Sep 24, 2009

It Is Not Working [sic]

I've identified the primary source in Philip R. Klein's "Inside Report" on the Beaumont Enterprise:
"Awww, look, the Enterprise has been shooting itself in the foot for years. They choose at one point to ignore very important stories and they choose to allow the Examiner to take the lead in investigative stories. People like that kind of reading. They do not like the reading where everyone tries to figure out some lame excuse for telling half of the story in a left wing slant. All of the great writers have left and they are left with kids trying to learn the business. I guess we all have to learn sometime - but the Enterprise should be big enough with Hearst behind them to pick up one or two high paid writers that can dig into a story? Don't ya think?" - asked one source high up in county government.
After careful review, I've determined that the similarity in style clearly identifies Cacma D. as Philip Klein's source. See for yourself:
Today I write this letter on behalf of Pat McDermott. It is to that end that I ask you to stop this search for him immediately. You have attempted to damage his reputation as a man whom has done nothing to anyone.

You may assume that Pat is alive and is very well. Pat asked that I portray to you his innocence in the crimes you have accused him of. Pat has committed no crime. He simply has gone to a new life without the hassles of California or the spot light to which he lived for years. Pat has no ill will to anyone. Pat simply wishes to be left alone.

If you continue this madness that you have created by your accusations Pat will hold you accountable for your actions. Let him live his life in peace and harmony. He is safe and has started anew again in a new place both mentally and personally. Please be a friend.

Cacma D.
Apparently, Cacma has moved from the western coast of Mexico to Jefferson County where he or she is now "pretty high up in county government."

The fuzzy focus of this article is another of Klein's frequent themes, the death of the Beaumont Enterprise:
We continue to hear it is game over - just the death rattle is all that is heard right now. Just the death rattle. And that is too bad.
In a January article he titled, "Death Rattle," Klein claimed the Examiner would buy the Enterprise. He's still firmly attached to the Examiner's coat tails:
I can go to sites like yours and the Examiner and get the exciting stuff. If you guys are talking about or the Examiner is talking about it - there is something going on." - said another source inside county government.
Here's a Beaumont Enterprise story that the Enterprise first published yesterday. Neither Klein or The Examiner mentioned:
UPDATE2: City sues Entergy for "unethical, fraudulent bill"
Posted: September 23, 2009, 10:40 PM CDT
Last updated: September 24, 2009, 4:44 PM CDT

The city of Beaumont has sued Entergy Texas accusing the electric utility of "unethical and fraudulent billing practices" that led to a "staggering" amount of overbilling.
The Enterprise also published the source documents.  Here is Klein's greatest irony in this article:
Give us a story - not commentary.
Philip specializes in telling stories.


Anonymous said...

When Klein predicted in July that The Enterprise would fold by September 1, I was emboldened to renew my subscription for another six months. The newspaper was in my driveway, as usual, this morning.

Anonymous said...

Phil claims “a high up” in the political world told him “I go to sites like yours for the exciting stuff.” Must have been the dumbass who was blocking the checkout line at Walmart while engrossed in a story in The Globe about intergalactic aliens.

Anonymous said...

Here is hoping that Patrick Swain pursues legal action against PR**K for his recent post under his reader mail section. The PR**K makes some rather strong accusations against Swain that if they were in fact true amount to criminal acts. I think the PR**K has once again fabricated information and alleged violations of the law against an individual who stands to suffer personally and professionally from such irresponsible lies. I don't think Patrick would have any problem at all garnering support for his legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick- Sue that no good slob and WE WILL pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Those he's slandered should consider a class action suit.