Sep 7, 2009

Your Tax Dollars to...

Philip R. Klein writes on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine): we go again. More corruption and money passing hands between the BISD and the Chamber of Commerce.

This past week, the SET Political Review filed a Public Information Request for all taxpayer money given to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. And guess what?

Thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the "childrens" [sic] of Beaumont have gone to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
In addition to Philip's racial bias, his investigation also uncovered:
  • On September 10, 2008, the district spent $1,000 dollars of YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS to enjoy a night at the Spindletop Awards and Banquet. There was no list of who went - but we can only imagine.

  • Then - it was the yearly membership dues? Of $500.

  • Of course - it is time for lobster - and two tickets for lobsterfest were bought. We hope that the poor "childrens" of the Southend [sic] enjoyed their dinner.

  • And finally - $40.00 bucks for .... a volunteer awards luncheon.
The total amount of graft and corruption alleged by Klein:
Now you might say that just under $1,700 of YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS is not a big deal?
Philip's final answer of $1700 is not the "thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the 'childrens'" that he initially claimed. Neither can Philip resist YELLING at his readers, even though it's not the same as haranguing listeners on his now-defunct radio show.

Eventually, Philip found a point: 
Around $1,700 could be used for....books? Fuel for buses? Or maybe a light bill? Maybe a new projector for a classroom? Or maybe a few new computers.
Others might consider $1700 a cheap investment in the job market for future graduates, since promoting local businesses is the primary mission of the Chamber of Commerce.

Putting this into proper perspective, the Sabine Pass and PA ISDs are members of the Port Arthur CoC, while Orangefield, Little Cypress-Mauriceville, and West Orange-Cove CISD are members of the Greater Orange Area CoC. School officials who serve on the boards of local CoCs are also quite common: see the Dallas and Houston ISDs for many examples. A conspiracy of Klein's fantasies?

Philip and his legal entities are not members of the Beaumont, Port Arthur, or Nederland Chambers of Commerce. 

I suspect he's just bitter because he didn't get an invitation to Lobsterfest.

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