Sep 29, 2009

Taking The Risk

Philip R. Klein makes another prediction in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
And the fall out? Nobody can say they didn't ask for it when the lawsuit flies. And be sure - the lawsuits will fly. And it will grab the attention of almost everyone in the State of Texas. As they say - this one will be case law.
Philip thinly guised threat refers to a tabled issue from the Sept. 14th meeting of the Nederland City Council regarding the city's personnel policy.  Unlike the fat detective, I'll avoid forming an opinion until I actually read the revisions. Is this really a hot political issue as Klein claims, or another case of his hidden agendas as Director, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department?

While Philip offers an uninformed and callow opinion of an obscure HR revision that affects less than 100 people, he missed the bigger stories today:
  • The Jefferson County Commissioners adopted the 2009/2010 budget and approved a $0.365 per $100 dollar tax rate, unchanged from last year. The budget's spending increase: 1.8 percent, not the 5.4 percent that Klein claimed on Monday.

  • The Beaumont ISD banned the book "Friday Night Lights." High school students will have to rent the DVD or watch it on cable instead of reading the Pulitzer prize-winning novel for themselves.  I doubt Philip has read the book, either.

  • The Jefferson County Commissioners accepted a Texas Department of Transportation maintenance grant of $34,000 for lights and runway upkeep. Philip doesn't like Airport Manager Hal Ross - I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that PRK nurses a grudge because Hal wouldn't let him make numerous trips through the first responder buffet during Hurricane Ike.

  • Commissioners in both Jefferson and Orange counties voted to join the six-county Gulf Coast Community Protection and Recovery District. Yet, the future of Sea Rim State Park looks bleak, since no money has been earmarked by the state for rebuilding the facility. Philip has previously stated that he thinks parks are a waste of money - I suspect that as a "true conservative," Klein believes parks should be run by private businesses who charge admission.

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