Oct 10, 2009

New Face

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine):
And with that - finally the city of Port Arthur has said enough - and have called in the big dogs - being the Feds.

Now for some of you in the know - the feds have been floating around. A great picture of three of them in full tactical gear was shown on TV this last week past the mobile shoot out going down Twin City Highway near the Wal-Mart store this past week. That had everyone asking - where in the hell did those guys come from? Well - they are ATF agents. And as well - there are US Marshals as well as FBI agents that are now routinely patrolling the fine streets of Port Arthur looking for fugitives - gang bangers and those who wish to shoot others.

Simply saying - new faces in town going after criminals.

The problem? Well the DA's office and the backlog of cases and juries that are letting these criminals off. So? Ah yes - send them to federal court. And we all welcome operations whatever they called it in the media.

Meaning - you do the crime - you do the fed time.
Typically, Klein changed a few important facts.

While Klein clearly states that the Jefferson County District Attorney's office "are letting these criminals off," the project is spearheaded by teams of two prosecutors: one from the Jefferson County District Attorney's office, and other from the U.S. Department of Justice. The Jefferson County prosecutor is given elevated status, according to the official statement from the US DOJ:
Time Machine pairs an assistant U.S. Attorney and a Jefferson County prosecutor cross-designated as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, and imbeds them with the Port Arthur Police Department. These Time Machine prosecutors will be positioned in Port Arthur to respond flexibly to the prosecutorial challenges presented by gun and drug related violent crime in Port Arthur. Together with the PAPD, these prosecutors will work closely with the ATF, DEA, FBI and ICE, bringing with them all of the federal crime-fighting resources available to these well equipped agencies.

When a crime is identified as a Time Machine case, the prosecution team will review the particular facts and circumstances of each case to determine whether the case will best be handled in the state or federal system. Prosecutors will then use every available statutory provision to remove violent offenders from the community for as long as possible.

Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness, whose office will continue to prosecute the bulk of Port Arthur violent crime, agrees that this type of concentrated partnership between state and federal prosecutors can make each system more efficient. "We have always worked well with the U.S. Attorney's Office," Maness said, "and with this program we expect to make Port Arthur safer."
Philip R. Klein's hidden agenda is showing again.


Anonymous said...

Facts never are an element in blowhard Philip's clumsy prose.

Mrs. Newspaper reporter said...

Plus, PK fails to mention that the ATF were in the area at the time of the recent shooting on Twin City Hwy. I got that info from Blanton when I interviewed him for my story. PK made it seem they popped up there.