Sep 2, 2009


Philip R. Klein mentioned a move in the local media in his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Jackie Simien - who left KFDM - TV two years ago - will begin to anchor the Six and Ten news shows beginning with-in a month. Current anchor Beverly Brooks will move over to the NBC side of the company and start a news program which is considered a promotion for Brooks - who is one of the most up and coming news talents in Southeast Texas.
In a posting on the KFDM Open Forum, Channel 6 News Director David Lowell addressed Klein's article:

I am breaking my own Code of Behavior because I am, in posting this, acknowledging he exists.
Jackie worked here for about a dozen years. She called me this morning as a courtesy to tell me she will be working at another television station. She said to me, "My job at Channel 6 was the best job I ever had." And she means it. I wished her well and limited success. She laughed and said Larry said something very similar.

So far as that goes his post is true. (As for how someone is the "most up and coming news talents" is measured I have no clue, no offense to Beverly.)
Philip used the opportunity to bash Channel 6 again:

The Review has also learned this morning that KFDM will face "drastic cut backs in staffing levels that will affect every department at KFDM." When asked if they thought layoffs were coming for the newsroom - the reply was : "every department."
David debunked Klein's "sources" (emphasis is his):

The balance of his post--read it again--IS A BALD FACED LIE. He made it up on his own. You see, if you put quotation marks on something that means someone said it. Out loud. No one ever uttered those words. He knows it and he's just trying to stir the pot.

I don't know what the man's problem is (and I use the word "man" to describe him advisedly) but apparently because we don't treat him with respect that he repeatedly does not earn he aims to do damage to KFDM. He does not deserve your time or attention.

The man is a serial liar. He should seek professional help.
Well said. In response to Klein's lurid and deceptive headline on his front page:

Also : KFDM Staff Cuts Coming?

The answer is no.


Anonymous said...

Lowell definitely has Kleinio's number.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why David is one of the most respected in the business. Wish Jackie was going to KFDM instead, she is a class act and an upstanding lady.

Anonymous said...

David Lowell is as good as gold...wonderful person to know.

Anonymous said...

Call the Office: BR-549

Anonymous said...

I believe Klein. Just like he said the Enterprise was to close or be sold about four times or so in the last two years. LOL