Sep 21, 2009

Maybe We Were Wrong

This Southeast Texas Political Review article is Philip R. Klein's third (by my count) in a continuing series solely devoted to calling Dr. Carrol Thomas of the Beaumont ISD a liar:
In fact - we - along with other news media people compared notes. And all of us saw the same thing. The guy simply lied.
Judge Bob Wortham is so much more eloquent than Philip. 

Not much legitimate and credible political content exist in Klein's dead horse, but he's egotistically attached himself and the other Philip to the mainstream media. His claim is improbable since he's also feuding with almost every media outlet in the area.

Perhaps Klein compared notes with "ace reporter" Jerry Jordan from The Examiner. If so, I wonder if they also discussed what Philip derisively calls "The Jefferson County Navy."

Philip's story

Philip quoted a manufactured source from the United States Coast Guard (USCG):
"We always can use help, but these guys have gone overboard man. They are going to do what if they find what? Shot them with their pistols? Shoot them with their guns? If there were a true attack the only things those boats would be good for is to put it into high gear and run away," said a long time Coast Guard official in Port Arthur.

"Well, the boats are a joke in waiting, but the helicopter we can use. The problem is communicating with it. We have to fix a couple of problems with that," said the source.
Shortly afterwards, Philip Klein claimed the USCG leaked information to him:
The US Coast Guard called us this past week. Seemingly the NEW BOAT FLEET has not moved from its moorings in three weeks? Wait? We thought there was a big push for patrol? Keeping us safe? Twenty four hour patrols for our waterways?
And a few weeks later, Philip claims the USCG called back with this tip:
Coast Guard - Has made it clear on Sunday. Big boat of LNG coming in mid-day - (giggle) - if Jefferson County crosses state lines in their boats and attempts to enforce any laws - out of their jurisdiction - they will act. This includes the chopper? We are going to watching this one.
When SETWAC was formed, Philip claimed two local plant managers were "seriously concerned" over the two cents per ton security fee to fund the river and port patrols:
We spoke with two plant managers this week that are seriously concerned.

"They just have to tax us. That is all they know how to do. We do not need the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department running up and down the river patrolling the fish and the alligators. We have the US Coast Guard to protect us. They do a damn good job and they are already paid for. It seems to me that maybe the Sherriff [sic] might want to put his resources on the drunks and crime in Jefferson County rather than pick on us again," said the source very close to one of the major plants in the area.
Readers will notice that Philip lost his train of thought by the end of the quote. What started out as "two plant managers," ended as a "source very close to one of the major plants in the area."

The Southeast Texas Plant Managers Forum disputed Klein's claim in a powerpoint presentation:
Part 105 of 33 CFR regulates security at “maritime facilities”

The Coast Guard’s method of extending this to refineries is problematic but relates to facilities taking in crude or shipping out product through harbor terminals.
The real story

According to an article in The Examiner (Sept. 18-24, 2009) on page 10A:
While most Southeast Texans have paid little attention to the work of those securing the local waterways, the U.S. Coast Guard has taken notice and has seen the work done by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the Sabine-Neches Navigation District as nothing short of extraordinary.
The USCG has recognized the cooperative business model used by local plants and the Jefferson County Sheriff's office, so Sheriff Mitch Woods has been asked to speak at a conference on port security by the Commandant of the Coast Guard.
According to information from the Coast Guard, the South East Texas Waterways Advisory Council (SETWAC) was recognized as the National Harbor Safety Committee of the year at the 12th Annual National Harbor Safety Conference in Tampa in June.

Adm. Thad Allen, Commandant of the Coast Guard, commended the SETWAC for the efforts they took along with the community to restore the waterway traffic to normal after Hurricane Ike. Other nominees for the award that SETWAC received were the Port of New York/New Jersey, the Port of San Francisco, the Port of Seattle, the Port of Puget Sound, and the Port of Tampa.
There is no doubt: Philip and the other Philip were indeed wrong.


Anonymous said...

There is a reason why Philip wants you to shut up. And that is because you continually make him look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Klein does a good job of making hisself look like a fool...somebody tipped Gus to the coast gaurd thing last week.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Pillsbury. I saw this in the internet. Would you please post for all to see. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Homeland Security would feel about Philip announcing the arrival of an LNG tanker? Might want to email them his post and see what happens . . .