being race relations is at an all time low right now in Jefferson County.

If true, then racist comments by a loudmouth loon only exacerbate the problem:

These men had attitudes from the beginning - they were black.

I haven't figured out what Philip's title has to do with this subject, unless he's suggesting that the answer is to fence citizens of African-American descent in. If so, I'm sure Philip can misquote Jim Crow, too.

Typically, Philip's comments show he's out of touch:

We also think all involved should get ready for the national media.

Actually, the national media is already on it. The Associated Press posted the video yesterday afternoon on YouTube. I've included it here, so that you too can tell your friends that you were "given a copy" by Operation Kleinwatch. I suspect Philip got his version from the Beaumont Enterprise. The Enterprise version is the complete raw video, while the AP version has been edited for length.

Philip offers his unsolicited advice to anyone who'll listen:

As for CLEAT. Sit down and shut up.

CLEAT is, of course, directly involved in the defense of the two officers.

The City of Beaumont Council must be proactive - and pay this man whatever can be negotiated between the parties.

Paying the victims to keep quiet seems rather counter-intuitive to open racial relations to me.

The bottom line of Philip's long-winded diatribe is delivered in the form of his advice to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office:

Our suggestion? Call in the US Attorney's office and let them take it over. There is way TOO MUCH tension now between the DA's office and BPD. It has been festering for years. Yes - it is time for a change - but the BPD and the command as well as the city held this thing way TOO LONG. Two years? This happened two years ago and it is just seeing the light of day?

Readers will notice Philip's personal feud with Tom Maness is clearly evident. Philip's misunderstanding of the jurisdictional issues is also evident. A district attorney can't just call the U.S. Attorney and pass on cases that may not be politically expedient.

In Jefferson County, District Attorney Tom Maness is already prosecuting this case. He's followed the letter of the law by showing the tape to the Jefferson County Grand Jury, who delivered an indictment charging Official Oppression.

The US Attorney's office can only investigate and prosecute federal issues; in this case, the issue would be whether the officers violated the victims' civil rights.

This is why there were two trials in the Rodney King case:

  • The state trial charged three officers with assault by force likely to produce great bodily injury and a deadly weapon, and with assault under color of authority. In Texas, we call that Official Oppression.

  • The federal trial charged four officers on two counts of depriving King of his federally protected civil rights. Since that's a federal charge, it's the same in all 50 states. Count your stars, Philip, you're missing 37.

My own personal opinions about this case are beyond the scope of my blog. My advice to Philip: sometimes it's wiser to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.


Anonymous said...

Well said Gus! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Klein needs to muzzle himself before he sparks a race riot.