Sep 4, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits: A short diversion into real politics

A special note to readers: Since Philip R. Klein has petitioned for a fishing license under Rule 202, I've received correspondence from individuals who have personal complaints about his businesses.

I apologize for not answering the messages separately, but this is outside my scope and has little to do with Philip's bizarre opinions about politics, Patrick McDermott, or Southeast Texas. See the Texas Department of Public Safety website for more information.

Confusion: Philip proves he has little talent for political commentary.
Back in the early 80's - President Reagan made a speech to school children (thus the idea from team Obama).
Ronald Reagan actually gave his speech in 1988; Jimmy Carter was president in the early 80s. The first President Bush gave two speeches to school children in 1991 and 1989.

Still confused: PRK does, however, present a nice wrap on Reagan's speech.
It was on personal responsibility in kind of a nut shell. Simply you are responsible for you, the way you act and what you give back to this country.
"Nut shell" is an appropriate description of Philip's summary, since personal responsibility was never mentioned in Reagan's speech.

President Reagan spoke about the greatness of America and used the Q&A to push his drug policy, his economic policies, his handgun policy, and his accomplishments.

Racism and logical fallacies:
The emphases are mine.
Thus the fear from the right and the middle - Obama is going to speak to "childrens" on social issues and try to push a social agenda. And from all reports - that is what he is going to do...There will be a speech that has done nothing to pull us together as a country - yet pull us apart more. And parents have the right not to have their children become pawns of a socialistic agenda.
The Truth-O-Meter rated Philip's claim: Pants on Fire! 

Complaints R Us: Philip offers now solutions, just complaints:

We have thrown BILLIONS at children in schools and many schools cannot even pass a basic 8th grade test (what we now call the TAKS test to graduate from High School).
Most schools are buildings, but I'm sure that Philip meant students inside the schools. I'm not sure what he meant by taking an eighth-grade test to graduate from high school.

Philip's argument is lost in the context: would he be happier if we only spent hundreds or thousands?

Truth or Opinion:
Philip repeats (again) one of my favorites.
Text books have changed true history and pushed a left wing agenda...Maybe if some parents got into what their children are reading or what the left leaning teachers are preaching and teaching - maybe we could see the upset. Maybe we said. Just maybe.
Philip has no empirical evidence for his statement, since pushed agendas belong to the right-wing extremists on the Texas State School Board. Texas has never had a Bible literacy requirement in its public schools until now. See the tidbit, "Confusion," above for another example of changing true history.

From the Operation Kleinwatch comments:

You want to see bad? Wait until the SBOE comes out with the new science guidelines. The chemistry books will have recipes on making gold.


Anonymous said...

Dear Parents: I am sorry to report that little Philip has again made F's in history, geography, reading and spelling. His grades will not improve until he stops bullying his third-grade classmates. Because of his conduct, he is spending more time in the principal's office than at his desk. Sincerely, Mrs. Abraham.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing 'little' about Philip

Anonymous said...

he said nut shell, he he.