Sep 1, 2009

On Philip's New Pole [sic]

I usually ignore Philip R. Klein's polls on the Southeast Texas Political Review since everyone else does, including Klein. His recent poll on BISD cop cars generated only about 60 votes over a four-week period, or roughly 12 votes per week.

His most recent poll is so egregiously biased that I felt obligated to comment, however.
Over the past six years - Jefferson County Political officials on the county and city levels have (1) increased spending at a rate of 20% or more, (2) increased taxes and fees (hidden taxes), (3) been a part of scandal after scandal. Our question is - Is it time to throw all county officials out of office no matter what party and put elected officials in office that are willing to lower our taxes, make government smaller and be honest with us the taxpayers?
Let's breakdown Philip's parameters.

On item one, Philip changes his statistic on spending increases regularly.

From December 2008:
So we went back and looked at the budget for two years ago under a different administration and as most everyone knows there has been an overall budget increase of almost 30%.
From July 21, 2008:
First, for the first two years of the Walker administration spending (hard dollars) has increased over 40%. Yes it has.
From June 6, 2008:
This would bring over a five year [sic] period a spending budget in excess of a 40% increase over five years.
None of this is true. Here are the real numbers, based on Klein's most recent parameters in this poll:
Year Expenditures Change Tax Rate Net Taxables Change Inflation
FY 2002-2003 92,152,538.00 0.365 12,203,763,707.00
FY 2008-2009 118,012,487.00 28.06% 0.365 20,796,495,516.00 70.41% 20.87%
Sources: Jefferson County Budget 2002-2003, Jefferson County Budget 2008-2009, and Historical Inflation Rates
I would debate what these numbers really mean with Klein on a website-to-website basis, but he's repeatedly proven that he lacks the prerequisite skills necessary to present a defense of his manufactured statistics. For instance, a discussion of salaries requires knowledge of basic payroll concepts such as comp time and holiday pay.

On item two, the 2009 and 2003 tax rates of $0.365 cents per 100 dollars valuation are identical.

On item three, Klein claims that Jefferson County has been wracked by "scandal after scandal," but offers no corroborating evidence. I'm sure Philip's biggest example is two BISD cops who were recently suspended for using a BISD patrol car as transportation to get their oil changed.

Bottom line on item three, Philip frequently cites exaggerated scandals, or scandals that never happened. See Gillam v. Klein in the sidebar.

Your choices in Philip's pole [sic]:
  • Yes - Enough Is Enough - Jefferson County Needs Change Now
  • No - It Is All Good Because It Is Who You Know - That's Just Jeff Co.
  • No Opinion - I Gave Up A Long Time Ago
I think a fourth option is appropriate:
  • No response - this poll is as ill-conceived and poorly executed as the rest of the SETPR.


Anonymous said...

He's just a poor, miserable prick.

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"Philip's new pole" conjures up an ugly picture, Gus. Is that like Philip and his "cranking the hot tube."