Sep 13, 2009

Revisiting Courthouse Security with Philp R. Klein

In an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review from Sept. 7, 2009, Philip R. Klein wrote that layoffs at the Jefferson County Courthouse led to long lines at the ingress:
Well, things are secure at the Jefferson County Courthouse. This morning for example - you had to wait in a line that stretched around almost a block? Why? Well it seems that four staff members have been laid off!
According to a story on page 14a of the The Examiner (Sept. 11-17, 2009), the line was due to a mechanical failure that affected the entire system:
"Our entire system is down," Sheriff's department spokesperson Brent Warner said of the surveillance system. "It is out of our control. They are working on getting the part we need."

Warner said the cameras have been down for over a week but that courthouse security officers have been taking up the slack.
Since the courthouse security officers number only six part-time employees, I would call Philip's statement a blatant lie. 

Any comment, buddy?

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Anonymous said...

There are four guys PRK shouldn't tangle with:
Sam the Eagle, Neal Morgan, Carl Parker and ol' Gus.