Oct 14, 2009

Jury Pool

In this article on the The Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on a commercial promoting the Beaumont Police Department:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Beaumont Police Officers Union will begin to air ads on all TV Stations in the next few weeks the following video that the Review has been given the link to on UTUBE :
Philip meant YouTube. This confusion is probably the principal reason someone had to give Philip a link to the actual video, since he couldn't find the UTUBE website on the internets.

Symptomatic of children with short attention spans, Klein veers from this promotional piece by the BPD to the Derrick Newman trial:
And from the plaintiffs side : "Never has anyone said all police officers are bad. The majority of police officers are good guys. But when it is all said and done, in this case it interesting to see in video that they keep you and your family safe. But they did not say they kept Derrick Newman safe? Did they? And the chief of police and the city manager felt the same way? Right? They violated Derrick Newman's civil rights."
Having forgotten the original thesis of his article, Klein next veers into more familiar territory: concocted and bizarre conspiracies in Jefferson County.
Here we go and it is going to be a long three months. And seemingly to us the police chief and the city manager is behind plaintiff? But a certain councilperson whose husband......wait? Stop it. It is just our mind running away with us. Like Larry or Nancy has any connection to the police union or police officers? Please....stop the rumors.
Oh boy - this is going to get crazy. When is the money going to trade hands?
Since none of this has anything to do with the title of Philip's article,  the Southeast Texas Political Review has apparently jumped the track. Tomorrow, Philip will review the commercial for the Mostyn Law Firm.

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Anonymous said...

Only klein would argue that a commercial for the Beaumont police is an example of corruption in Jefferson county.