Oct 21, 2009


Philip R. Klein continues with this week's theme of name-calling in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. This article is another in a long series of tirades against Dr. Carrol Thomas, Superintendent of the Beaumont ISD:
You sir - and your board that you control and payoff with jobs and high salaries for family members (oh yes you have and do) are frankly one of the reasons Jefferson County Texas is dying.
As I pointed out in Sunday's article, Klein's reports on the death of Jefferson County have been greatly exaggerated. Here's further corroboration of my original point from the Beaumont Enterprise:
SE Texas home values to gain most in U.S. in '10
Posted: October 21, 2009, 12:31 AM CDT

Beaumont's real estate market has grabbed another No. 1 national ranking - this one for expected appreciation in value for the next year.

The ranking, by Santa Ana-Calif.-based Veros Real Estate Solutions, helps burnish the area's reputation after Forbes magazine in August 2008 rated the Beaumont market as No. 1 for most equity among U.S. cities.
As I've repeatedly pointed out, the DQ Index© shows that this equity represents a real increase in wealth for local property owners.

If business is so bad in Jefferson County, why is Klein's empire with international offices located here?


Anonymous said...

Gus, Do not use words such as tirades, corroboration,burnish or equity in your blog. You will totally befuddle U-NO-WHO.

Anonymous said...

At least the knows how to spell UTUBE.

Anonymous said...

Klein calling someone ELSE a jerk...THAT is funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's a real funny guy. Too bad they don't tar and feather anymore...then he's be a real hoot.