Oct 7, 2009

Save the Y

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
There is a movement inside city hall for the City of Beaumont to PURCHASE THE LL MILTON YMCA! Oh yes there is....and it has the votes? So now NANNY GOVERNMENT is going to get into the frigging YMCA business.
Philip meant the L.L. Melton Branch of the Beaumont YMCA. From KMBT Channel 12:
Church is One of Three Considering Buying Struggling YMCA
Bryan Rupp, 12 News

The Melton YMCA is hoping a Beaumont church will be its savior by buying the facility. YMCA Executive Director Jeff Moore told 12 news, the facility is currently in negotiations with Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

Moore said membership is extremely low and operation costs are extremely high.

The Melton YMCA has only 150 members and Moore said a facility of its size should have at least 1,200.

Moore added there are at least two other perspective buyers.
Bryan meant "prospective buyers."  I hope this isn't symptomatic of Klein Flu, where one's IQ drops to the level of a fence post. Get your shots now.

Last week, The Beaumont Enterprise offered a sane and readable opinion on this issue with no spelling errors.


Anonymous said...

Klein Flu, characterized by a swelling of the body, a shrinking of the brain, loosening of the tongue, and abandonment of the truth?

Anonymous said...

Must not be fatal because Philly has had it for years.

Anonymous said...

As Sam the Eagle points out, the virus also has affected PRK's already limited math skills: