Oct 12, 2009


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip comments on a serious local issue: the divorce of Dr. Willis Mackey.
Talk about Whacky?

This morning sources tell the Review that Mackey showed up and court and a brouhaha broke out in what will be a trial scheduled for Friday in the case named Mackey v. Mackey. According to our sources - Mackey's wife will be going after over $150k of your tax dollars. Oopsss.....sorry....Dr. Mackey's money.

And you folks are laughing in Beaumont. There was talk of money funneled from BISD also.

Now a smart person in the media might go down to the courthouse, look at the file, look at the "inventory" and gather some of those secret numbers (meaning cash $ for those of you in North Orange County) that was made to Dr. Mackey.

Hmmm.....this might be some fun this Friday. Be there. It was wild this morning - and the Judge got mad. Let's see what happens next.
Dr. Mackey serves as the superintendent of the Judson ISD after leaving the Beaumont ISD almost two years ago.  This has little to do with politics in Southeast Texas, unless one considers Philip's libelous accusation of fraud and embezzlement as serious political discourse.

A reader left this succinct observation as a comment:
Does Klein really think that Mackey's divorce is news? Who cares...I guess airing another one's dirty laundry makes that loser feel good about himself.
Since Philip believes that a public personality's divorce should be open fodder for discussion, a smart person might go down to the courthouse, look at Philip's divorce files, and gather some of those secret numbers for a special edition on Saturday.

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