Sep 16, 2009

Jumping Ship

Philip R. Klein's bias is showing in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
The Review filed a PIR (Public Information Request) to the city of Beaumont to see who our new spokesperson would be for the City of Beaumont (more pork spending but things are good right now - right?). Government is having to cut back right now and not add positions? Right? Funny huh?

Back to the story - on the 10th day our list was given to us of who applied - ready? Here it comes!

From KFDM - wanting a government job?
What Philip left out: those applicants from KBTV and KBMT. I suspect there are as many, if not more, applicants from those stations. Wouldn't Jackie Simien more properly be identified with Channel 12, since she currently anchors their newscasts? 

In the real world, a person with media experience has the prerequisite skills needed.  Philip's ignorance is showing, too, since these jobs are common at all levels of government.

As an example, TxDot spokesperson Marc Shepherd came from the local media. Considering the number of reporters and anchors at Channel 4 at over the past few years, things have been "bad, really bad"  for a long time if Klein's skewed logic makes sense.

Likewise, private businesses tend to hire communications from the media. For instance, the spokesperson for Klein Investigations and Consulting has experience as a TV commentator and talk radio host who once ran six Dairy Queens.

This isn't politics; this is Philip's personal feud against KFDM and an attempt at intimidation. It's interesting to note that Klein hasn't mentioned the Port Arthur City Attorney.


Anonymous said...

It's not surprising to see someone from a media outlet be interested in a public sector job because those jobs usually pay much more than you would make at a local TV station or newspaper. And the jobs have more security.

I worked for the Beaumont Enterprise for six years, reached the top pay I was ever going to make there and then went to work for a state organization, which gave me an immediate $10K raise.

It hasn't got anything to do with "jumping ship." It's much more about "feeding the bulldog."

Anonymous said...

“Here is our take - because nobody will talk to us at KFDM”

Maybe cause you’re an idiot and they do not have to talk you. Why would they?

Anonymous said...

I made that jump to a PIO and never looked back. Klein is a media wannabe who picks fights with the local media in hopes that someone will pay attention.

Anonymous said...

“Here is our take - because nobody will talk to us at KFDM”

Does this mean that Phil's "inside sources" at Channel 6 are pure bullshit?

Anonymous said...

the sources are not BS..just that Klein says he has them is BS. lol