Sep 22, 2009

Nederland Sued

Philip R. Klein attempts to report hard news in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
The City of Nederland and a police officer have been sued for brutality by Bobby Dale Simon.

According to the petition - Simon says he was notified that there was a fire at his sons residence located in Nederland while out to dinner. He states that he was concerned that his grandson was in the house. He states that he tried to enter the house. As he was trying to get into the house - the fire department tried to keep him from entering. At that time the fire officer at the scene asked to have a police officer get him off the porch.

The petition states post that - the officer grabbed him and threw him into a different section of the porch, tazered him and pepper sprayed him. As well, "other people" wrestled him to the ground. He states in the petition that he was hit twice in the head by a baton. He was then taken to the street, tazered again once in the chest and back. He states his head was held under water in the ditch. He states in the petition that he heard the officer tell two other officers to tazer him and hold his head under water.

Simon was found not guilty be a jury regarding the criminal side of the case less than six months ago.

The lawyers for Simon is B. Adam Terrell  and Jon Burmeister.

The suit was filed on September 2, 2009 and served upon the city this past week in citation. The city has yet to file a response.
Klein states that Simon was found not guilty. Klein states that happened less than six months ago. Klein doesn't state Simon's charges.

If Philip really does speak often at local schools as he claims, we can deduce that he's not speaking to journalism classes.  Compare Klein's version with this version of the same story from Channel 6, who also published the story before Klein. Which account is more credible?   Which account seems to have been written by a deranged middle-school student (hint: look for the one with the grammatical trainwrecks)?

Most importantly, what does this have to do with politics?

Advice to Philip Klein: Don't try this as home, leave it to the professionals.


Anonymous said...

Philly boy's take on the local media is just a case of pen envy.

Anonymous said...

Hot job tip for klein - don't give up your day job.