Oct 11, 2009


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein takes the Port Arthur News to task for a spelling error in a headline:
So take a look at the front page of the Port Arthur News for Saturday Morning - October 10, 2009.

So - "Obama Reacts to "Noble"? - huh?

Noble what? What the h***? Did a Major Texas Newspaper screw up their top header?

Well yes they did. It should have said : "Obama Reacts to Nobel."
Philip corrects the Port Arthur News  (emphasis is mine):
President Obama won the "Nobel Piece Prize."
Sometimes truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


Anonymous said...

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

That's Idiet. If you are going to call names at least spell it correctly.

Anonymous said...

Fil is an ignobel peace of werk.

Anonymous said...

Does Klein really think that Mackey's divorce is news? Who cares? I bet if he was getting another divorce and someone was to put it on the web that bag of crap would want to file another lawsuit. I guess airing another one's dirty laundry makes that loser feel good about himself.

Anonymous said...

As soon as Inga gets out of the bedroom and to a lawyer, I'm sure it will be posted