Oct 21, 2009


This article on the Southeast Texas Political Review has little to do with politics, beyond Philip R. Klein's typical name-calling:
The United States Government. You know - the government Jack Piper who is carrying the banner for the stations simply loves. And now - as it always happens - he is getting a taste of his own medicine.

And we are just in a huge giggle over it.


Well not because we want to see KSET fail. It must be costing them thousands. It is because Piper who is a left wing liberal believes more government is better. Well - Jack - how is that working out for you buddy?
Klein is an extremist nut who unsuccessfully hides his ignorance with arrogance, but this, too, has nothing to do with politics in Southeast Texas. How did that college education work out for you, buddy?

According to the FCC website, KSET is still filing amendments to its original application, the most recent from Oct. 13, 2009:
Public Notice Comment
Mod of CP
Engineering Amendment filed 10/13/2009
Since CP means construction permit, the station is apparently still under construction and has been filing these amendments frequently, including a total of two this month:
Engineering Amendment filed 07/14/2009
Engineering Amendment filed 08/10/2009
Engineering Amendment filed 10/05/2009
Compare this information, with Philip's conclusion:
Here is the fact. KSET should have been on the air a long time ago. They are fine. They are in a mess called government. The same government that we have all learned to love to hate. And now Piper gets his just rewards.
The fact is that KSET should have been on the air in June. It is that simple. But no - we have to.....do whatever and have someone sign whatever and have some wonk in Washington DC sign off on it.
This isn't fact; it's Philip's unsubstantiated opinion, based on a fundamental igrorance of the real facts.


Anonymous said...

Does Phil wet his pants every time he giggles?

Anonymous said...

Little girls giggle. Real men laugh.

Radioman said...

One day Phil will come to know that building a radio station is a little different than borrowing a computer and blogging...and real news stroies need real sources...God I miss the old days when news was reported by people that needed at least 2 confirmations for a story. From those of us in the media...Thank You for this forum!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to KSET 1300 as an alternative to Klein's idols on KLVI and KTRH.