Oct 13, 2009

Race Card

Philip writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Oh.....you have to love it when you know that the last thing they have in the bag of tricks is the race card. And thus Beaumont ISD attorney Melody Thomas played it last night for the media. And nobody challenged it.
Philip meant Beaumont ISD Attorney Melody G. Chappell. Klein is getting Chappell and Superintendent Carrol Thomas confused -- if  PRK can't keep track of the players, how can one expect him to know the real score?

Philip routinely avoids the race card by appealing directly to blatant racial prejudice:
Thousands of your taxpayer dollars to educate the "childrens" [sic] of Beaumont have gone to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
Since Klein and Chappell have previously exchanged lawsuits over his alleged defamatory statements about the PA ISD, his personal agenda is showing. PRK's failure to clearly explain the real issue is further corroboration. Instead, he offers this superficial insight:
A group of citizens in Beaumont - tired in how the district is run by a bunch of no good, corrupt and agenda driven school board members - started a petition drive to change the way the district officials would be elected. Forcing a ballot issue for the voters.
Compare Klein's version with the story from the Beaumont Enterprise:
A group of Beaumont ISD taxpayers hopes to change the way its members are represented on the school board.

Andre Cokinos, a Beaumont resident and father to one Sallie Curtis Elementary student, is spearheading a campaign to bring two at-large seats to the seven-member BISD board. There currently are no at-large seats and each trustee represents one district.

"This would be a way to help the taxpayer, to help the school district with the bond issue, to voice concerns," said Cokinos, 47, a sales manager for Thermal and Mechanical Equipment Co.

In single-member districts, each trustee represents taxpayers in a certain geographic area. With at-large seats, the trustee represents all taxpayers in the school district.

Cokinos said the combination single-member/at-large plan would give taxpayers more representation, essentially getting three board members instead of just one.

"What it does is it just brings more voices to the table as far as taxpayers," he said by phone Monday. "It kind of opens the whole system."
Philip's main point:
Thomas was the architect to getting the job done for Port Arthur - who has one of the highest drop out rates in Texas. 
The drop out rate for the Port Arthur ISD Class of 2007, the most recent posted by the TEA, amounted to 31.8 percent. By comparison, the Beaumont ISD had a drop out rate of 30.8 percent. Statistically, this is almost even. 

Port Arthur's graduation rate of 68.2 percent is only slightly lower than the average graduation rate of 69.2 percent for the entire United States. As the Abilene ISD graduation rate of 63.5 percent shows, this isn't a cultural issue despite Philip's racial basis. The crisis in Texas drop out rates has been thoroughly documented

Since we're keeping track of spelling mistakes this week, here are a few of the funnier ones in this article:
...school districts attorney played the nodular card...
What's a nodular card?
You see the business community - lead by the Beaumont Chamber - is locked in...
Philip meant "led by...."
And school districts like Nederland, Port Neches, Hampshire...
I think Philip meant Hamshire.
"...is locked in with Chamber Board member Carroll Thomas..."
Did Philip mean "Carrol?" Or did he mean Melody?


Anonymous said...

PRK was probably watching "The Young and the Restless" and thought of Melody Thomas Scott (actress) instead of Melody Chappell.
But that would accuse him of thinking, which is always unlikely

Anonymous said...

Is this guy Klein retarded? What a moron!

Anonymous said...

If you are Black
Expect Klein attack

Anonymous said...

For the record, Klein's PA suit was thrown out because a government organization can't sue a private citizen for defamation. The defamation was never disputed.

Anonymous said...

For the record, No one can defame Philip Klein. There is nothing to defame