Sep 19, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits 9/19/09

Here are some fast looks at slow thoughts from Philip R. Klein this week.

On Beaumont's heritage - Klein wrote about the appeal of an injunction against the BISD concerning the demolition of the South Park Middle School building:
The court of appeals has upheld Judge Bob Worthum's decision regarding Southpark High School (middle school).
Southpark or South Park?  Worthum or Wortham? This is to be expected from someone who has no respect for the heritage, officials, or citizens of Jefferson County.

On Philip's personal feud with the local media - Philip comments on a KBMT Channel 12 story about Hilton Kelley in his story "CAC-BM." Inside the story, Philip notes:
And guess who took the story this time? Some newbie reporter from KBMT-TV.
Philip pirated this image (on right) from an old KFDM Channel 6 report without permission and posted on his front page headlines without identifying KBTV Channel 12 as the source of the news story.

Misleading, don't you think?

Philip confuses the issue even more by mentioning KFDM Channel 6 twice in his article, even though they weren't the source of the news story:
You see the media sees business as the enemy - until they need their ad revenue to stay on the air? Right KFDM?
Philip's thesis that the "media sees business as the enemy" is an unsubstantiated and inflammatory  opinion, based on his own personal agenda. Else, why didn't Klein mention KBTV Channel 4, since they've consulted Kelley for his opinion on frequent occasions. 

On toxic waste - Klein referenced the real point of the KBMT Channel 12 news story only once in his lengthy article, when he called Hilton Kelley a liar:
PCB shipments going to an plant in Port Arthur from Mexico to be destroyed. And Kelly simply starts to lie again - saying it is unsafe and that people can be killed or injured.
Despite Philip R. Klein's claim as a self-proclaimed expert on toxic wastes, Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) can indeed "kill or injure people." Because of its toxicity, PCB was banned in the U.S. in 1976. Veolia is seeking an exemption to import 20,000 tons from Mexico. 

During his now-defunct radio talk show on April 28, 2007, Klein attacked Hilton Kelley for his opposition to the VX project at the Veolia plant. When a caller tried to discuss the real issue, Klein manufactured this statistic::
This stuff has already been...before it's even been brought here to Southeast Texas, Texas, it's already been dissolved to a point where you would need to wallow in it for two years to even get one point of one-tenth of a side effect.
So who's really lying?

On Hilton Kelley - Philip attacks the man, not the issue:
Kelly...Says he worked with good old Don Johnson on a TV show as a "stunt man." IMDB nor the shows creators, as well as the actors association (to which you must be a member to work on a TV show) says they ever had any man named Hilton Kelly work on any TV show - as a stunt man or actor. It made us go .... hmmmm...And lately - Kelly touts himself as being "involved" and "appointed to the EPA board." So we contacted the EPA - uh no. He did however - met with a state EPA advisory committee and may in fact be getting a seat at the little table. Why? You tell us? Who wants this guy at the table?
Philip has never explained what Kelley's IMDB listing has to do with incinerating the world's toxic wastes in Port Arthur. Nor did Klein offer a citation on Kelley's purported statement, but I suspect he's referring to this article about a meeting that Kelley attended with the new EPA administrator for the State of Texas.

Philip's ad hominem fallacy has nothing to do with the real issue of incinerating imported PCBs from Mexico at a Port Arthur. Here's the real story with the EPA.

Philip's final solution - Klein offers another solution to stifling legitimate debate:
We will give this new reporter a pass - but his news director should be shot. Case closed.
Does PRK's statement constitute a terroristic threat against a person in the media?

Low points in the English language - A real reader nominated this statement as PRK's top grammatical train wreck of the week:
Meaning before an employee can have a weekend or night second job to pay ends meat...
Real readers write - A reader left an interesting comment yesterday:
Phil is going to be furious at The Examiner, which reports the U.S. Coast Guard has recognized the "extraordinary" work of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in waterway security. Mitch Woods, whose work PRK often derides, and his chief deputy, Ron Hobbs, will be panelists next week at a national conference of port officials in Reston, VA.
The story from "ace reporter" Jennifer Trahan apears on page 10A of this week's Examiner. Klein had no comment.


Anonymous said...

The best example of a toxic waste dump that I can think of is the southeast texas political review.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that he couldn't even click on the story link at Channel 12 and see that Michael Seiden did the story, not Bryan Rupp who is the weatherman who also posts stories to the Internet that other reporters do.