Oct 29, 2009

City of Beaumont

Philip R. Klein proves he's as ignorant about influenza as politics in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Here is the media spin :


"The Beaumont Health Department has confirmed a Jefferson County 5-year-old has died from H1N1 complications but is refusing to identify the victim."

Then way down in the story : "The Davis family told 12 News Cole had been in the hospital for a month before passing away Monday night of complications from a strain of type A influenza."

Okay - now what? Is it swine flu? Or is it regular flu? Or what is it?

Here is what the Review knows - the family says that the doctor says it was NOT the Swine Flu. Now you would think the media would want to fix it? No way. Protect the Government.
What "the Review" apparently doesn't know is that Swine flu is indeed a strain of Type A influenza. Probably the two most well-known examples of Type A influenza are Swine Flu (H1N1) and Avian Flu (H5N1).

If media reports are indeed true (and I have no reason to believe they're not), medical professionals told the family that Cole died from complications related to a strain of Type A influenza, without specifically naming the H1N1 variant. These semantics are quite common when health workers are trying to avoid unduly alarming the public.

This is a great example of why people shouldn't blog if they have a hard time stringing together enough words to form a coherent sentence. Typically, Philip blames his own ignorance on a wingnut conspiracy theory:
Another great example to you politicos on how the media has gone from the Government watch dog - to the government LAP DOG.
Special note to readers: please don't be confused by Klein's personal agenda. This is a potentially serious issue that could directly affect your health. Please refer to a credible site for more information. Here are some suggestions:
Klein's reckless disregard for the real truth is quite evident in this irresponsible and malicious posting. His  keyboard should be quarantined indefinitely for publishing this misinformation.

Oct 28, 2009

Philip's Recipe for Mud Pie

Here's an interesting item from Philip R. Klein's Reader Mail page on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Notice the similarity between Klein's writing style and this purported letter from a reader:
From Beaumont: woods, for judge?  are you kidding me?  here's a man that wants to be a judge, with very little felony experience....  the even bigger problem?  most everyone in the courthouse knows of his on again off again relationship with a member of stevens staff.  guess he needs to get a little closer?  i'll bet her husband is about to flip a lid.....check your sources

Answer : Ouch.....do what? Anyone with information? EMAIL US!
Here's the other side: that rumor allegedly originated from an opponent of Woods, who is supported by a former county judge of Jefferson County. As such, it's another example of Philip's hidden agenda.

My sources say the rumors are completely false and have now been denied now by the person who started them.

Klein made the same wild accusations earlier this year about a Jefferson County Judge:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of an investigation regarding a sitting Judge at the Jefferson County Courthouse. And this one may be a big one.

The Review has learned late this afternoon that a report has been made to authorities and that investigators "may be" assigned to the case. It is under review at this time. Another source has told the Review...that a complaint will be sworn out in the next ten days with the Judicial Commission regarding the matter.

The Review has learned that two law firms have been contacted by both the accused and the accuser and that a Lawsuit may be filed in the next week concerned the almost $10,000 that is being held in lue [sic] of payment to the former Court Reporter.

The Review has also learned early this morning that a Houston area law firm has been shadowing the "situation" and that they have a "vested" interest in getting to the bottom of the story. According to sources close to the law firm, "they" have been placed in the middle of this "very difficult" situation and may have to file further action against not only Jefferson County, but the court reporter involved.

Other sources that have called the Review and work at the Jefferson County Courthouse have confirmed that the first woman that was fired as a court reporter, and her now husband who was also fired, have made the decision to file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Jefferson County and the Judge.

Furthermore, the husband is contemplating a wrongful termination suit.

A source very close to a practicing lawyer in that court has told the Review that the talk in the particular defense bar that the judge has now been effectively "castrated" and should at least step down during the investigation and litigation.
None of this happened.   Did I mention Klein v. Gillam?

This isn't politics; rather Philip is throwing mud again with a reckless disregard for the truth.

Oct 27, 2009


Philip writes:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this morning that Governor Rick Perry will visit Hardin County next week, maybe as early as Tuesday, to introduce a number of elected officials that will switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. The number the Review has been given is Seven.

Two names were leaked to the Review this morning - being rumored? Ed Cain - Sheriff of the County and County Judge Billy Caraway.
If true, I hope that Governor Perry doesn't chase the local residents out of the Senior Citizen Center again. The last time he held a press conference in Lumberton, the elderly were moved to the broom closet, better known as the Library kitchen, to eat their lunch. If Governor Perry schedules another trip to Lumberton during this gubernatorial campaign, county officials may have to install a security checkpoint to facilitate frisking of local citizens.

Klein offers this penetrating analysis:
The last five years has seen a tremendous growth of conservative Republicans moving from Jefferson County to escape the high taxes and horrible school district (s).
Fact check: in the past five years, the Hardin County population has grown by six percent.

This is not what I would call "tremendous growth," nor is Lumberton on the top 100 fastest growing counties. Growth rates for the top 100 range from 98 percent to 48 percent, but your mileage may vary.
Philip's final answer:
"We said it two years ago - and we will say it again. Move now - or risk your office if you are elected. The Tsunami will arrive next week."
We'll revisit next week.

First Words

Philip R. Klein provides this bizarre critique of a KBTV 4 news story concerning the campaign of Jeff Branick for Jefferson County Judge:
Huh? Those are Jeff Branick's first words? Linda Kay? Control the frigging message girl!
Ignoring the sexist remark and Philip's offensive familiarity, he elaborates:
What would he improve? He says infrastructure (GOOD!), indigent health care (UH OH - LIBERAL DRIBBLE), and protect our water rights (THAT THE AVERAGE VOTER DOESN'T UNDERSTAND BUT SOUNDS NEAT).

In 25 words or less, the Jr. Water Rights issue concerns control of rights assigned most recently: a state or regional authority, or county officials.

If you watch the Channel 4 video closely, I think you can see Philip at the buffet table. I'll give him the last word:

Pepto-Bismol Pink

Philip R. Klein shows he's in touch with his feminine side by adopting a new color scheme for the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Philip's new-found support is highly representative. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Klein's last minute attempt at grabbing a skirt tail shows he's out of touch.

Likewise, an ostentatious display without a direct link where readers can donate to charities like Susan G. Komen , the American Cancer Society, or the National Breast Cancer Foundation is not only disingenuous, it's hypocritical.Maybe he's retooling the Gadfly Foundation.

I think PRK's editorial this week is especially self-serving and a protrusive play for sympathy. Philip is again inserting his personal life into a purported political blog. Typically, the Southeast Texas Political Review is more about Philip and his opinions than real politics in Southeast Texas.

If what Klein writes is true, however, my prayers are with his wife.

Oct 24, 2009

Phil Klein: Unfair and Mentally Unbalanced

Philip R. Klein has offered eight questions to the local media for Jeff Branick, who officially began his campaign for Jefferson County Judge this week. I've answered Klein's questions below, but substituted my own pen name since I do not represent Jeff Branick.

After reading through Philip's suggested questions, it's obvious why the Southeast Texas Political Review represents the absolute worst of political blogging. Most reporters would be fired on the spot for asking such overtly biased and uninformed questions as these. Here's why:
1) Mr. [Pillsbury] - over the past twenty years under the democrats - government spending has doubled in the county. Do you have any plans to curtail the spending by commissioners court?
Mr. Klein - We should always consider an effective return on investment of taxpayer money as our highest priority. However, if you'll check your figures, you'll see that your facts are wrong. Furthermore, since Republicans gained control of the Texas State budget 20 years ago, spending has quadrupled.

Petty partisanship has no place in this campaign.
2) Mr. [Pillsbury] - since Judge Walker has been in office - the budget has increased from 86 million to 126 million. During this time you were Judge Walkers architect in building up government. Do you feel your strategy successful has been successful and healthy for Jefferson County?
Mr. Klein - Your figures are again wrong. In the three budgets so far under Judge Walker, spending has increased from $121.6 million in 2007 to  132.6 million for next year. While you claim an increase of 40 million, the real budget has increased by only 9 percent during Judge Walker's term, roughly the same rate as inflation. Judge Walker has done an admirable job of holding county costs while providing the same services during the worst recession in 80 years.
3) Mr. [Pillsbury] - can you explain what you will do as the top leader in Jefferson County - what you will do to stop citizens from moving out of Jefferson County?
Mr. Klein - I advocate a positive approach, rather than dwelling on the negatives. By developing our resources, we can attract more business to Jefferson County. The problem you mentioned will take care of itself. In reality, Jefferson County faces the the same problems as most U.S. metros whose primary economic bases are manufacturing. 

Jefferson County is an attractive place for business. Since Judge Walker took office, both Valero and Eastman Chemical have announced plans to build two plants here worth a combined total of almost 4 billion dollars in new business. Because of this current recession, both projects have been temporarily suspended.This has nothing to do with the business climate in Jefferson County, but rather represents the global nature of the current recession.

The best thing we can all do is to work together in a positive manner, rather than quoting false statistics intended to cast our county in the worst possible light.

I'm proud of being a native of Southeast Texas. Have you considered moving?
4) Mr. [Pillsbury] - since Judge Walker has been in office - and you have been his assistant - unemployment has increased from 6% to 11%? What can you do as the leader of Jefferson County to attract business and create jobs?
Mr. Klein - you're comparing an annual rate of 6 percent with a  monthly rate of 11 percent, so your logic is clearly fallacious. So far, the annual rate for 2009 in Jefferson County is approximately 9.4 percent, but the year is not yet over.

Your question further implies that Jefferson County is not subject to the same recessionary pressures that affect the rest of the state and country, but during the same time period, unemployment in Texas has increased from 4.7 percent to 8.2 percent. This parallels the same increase in Jefferson County. Are you seriously suggesting that Jefferson County Commissioners are in control of the global economy?

The negative tone of your question also implies that Jefferson County has done nothing to improve the local business climate, yet the county has standing tax abatement agreements with 16 industrial projects that cover more than $923.9 million.

During Judge Walker's term, Motiva Enterprises has begun an expansion of its refinery, which will provide jobs for approximately 6,500 people by this time next year. That's almost exactly a third of the current number of unemployed people in Jefferson County. The 7 billion dollar project will make Motiva's facility the largest refinery in the United States and among the top 10 in the world.

This is the biggest current construction project in North America and it's located in Jefferson County, Texas. The new expansion will generate about $17 billion in economic activity for Southeast Texas,. Likewise, Royal Dutch Shell and Sempra Energy are both building new plants or expanding existing facilities.
5) Mr. [Pillsbury] - since Judge Walker has been in office - and you have been his assistant - the population of Jefferson County has dropped by 3%, do you think the tax increases and anti-business conditions in Jefferson County has hurt the population?
Mr. Klein - your question again shows a bias against Jefferson County. The current tax rate in Jefferson County is the same rate that citizens paid in 2000. It's also obvious that Motiva, Sempra, Royal Dutch Shell, Valero, and Eastman have found Jefferson County to be a very attractive area in which to do business.

There are many more examples, but surely five Fortune 500 companies should provide adequate evidence to even the most obtuse of self-proclaimed political consultants.
6) Mr. [Pillsbury] - state law is very specific - a sitting judge cannot support or be involved in a political race. Why is Judge Walker here tonight? Isn't that a strict violation of the law? Do you condone it? And what about the other judges in the room?
Mr. Klein - you are correct. State law is very specific. From Canon 5 of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct
A judge or judicial candidate may attend political events and express his or her views on political matters in accord with this Canon and Canon 3B(10).
The bias is obvious in your question. While you specifically mentioned Judge Walker, you did not mention Judge Bob Wortham or Judge Donald Floyd, both of whom also attended. Is this an honest error or evidence of a hidden agenda? 
7) Mr. [Pillsbury] - I notice the Union Leaders are here tonight - and they will support you in all probability - as many union members have moved out of Jefferson County to better schools and lower taxes - the ones that are left are losing their jobs because of the anti-business sentiment of the Commissioners Court to which you wish to lead - would you support tax relief to these hard working members and their companies so they can expand and hire more workers?
Mr. Klein - your confusion is again evident. Jefferson County Commissioners have nothing to do with local schools, which is why they're called independent school districts. 

You're also repeating your biased questions, as I've already addressed your erroneous statement concerning sentiment of Jefferson County towards business expansion.

But as another example, a company from the Woodlands is investing more than 300 million dollars to resurrect The old old Independent Refinery in Hamshire. Even though the refinery has been closed for 25 years, the new Jefferson Refinery LLC will provide from 100 to 150 local jobs when completed.

While the examples I previously mentioned are in the petrochemical sector, I'll note that other business sectors have been quite successful in Jefferson County during Judge Walker's administration, too.

According to published statements from a local private detective located in Nederland, his business has expanded from a purely local firm to three international operations during Judge Walker's term. Yet the home office of this global business empire is still located in Jefferson County Texas.  Why?

Regarding the support of local labor, County Commissioners have tightened the county's tax abatement policy, so that companies seeking abatements must agree to recruit local workers and contractors that work these projects must also recruit local labor first. Why didn't you mention that?
8) Mr. [Pillsbury] - the Jefferson County Democratic Party has owned and operated Jefferson County in every single elected office inside the county over the last twenty years - in that time - population has decreased by 7.5%, plants have cut back, businesses have left and hundreds of millions of government funds have been spent to either create jobs or to attract companies. Do you think it has worked? Do you think it is time for a two party system in Jefferson County - and sir - do you plan on business as usual or you willing to cut back the size of government in Jefferson County?
Mr. Klein - the facts that you've cited are again completely wrong.

The current estimated population estimate for 2008 is 243,090. According to the 1990 Census, the population of Jefferson County as 239,397. This represents a net growth of 1.5 percent, not a decrease of 7.5 percent as you claimed.

I've already noted the partisan nature of your questions. Demagoguery has no place in this discussion.

I've also previously provided evidence that many businesses are not cutting back, but instead are expanding as a competitive advantage in the current recession.

In the case of that local private investigator, this business has grown from a purely local firm specializing in sniffing dirty laundry and serving jury summons to spearheading the search for Patrick McDermott, a relatively unknown Hollywood cameraman whose biggest claim to fame is that he once dated an Australian singer. Since you frequently report rumor as fact, you might mention that this private investigator will also launch searches in upcoming months for Judge Crater and Jimmy Hoffa.

Perhaps you need to revisit your sources, Mr. Klein.

Special note to Operation Kleinwatch readers: I apologize for taking a couple of days to get this up, but it's always easier for Philip to simply make up numbers than researching the real answers to these questions.

Oct 21, 2009


Philip R. Klein continues with this week's theme of name-calling in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. This article is another in a long series of tirades against Dr. Carrol Thomas, Superintendent of the Beaumont ISD:
You sir - and your board that you control and payoff with jobs and high salaries for family members (oh yes you have and do) are frankly one of the reasons Jefferson County Texas is dying.
As I pointed out in Sunday's article, Klein's reports on the death of Jefferson County have been greatly exaggerated. Here's further corroboration of my original point from the Beaumont Enterprise:
SE Texas home values to gain most in U.S. in '10
Posted: October 21, 2009, 12:31 AM CDT

Beaumont's real estate market has grabbed another No. 1 national ranking - this one for expected appreciation in value for the next year.

The ranking, by Santa Ana-Calif.-based Veros Real Estate Solutions, helps burnish the area's reputation after Forbes magazine in August 2008 rated the Beaumont market as No. 1 for most equity among U.S. cities.
As I've repeatedly pointed out, the DQ Index© shows that this equity represents a real increase in wealth for local property owners.

If business is so bad in Jefferson County, why is Klein's empire with international offices located here?


This article on the Southeast Texas Political Review has little to do with politics, beyond Philip R. Klein's typical name-calling:
The United States Government. You know - the government Jack Piper who is carrying the banner for the stations simply loves. And now - as it always happens - he is getting a taste of his own medicine.

And we are just in a huge giggle over it.


Well not because we want to see KSET fail. It must be costing them thousands. It is because Piper who is a left wing liberal believes more government is better. Well - Jack - how is that working out for you buddy?
Klein is an extremist nut who unsuccessfully hides his ignorance with arrogance, but this, too, has nothing to do with politics in Southeast Texas. How did that college education work out for you, buddy?

According to the FCC website, KSET is still filing amendments to its original application, the most recent from Oct. 13, 2009:
Public Notice Comment
Mod of CP
Engineering Amendment filed 10/13/2009
Since CP means construction permit, the station is apparently still under construction and has been filing these amendments frequently, including a total of two this month:
Engineering Amendment filed 07/14/2009
Engineering Amendment filed 08/10/2009
Engineering Amendment filed 10/05/2009
Compare this information, with Philip's conclusion:
Here is the fact. KSET should have been on the air a long time ago. They are fine. They are in a mess called government. The same government that we have all learned to love to hate. And now Piper gets his just rewards.
The fact is that KSET should have been on the air in June. It is that simple. But no - we have to.....do whatever and have someone sign whatever and have some wonk in Washington DC sign off on it.
This isn't fact; it's Philip's unsubstantiated opinion, based on a fundamental igrorance of the real facts.

Oct 19, 2009


Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Clinton "Clint" Woods will announce his first run for office for Criminal District Judge - if (when) John Stevens steps down and the Governor appoints Steven's replacement.
I mentioned this last week while Philip was sniffling Dr. Mackey's underwear. 
Sources confirm to the Review that Woods has been making the rounds and as well sitting Judge Lane Walker has been quietly pushing the candidacy (we know he cannot do that he is a sitting judge - this is Jefferson County where the law is what we want the law to be).
Philip's thesis:
However, a young 6 year lawyer to sit on the bench? Maybe JP? Maybe Muni? But not district. Too young.

Frankly - he needs to come back to earth.

Klein is apparently unaware that Cllint Woods is older than Judge Larry Gist when he won his first term. Clint has roughly the same experience as Jim Farris and Tom Maness when first elected to the bench.

There are other examples, but why should I do Philip's homework?

What is Killing Jefferson County (Pt Un)

In Philip R. Klein's first posting of the week on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he mounts an unconvincing argument based on fallacious logic; specifically, a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Before continuing, see the article immediately below concerning Philip's exaggerated claims.

Klein's entire thesis is based on labor statistics for one month from the Texas Workforce Commission for the Beaumont/Port Arthur Metro:
Beaumont :    Unemployed : 10.8% - 2.3% stopped claiming = Total 13.1%
Port Arthur :    Unemployed : 15.8% - 3.1% stopped claiming =Total 18.9%

Philip's data set is biased to show Jefferson County in the worst possible light. As an example, Philip inflated the numbers with a manufactured statistic, "stopped claiming." The real implication of this nonsensical number is that if people "stopped claming" unemployment, they found a job.

Here is the actual document. Below you'll find the actual Local Area Unemployment Statistics table from the Texas Workforce Commission. Neither documents reference "Stopped claiming:"

Neither does Philip provide a perspective beyond a snapshot of one month. This, too, is highly biased.

Compare the historical unemployment rate for Southeast Texas and Texas, in general, since January of 2000.

Notice that the rates run fairly parallel, although Southeast Texas is consistently somewhat higher.

While this is clear evidence that Beaumont and Port Arthur are subject to the same economic pressures as the rest of the state, Philip drew a different conclusion:
And this thing sits ON THE BACK OF THE JEFFERSON COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY, THEIR LEADERSHIP AND EVERY SINGLE ELECTED DEMOCRAT IN OFFICE. You have done nothing but tax your people, increased your style of living and created a horrible place to do business.
Philip indulges himself with a conspiracy of people that he claims control the economy:
Judge Walker, commissioners Arnold, Domingue, Sinegal (yes he has), and Alfred. As well, meet people like Carroll Thomas and the BISD school board, the Port Arthur School Board, Gail Krohn and the Nederland School Board, the Port Neches School Board and we simply cannot leave out the City of Beaumont.
Klein throws more mud:
Government began to go wild when former Senator Carl Parker, former State Representative David Bernsen and former Congressman Jack Brooks were at the helm. Government spending was becoming popular and they wanted their piece of the pie. And guess what that was? Well take a cruise down Highway 69 and take a look at the prisons named after some of our most famous government porkers. Housing? Criminals. And "millions of dollars in construction and prison jobs."

And we have them. Low paying government jobs.
Philip isn't normally a NIMBY, but will readily adapt when it serves his agenda.

He apparently believes it's okay to be the nation's toxic waste dump, for which a large portion is government-sponsored as in the destruction of VX hydrolysate, but it's not okay to build prisons off Highway 69.  The prison system is the third largest business sector in the area behind oil and medical care. All three of these economic bases drive support businesses; some local food distributorships who supply the prisons might take issue over Philip's bias.

To be continued!

Oct 18, 2009

Exaggerated Reports

Revisiting a previous posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip wrote on Feb. 18, 2009:
The bottom line gang is this - Jefferson County is dying a long slow death.
This came after Beaumont-Port Arthur registered the largest single-family home price increase in the nation during the fourth quarter of 2008:
The largest single-family home price increase in the fourth quarter was in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area of Texas, where the median price of $132,600 rose 16.7 percent from a year ago.
In a report just released, Beaumont is still leading the housing market: 
Firm projects Nevada will have worst housing market
The Associated Press
Updated: 10/17/2009 10:24:05 PM MDT

Reno, Nev. » An analytics firm is projecting Reno and Las Vegas will be the nation's weakest housing markets for the next 12 months out of 260 metropolitan areas.

Veros Real Estate Solutions is forecasting a 12 percent median price decline in Reno for both new and existing single-family homes over that period, the biggest drop in the nation.

The five markets projected to be strongest are in Charleston, W.Va.; San Diego; Amarillo, Texas; Boulder, Colo.; and Beaumont, Texas.

This appreciation in owner equity represents a real increase in wealth by local homeowners. Klein's reports of the death of Jefferson County have been greatly exaggerated.

Oct 15, 2009

On the Offensive

The Philip R. Klein Abridged History of the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas:
CLEAT - who is the lobby and legal arm for area police departments seemingly has a long history of representing the police officers of Jefferson County for years. Their first high profile gig was years ago when formal Jefferson County Judge Carl Griffith sued Yahoo in an attempt to show who was behind a blogspot called "Recall Carl." Amazingly - the non-political Sheriffs Department showed up with a CLEAT attorney and shut down the suit with some help from some friends. Then - CLEAT showed up in some pretty controversial issues in protecting officers or negotiating for officers that got themselves in some trouble. However, of late they have not been so successful. Due to bad PR. So....? Let's get the PR train going.

And thus you see the first experiment from CLEAT to you the citizens of Jefferson County.
Philip's cognitive dissonance is overwhelming.

No one sued Yahoo! Rather, former County Commissioner Jimmie Cokinos served Time-Warner with a subpoena to release the account information of Recall_Carl.  Carl Griffith was not a party in the petition and Recall_Carl never ran a blog on Blogspot.com.

Neither is CLEAT a local organization. The association covers all of Texas with headquarters in Austin and district offices in Fort Worth, Arlington, Mesquite, South Texas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, East Texas, Houston, Beaumont, West Texas, and El Paso. The organization has 15,000 members and almost 100 affiliated agencies.

Neither was Recall_Carl the "first high-profile gig" of CLEAT. They've been actively involved in legal issues since 1976 and made national news in 1992 when they organized a boycott of Ice T's "Cop Klller." Last month, they filed a suit to stop the Grayson County Bond Election over an alleged infraction of proper posting requirements.

Even though Philip has firmly established that he has no grasp of the fundamental facts, he offers this advice:
Now - if it were us? Silence is golden right now and we might just be making statements like - "We will let 12 men and women who are citizens of Jefferson County make that call. There is way more to the story."

We would not run TV - we would not try to go on the offensive. Because? Well the fact is when it comes to the police the upper hand. They are looked up to. Now they are reminding us that we look up to them? Bad political move. Really bad. When the police start talking to us about them - and reminding us about them - that means in peoples mind that they are not in a good place which creates doubt. And when there is doubt - people start to think about that doubt and say maybeeeeee........

...BPD and CLEAT is doing is a novice political mistake that is going to bite them in the a**.
How obtuse. Klein again proves that profane and vulgar language is often the refuge of the truly clueless.

Since Philip and I are highlighting spelling errors this week, he abused an innocent apostrophe:
But who are we? Nobody's?
Nobody's what?

Oct 14, 2009

Jury Pool


In this article on the The Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on a commercial promoting the Beaumont Police Department:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Beaumont Police Officers Union will begin to air ads on all TV Stations in the next few weeks the following video that the Review has been given the link to on UTUBE :
Philip meant YouTube. This confusion is probably the principal reason someone had to give Philip a link to the actual video, since he couldn't find the UTUBE website on the internets.

Symptomatic of children with short attention spans, Klein veers from this promotional piece by the BPD to the Derrick Newman trial:
And from the plaintiffs side : "Never has anyone said all police officers are bad. The majority of police officers are good guys. But when it is all said and done, in this case it interesting to see in video that they keep you and your family safe. But they did not say they kept Derrick Newman safe? Did they? And the chief of police and the city manager felt the same way? Right? They violated Derrick Newman's civil rights."
Having forgotten the original thesis of his article, Klein next veers into more familiar territory: concocted and bizarre conspiracies in Jefferson County.
Here we go and it is going to be a long three months. And seemingly to us the police chief and the city manager is behind plaintiff? But a certain councilperson whose husband......wait? Stop it. It is just our mind running away with us. Like Larry or Nancy has any connection to the police union or police officers? Please....stop the rumors.
Oh boy - this is going to get crazy. When is the money going to trade hands?
Since none of this has anything to do with the title of Philip's article,  the Southeast Texas Political Review has apparently jumped the track. Tomorrow, Philip will review the commercial for the Mostyn Law Firm.


In Philip R. Klein's latest article entitled "Nanny" (there have been at least six in the past) on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he derides a simple county ordinance that requires homeowners in the unincorporated parts of Jefferson County to post visible address numbers on their home:
Anyone who knowingly fails to post appropriate address numbers may face punishment as a Class C misdemeanor. Residents are expected to fully comply with this order not later than November 15, 2009.
Philip provides this intellectuarl analysis of the ordinance:
Ohhhhh.....Nanny got mad. Nanny lost her temper. If you do not do what Nanny said - in the way Nanny said and the instructions are not followed by you given to you by Nanny - well Nanny is going to tax you and you will have to go to.....Nanny's judge. And then the Judge will take your allowance to teach you a lesson.
Despite Philip's self-inflated experience with EMS, he's apparently never been on an emergency call looking for the proper address in the rural parts of the county.

Perhaps if the residents of the Bolivar Peninsula were required to post their house numbers, first responders could have found all of the bodies Klein claimed were missing after Hurricane Ike:
Our sources tell the Southeast Texas Review that over 300 bodies will be found.
According to the National Hurricane Center's report issued Jan. 23, 2009:
The latest official counts and media reports indicate that 20 people died in Texas,

Louisiana, and Arkansas as a direct result of Ike. Twelve fatalities have been reported in Galveston and Chambers Counties, Texas, where the worst storm surge occurred, and several bodies were found within debris fields on the bay side of the Bolivar Peninsula, on Goat Island, and on the north side of Galveston Bay in Chambers County.
Philip also predicted that building permits for Bolivar Peninsula wouldn't be issued until last month:
1 year - The time period that we hear it will be before any permits for building are issued on Bolivar and Crystal Beach.
From the Galveston Daily News, Oct. 1, 2009:
County building official Sean Welsh said more than 2,400 construction permits were issued in the year since Ike came ashore. Of those, 1,600 were for repairs to houses damaged by the storm and another 250 were to replace houses Ike washed away.
I digress, but Philip's banal preoccupation with minor but useful county ordinances, divorces, and spelling errors in the Port Arthur News have little to do with real politics in Southeast Texas.

Oct 13, 2009

Race Card

Philip writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Oh.....you have to love it when you know that the last thing they have in the bag of tricks is the race card. And thus Beaumont ISD attorney Melody Thomas played it last night for the media. And nobody challenged it.
Philip meant Beaumont ISD Attorney Melody G. Chappell. Klein is getting Chappell and Superintendent Carrol Thomas confused -- if  PRK can't keep track of the players, how can one expect him to know the real score?

Philip routinely avoids the race card by appealing directly to blatant racial prejudice:
Thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the "childrens" [sic] of Beaumont have gone to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
Since Klein and Chappell have previously exchanged lawsuits over his alleged defamatory statements about the PA ISD, his personal agenda is showing. PRK's failure to clearly explain the real issue is further corroboration. Instead, he offers this superficial insight:
A group of citizens in Beaumont - tired in how the district is run by a bunch of no good, corrupt and agenda driven school board members - started a petition drive to change the way the district officials would be elected. Forcing a ballot issue for the voters.
Compare Klein's version with the story from the Beaumont Enterprise:
A group of Beaumont ISD taxpayers hopes to change the way its members are represented on the school board.

Andre Cokinos, a Beaumont resident and father to one Sallie Curtis Elementary student, is spearheading a campaign to bring two at-large seats to the seven-member BISD board. There currently are no at-large seats and each trustee represents one district.

"This would be a way to help the taxpayer, to help the school district with the bond issue, to voice concerns," said Cokinos, 47, a sales manager for Thermal and Mechanical Equipment Co.

In single-member districts, each trustee represents taxpayers in a certain geographic area. With at-large seats, the trustee represents all taxpayers in the school district.

Cokinos said the combination single-member/at-large plan would give taxpayers more representation, essentially getting three board members instead of just one.

"What it does is it just brings more voices to the table as far as taxpayers," he said by phone Monday. "It kind of opens the whole system."
Philip's main point:
Thomas was the architect to getting the job done for Port Arthur - who has one of the highest drop out rates in Texas. 
The drop out rate for the Port Arthur ISD Class of 2007, the most recent posted by the TEA, amounted to 31.8 percent. By comparison, the Beaumont ISD had a drop out rate of 30.8 percent. Statistically, this is almost even. 

Port Arthur's graduation rate of 68.2 percent is only slightly lower than the average graduation rate of 69.2 percent for the entire United States. As the Abilene ISD graduation rate of 63.5 percent shows, this isn't a cultural issue despite Philip's racial basis. The crisis in Texas drop out rates has been thoroughly documented

Since we're keeping track of spelling mistakes this week, here are a few of the funnier ones in this article:
...school districts attorney played the nodular card...
What's a nodular card?
You see the business community - lead by the Beaumont Chamber - is locked in...
Philip meant "led by...."
And school districts like Nederland, Port Neches, Hampshire...
I think Philip meant Hamshire.
"...is locked in with Chamber Board member Carroll Thomas..."
Did Philip mean "Carrol?" Or did he mean Melody?

Oct 12, 2009

Meanwhile, some real local politics...

While Philip R. Klein examines Dr. Willis Mackey's laundry, he apparently missed the big rumors running through the halls of the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Clint Woods ("who we like") will run for the Judgeship of the Jefferson County Criminal District Court. Sitting Judge Stevens ("who we like") has been nominated for the U.S. Attorney's position in the Eastern District of Texas, while Sheriff Mitch Woods ("who we like") has been nominated for the U.S. Marshall's spot.

Other names in the rumor mill: Langston Adams ("who we like") and probably Bruce Hoffer ("who we like").

If only Klein had known, I'm sure he could mount an unconvincing but juvenile argument for "in your face nepotisms." Philip's sources must be out,  perhaps sick with the swine flu.


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip comments on a serious local issue: the divorce of Dr. Willis Mackey.
Talk about Whacky?

This morning sources tell the Review that Mackey showed up and court and a brouhaha broke out in what will be a trial scheduled for Friday in the case named Mackey v. Mackey. According to our sources - Mackey's wife will be going after over $150k of your tax dollars. Oopsss.....sorry....Dr. Mackey's money.

And you folks are laughing in Beaumont. There was talk of money funneled from BISD also.

Now a smart person in the media might go down to the courthouse, look at the file, look at the "inventory" and gather some of those secret numbers (meaning cash $ for those of you in North Orange County) that was made to Dr. Mackey.

Hmmm.....this might be some fun this Friday. Be there. It was wild this morning - and the Judge got mad. Let's see what happens next.
Dr. Mackey serves as the superintendent of the Judson ISD after leaving the Beaumont ISD almost two years ago.  This has little to do with politics in Southeast Texas, unless one considers Philip's libelous accusation of fraud and embezzlement as serious political discourse.

A reader left this succinct observation as a comment:
Does Klein really think that Mackey's divorce is news? Who cares...I guess airing another one's dirty laundry makes that loser feel good about himself.
Since Philip believes that a public personality's divorce should be open fodder for discussion, a smart person might go down to the courthouse, look at Philip's divorce files, and gather some of those secret numbers for a special edition on Saturday.

Huh? (Revision)

As detailed in the posting below, Philip chided the Port Arthur News a spelling mistake when referencing the Nobel Peace Prize.

In Philip's original article, he offered this correction (emphasis is mine):
President Obama won the "Nobel Piece Prize."
After I pointed this out last night, Klein changed his original content without comment when he posted his new article today. Here are both versions:

This seems rather disingenuous of Phillip, especially when considering his strict attention to accuracy as enumerated on Jan. 25, 2008:
We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.
If so, Philip should probably admit to this one, too (emphasis is again mine):
The paper has to come out and say something on this one. Seriously - an apology? No. Simply and acknowledgement.

Oct 11, 2009


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein takes the Port Arthur News to task for a spelling error in a headline:
So take a look at the front page of the Port Arthur News for Saturday Morning - October 10, 2009.

So - "Obama Reacts to "Noble"? - huh?

Noble what? What the h***? Did a Major Texas Newspaper screw up their top header?

Well yes they did. It should have said : "Obama Reacts to Nobel."
Philip corrects the Port Arthur News  (emphasis is mine):
President Obama won the "Nobel Piece Prize."
Sometimes truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Oct 10, 2009

New Face

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine):
And with that - finally the city of Port Arthur has said enough - and have called in the big dogs - being the Feds.

Now for some of you in the know - the feds have been floating around. A great picture of three of them in full tactical gear was shown on TV this last week past the mobile shoot out going down Twin City Highway near the Wal-Mart store this past week. That had everyone asking - where in the hell did those guys come from? Well - they are ATF agents. And as well - there are US Marshals as well as FBI agents that are now routinely patrolling the fine streets of Port Arthur looking for fugitives - gang bangers and those who wish to shoot others.

Simply saying - new faces in town going after criminals.

The problem? Well the DA's office and the backlog of cases and juries that are letting these criminals off. So? Ah yes - send them to federal court. And we all welcome operations whatever they called it in the media.

Meaning - you do the crime - you do the fed time.
Typically, Klein changed a few important facts.

While Klein clearly states that the Jefferson County District Attorney's office "are letting these criminals off," the project is spearheaded by teams of two prosecutors: one from the Jefferson County District Attorney's office, and other from the U.S. Department of Justice. The Jefferson County prosecutor is given elevated status, according to the official statement from the US DOJ:
Time Machine pairs an assistant U.S. Attorney and a Jefferson County prosecutor cross-designated as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, and imbeds them with the Port Arthur Police Department. These Time Machine prosecutors will be positioned in Port Arthur to respond flexibly to the prosecutorial challenges presented by gun and drug related violent crime in Port Arthur. Together with the PAPD, these prosecutors will work closely with the ATF, DEA, FBI and ICE, bringing with them all of the federal crime-fighting resources available to these well equipped agencies.

When a crime is identified as a Time Machine case, the prosecution team will review the particular facts and circumstances of each case to determine whether the case will best be handled in the state or federal system. Prosecutors will then use every available statutory provision to remove violent offenders from the community for as long as possible.

Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness, whose office will continue to prosecute the bulk of Port Arthur violent crime, agrees that this type of concentrated partnership between state and federal prosecutors can make each system more efficient. "We have always worked well with the U.S. Attorney's Office," Maness said, "and with this program we expect to make Port Arthur safer."
Philip R. Klein's hidden agenda is showing again.

Oct 7, 2009

Save the Y

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
There is a movement inside city hall for the City of Beaumont to PURCHASE THE LL MILTON YMCA! Oh yes there is....and it has the votes? So now NANNY GOVERNMENT is going to get into the frigging YMCA business.
Philip meant the L.L. Melton Branch of the Beaumont YMCA. From KMBT Channel 12:
Church is One of Three Considering Buying Struggling YMCA
Bryan Rupp, 12 News

The Melton YMCA is hoping a Beaumont church will be its savior by buying the facility. YMCA Executive Director Jeff Moore told 12 news, the facility is currently in negotiations with Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

Moore said membership is extremely low and operation costs are extremely high.

The Melton YMCA has only 150 members and Moore said a facility of its size should have at least 1,200.

Moore added there are at least two other perspective buyers.
Bryan meant "prospective buyers."  I hope this isn't symptomatic of Klein Flu, where one's IQ drops to the level of a fence post. Get your shots now.

Last week, The Beaumont Enterprise offered a sane and readable opinion on this issue with no spelling errors.

Oct 6, 2009

We Will

Philip R. Klein's inflammatory and reckless disregard for the truth is obvious in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is Philip's):
How about this - The school district spends thousands on the Chamber of Commerce for LOBSTER AND DRINKS AT A COC FUNCTION?
Philip knows the real truth: he published on September 7, 2009:
This past week, the SET Political Review filed a Public Information Request for all taxpayer money given to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. And guess what? Thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the "childrens" [sic] of Beaumont have gone to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
  • On September 10, 2008, the district spent $1,000 dollars of YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS to enjoy a night at the Spindletop Awards and Banquet. There was no list of who went - but we can only imagine.
  • Then - it was the yearly membership dues? Of $500.
  • Of course - it is time for lobster - and two tickets for lobsterfest were bought. We hope that the poor "childrens" of the Southend [sic] enjoyed their dinner.
  • And finally - $40.00 bucks for .... a volunteer awards luncheon.
Now you might say that just under $1,700 of YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS is not a big deal?
Ignoring the blatant racism, simple math determines that the district spent "just under" $160.00 for the tickets to Lobster Fest. The event is the main fund raiser for the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce economic development efforts.

By his original admission, the entire amount given to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce is less than Philip's new claim of "thousands...for Lobster and Drinks at a COC function."   Much like his mea culpa in Klein v. Gillam, Philip stands by his first statement and he stands by his second statement.

Most of Philip's article involves cases of purported nepotism:
Dr. Thomas (who runs the district) and his wife Linda (Principal Pietzsch-Macarthur Elem.) salaries total approx.$500,000 per year

What you say? Yes - we did not even know that Dr. Carroll Thomas's wife was a principal in the school district. Talk about nepotism? Right in your face nepotisms. 
Philip's grammar lesson for the day: nepotism has no plural form, like the internets.

Klein admits he's not remotely familiar with the basic facts of this case when he professes ignorance of Principal Linda Thomas' employment. He's also unfamiliar with this issue of nepotism in public schools. The Texas nepotism statutes are found in Chapter 573 of the Government Code.

This instance that Klein describes has already occurred. The Texas Court of Appeals in Pena v Rio Grande City found that a Superintendent is not subject to nepotism laws. Since the board of trustees retained the authority to employ teachers and principals, the district could hire the superintendent's spouse.

However, Attorney General Gregg Abbott disagreed in his Opinion GA-123, where he opined that nepotism statutes apply if the Superintendent has the final authority to hire. Abbott also argued that if this power to hire resides in the Superintendent, then he or she is free to hire the relatives of school board members.

In answer to questions on his conflicting opinion, AG Abbott released another opinion.

Bottom line: While Philip is sniffing underwear, he's missed the real issue. Superintendent Carrol Thomas' contract clearly states that conditions for dismissal include:
Failure to put forth a reasonable effort to achieve a good rapport with parents, the community, staff, or the board; however, failure to accomplish a good rapport under the terms and conditions of this paragraph shall not constitute good cause if it is not due to the fault of the Superintendent.

Intentional falsification of records or documents related to the District's activities;
The ultimate decision in this matter lies with the Beaumont ISD Board of Trustees. Considering seats on the board are determined by election, perhaps H.L. Mencken was right.

Oct 5, 2009

Out (The Klein School of Journalism)

In his latest article, Philip R. Klein writes:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Jefferson County Assistant Auditor Keith Hawkes may drop out of the race for County Treasure.
Keith Hawkes has never announced his candidacy, but Philip claims credit for Keith's decision to drop out of a race he never entered:
According to sources that contacted the Review late this afternoon - Hawkes was upset about an article written by the Review this past week in stating that Hawkes background will be known for his relationship with County Auditor Patrick Swain.
Klein's sources are obvious: he posted the original article on the morning of Sept. 23, 2009, after KBTV Channel 4 aired this story on the evening of Sept. 22:
Fox 4 has also learned that the first assistant to the county auditor, Keith Hawkes, plans to run for the office.

Hawkes says he'll make his official announcement next week.
I don't remember that announcement from last week - how about you? 

Oct 4, 2009


Phillip covers the same ground in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. According to another of his unreliable sources in Washington:
"It is slow. I am not going to lie to you. The Obama administration has a bunch on their plate - but I have been told that both Stevens and Woods will be in the federal system here pretty quick," said the source in Washington late Friday night.
The last time Philip consulted his source in D.C., he was told:
The Review has also learned of a "dark horse" that may come in at the last minute to sweep the position from underneath the two candidates.

"We have been given a third name that has not formally applied. If he applies there seems to be interest in him," said the source.
That never happened.  My favorite prediction from Klein's deep throat in D.C.:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that lawyers for both Obama and Clinton have been dispatched to major cities and strong democratic held  [sic] counties - including Jefferson County - armed with lawsuits in an attempt to insure [sic] each candidate will obtain their proper amount of votes in the county caucus voting.
Philip offers this juvenile and shortsighted analysis:
As for Zena - she will fit in but she will NEVER be a part of the gang of Seven. They don't trust her and they she does not have a chit in the big game. But that will come when or if she is elected. She too is a good person and will do okay in the most corrupt county in Texas called Jefferson.
Klein apparently believes the First Amendment applies to his comparison between the elected officials of Jefferson County and China's Gang of Four, but calling PRK an idiot is not protected.

Philip's "gang of seven" has flexible boundaries, evidence of his advanced math skills. At various times, he's identified the following people as members of this cabal  (arranged alphabetically):
  1. Bo Alfred
  2. Eddie Arnold
  3. Mark Domingue
  4. Caroline Guidry
  5. Miriam Johnson
  6. Waymond Hallmark
  7. Lolita Ramos
  8. Michael Sinegal
  9. Patrick Swain
  10. Ron Walker
  11. Mitch Woods
While Philip is engaged in his silly conspiracy theories, he missed the real significance. If appointed, Zena Stephens would become the first female and the first African American Sheriff of Jefferson County.

His silence is deafening on the other significance. Klein has claimed on several occasions that the Beaumont PD and the Jefferson County Sheriff's office are "at war,' but he didn't mention that Zena has also served as a detective with the Beaumont PD.

We'll revisit this in the future:
As for Stevens Court seat - that goes to an entirely new level - being Austin and Governor Perry.

The Review has learned that there are two schools of thought regarding the seat - being (1) the appointee will have to be a person that pledges themselves to the GOP and Perry, (2) will not run when the seat comes up. Meaning - a gatekeeper for the court until the democrats can run who they want.

Oct 2, 2009

What Philip didn't tell you (the DQ Index©)

The two most recent articles on the Southeast Texas Political Review are excellent examples of Philip R. Klein's ineptitude concerning financial and statistical data:
  • Specious analysis of Jefferson County budgets
  • Misconstrued speculation on the unemployment rate for Jefferson County
Philip presents a biased and uninformed comparison between the 2000 and 2009 Jefferson County budgets
So let's do the math...
Unfortunately, Philip didn't provide all of the numbers, such as property appreciation, the inflation rate, or the effective tax rate!  Nor did he provide the numbers upon which his calculations were based! Without the numbers that Klein omitted, the relevance in data that's almost a decade old is questionable.

Most math teachers advise students to first understand the problem before solving for X. Klein's failure to grasp the problem is further corroborated by his definition of "tax revenue" for the county:
Property tax, sales tax, alcoholic beverage tax and HOT Tax (those that come to visit us pay a Hotel Occupancy Tax). The tax revenue for property is set by the Jefferson County Appraisal District who is independent of the county (wink, wink).
Taxes on alcoholic beverages are collected by the state, not the county according to Title 5, Chapter 201 of the Texas State Code (wink, wink). 

Nor does the Jefferson County Appraisal District "set the tax revenue" as Klein claims. Rather, the JCAD determines the value of property upon which tax revenue is derived (wink, wink). This is an important distinction, but apparently too subtle for Klein's simplistic understanding.

Philip offers this primary conclusion based upon his mangled math:
Well - here is a shocker - how much in increase has the county taken from all of you and business since the year 2000? How about a whopping 71.5% increase in taxation?
Let's examine some of the numbers that PRK failed to include in his analysis. Here is the difference in the effective tax rate between 2000 and 2009:

Percentage difference

How much has property in Jefferson County appreciated in the past 9 years?


Net Taxables

While the effective tax rate has remained the same, the value of property in Jefferson County has appreciated by 78 percent. As property value appreciates, equity and taxable wealth by citizens increases. Philip probably missed those classes in college. I'm sure he missed his English and Composition classes.

Nor does Philip R. Klein address the change in purchasing power and inflation, which has increased by 27.86 percent.  So, I've developed my own economic index to describe purchasing power parity when analyzing Philip's fuzzy math:

The DQ Index©

Simply put, the DQ Index© is a comparison between the cost of a Dairy Queen Hunger Buster in 2000 and 2009; it also reflects other influences on purchasing power, such as individual sector increases in production and transportation costs.

Since the DQ Index© is a comparison of purchasing power within the same geographical region in the same monetary unit extrapolated over time, it avoids the geographical and cultural bias of the Big Mac Index used to measure the purchasing power parity of currencies in real-time:

The DQ Index©
Source: Dairy Queen, Nederland, TX

Between 2000 and 2009, inflation increased by 27.86 and purchasing parity increased by 47.6 percent, according to the DQ Index©. Furthermore, as of 2009, the cost of living in Jefferson County is 24.48 percent lower than the national average.

Philip shifted the context of his original figure of 71 percent:
Here are some fun numbers - total tax intake has increased since the year 2000 from $56 million (and change) to $104 million. In the year 2000 when they took $56 million from us all the unemployment rate was at 6.6%. Hmmm.....we wonder what it is now? Oh...wait....today it is 9.2% as of the date of the report - however - TWC tells us it is topping way over 10% not adding in those that have simply given up.
Klein's inductive fallacy is obvious: it's a faulty comparison. The year 2000 marked the last year of the bull economy in the 20th century. Here's a better comparison of the historical unemployment rate in Jefferson County:
  • 2000: 6.6%
  • 2001: 7.2%
  • 2002: 7.8%
  • 2003: 8.6%
  • 2004: 8.2%
  • 2005: 7.8%
  • 2006: 6.1%
  • 2007: 5.5%
  • 2008: 6.8%
There is no annual rate for the current year until after December 31, 2009. However, one can clearly see the increase in unemployment during the recessionary years of 2001 through 2004. This has been documented by Jim Van Geffen. After 2004, the economy recovered during the second Bush term and unemployment dropped to a low of 5.5 percent in 2007.

Only Philip R. Klein would claim that the Jefferson County Commissioners have control over the U.S. economy.

Philip miquoted his one attributed citation, an article from the Bayou:
Well hello raises. As the Bayou told us this morning - since the Team Walker has been in place the commissioners have awarded elected officials with a 24% raise over the past few years!
However, the Bayou provided context for their figure by comparing salaries with five other counties of similar sizes:
Brazoria: $85,894
Galveston: $86,207
Lubbock: $55,840
Montgomery: $129,573
Nueces: $69,880
Avg: $85,478
Jeff Co.: $83,961
Bottom line: Philip's fuzzy math and misrepresentation of the facts do not support his ultimate conclusion:
All is good in the most corrupt county in Texas! Welcome to Jefferson County Texas!
While the salaries of public officials may well deserve scrutiny, Philip R. Klein's facetious analysis in evidence of nothing more than his ignorance of the real issues.