Oct 15, 2009

On the Offensive

The Philip R. Klein Abridged History of the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas:
CLEAT - who is the lobby and legal arm for area police departments seemingly has a long history of representing the police officers of Jefferson County for years. Their first high profile gig was years ago when formal Jefferson County Judge Carl Griffith sued Yahoo in an attempt to show who was behind a blogspot called "Recall Carl." Amazingly - the non-political Sheriffs Department showed up with a CLEAT attorney and shut down the suit with some help from some friends. Then - CLEAT showed up in some pretty controversial issues in protecting officers or negotiating for officers that got themselves in some trouble. However, of late they have not been so successful. Due to bad PR. So....? Let's get the PR train going.

And thus you see the first experiment from CLEAT to you the citizens of Jefferson County.
Philip's cognitive dissonance is overwhelming.

No one sued Yahoo! Rather, former County Commissioner Jimmie Cokinos served Time-Warner with a subpoena to release the account information of Recall_Carl.  Carl Griffith was not a party in the petition and Recall_Carl never ran a blog on Blogspot.com.

Neither is CLEAT a local organization. The association covers all of Texas with headquarters in Austin and district offices in Fort Worth, Arlington, Mesquite, South Texas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, East Texas, Houston, Beaumont, West Texas, and El Paso. The organization has 15,000 members and almost 100 affiliated agencies.

Neither was Recall_Carl the "first high-profile gig" of CLEAT. They've been actively involved in legal issues since 1976 and made national news in 1992 when they organized a boycott of Ice T's "Cop Klller." Last month, they filed a suit to stop the Grayson County Bond Election over an alleged infraction of proper posting requirements.

Even though Philip has firmly established that he has no grasp of the fundamental facts, he offers this advice:
Now - if it were us? Silence is golden right now and we might just be making statements like - "We will let 12 men and women who are citizens of Jefferson County make that call. There is way more to the story."

We would not run TV - we would not try to go on the offensive. Because? Well the fact is when it comes to the police the upper hand. They are looked up to. Now they are reminding us that we look up to them? Bad political move. Really bad. When the police start talking to us about them - and reminding us about them - that means in peoples mind that they are not in a good place which creates doubt. And when there is doubt - people start to think about that doubt and say maybeeeeee........

...BPD and CLEAT is doing is a novice political mistake that is going to bite them in the a**.
How obtuse. Klein again proves that profane and vulgar language is often the refuge of the truly clueless.

Since Philip and I are highlighting spelling errors this week, he abused an innocent apostrophe:
But who are we? Nobody's?
Nobody's what?


Anonymous said...

Hey BPD: Do exactly opposite of whatever Klein tells you to do or you have a world of trouble coming down. Who does this guy think he is giving PR advise. It's like learning people skills from Jeffrey Dahmer.

Anonymous said...

Since he can't sell his consulting service, he's giving bad advice away for free.