Oct 29, 2009

City of Beaumont

Philip R. Klein proves he's as ignorant about influenza as politics in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Here is the media spin :


"The Beaumont Health Department has confirmed a Jefferson County 5-year-old has died from H1N1 complications but is refusing to identify the victim."

Then way down in the story : "The Davis family told 12 News Cole had been in the hospital for a month before passing away Monday night of complications from a strain of type A influenza."

Okay - now what? Is it swine flu? Or is it regular flu? Or what is it?

Here is what the Review knows - the family says that the doctor says it was NOT the Swine Flu. Now you would think the media would want to fix it? No way. Protect the Government.
What "the Review" apparently doesn't know is that Swine flu is indeed a strain of Type A influenza. Probably the two most well-known examples of Type A influenza are Swine Flu (H1N1) and Avian Flu (H5N1).

If media reports are indeed true (and I have no reason to believe they're not), medical professionals told the family that Cole died from complications related to a strain of Type A influenza, without specifically naming the H1N1 variant. These semantics are quite common when health workers are trying to avoid unduly alarming the public.

This is a great example of why people shouldn't blog if they have a hard time stringing together enough words to form a coherent sentence. Typically, Philip blames his own ignorance on a wingnut conspiracy theory:
Another great example to you politicos on how the media has gone from the Government watch dog - to the government LAP DOG.
Special note to readers: please don't be confused by Klein's personal agenda. This is a potentially serious issue that could directly affect your health. Please refer to a credible site for more information. Here are some suggestions:
Klein's reckless disregard for the real truth is quite evident in this irresponsible and malicious posting. His  keyboard should be quarantined indefinitely for publishing this misinformation.


Anonymous said...

Idiocy is unfortunately a chronic symptom of Kline flu.

Anonymous said...

No one should be swayed by Klein's anti-government rant: flu vaccines save lives -- same as smallpox and polio inoculations. See: mayoclinic.com

Anonymous said...

I guess dying from the flu isn't as bad as dying from cancer.

Anonymous said...

This guy is such a moron. And he's a fat slob.

Anonymous said...

Klein is exploiting the death of another child.

Anonymous said...

maybe el sicko's source is a small fishing village in mexico, nother fabrication and rant of the perfect we/us/they/them