Oct 27, 2009


Philip writes:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this morning that Governor Rick Perry will visit Hardin County next week, maybe as early as Tuesday, to introduce a number of elected officials that will switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. The number the Review has been given is Seven.

Two names were leaked to the Review this morning - being rumored? Ed Cain - Sheriff of the County and County Judge Billy Caraway.
If true, I hope that Governor Perry doesn't chase the local residents out of the Senior Citizen Center again. The last time he held a press conference in Lumberton, the elderly were moved to the broom closet, better known as the Library kitchen, to eat their lunch. If Governor Perry schedules another trip to Lumberton during this gubernatorial campaign, county officials may have to install a security checkpoint to facilitate frisking of local citizens.

Klein offers this penetrating analysis:
The last five years has seen a tremendous growth of conservative Republicans moving from Jefferson County to escape the high taxes and horrible school district (s).
Fact check: in the past five years, the Hardin County population has grown by six percent.

This is not what I would call "tremendous growth," nor is Lumberton on the top 100 fastest growing counties. Growth rates for the top 100 range from 98 percent to 48 percent, but your mileage may vary.
Philip's final answer:
"We said it two years ago - and we will say it again. Move now - or risk your office if you are elected. The Tsunami will arrive next week."
We'll revisit next week.

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Anonymous said...

Phil better forget about Guv Goodhair's visit and start planning a defense for libeling Clint Woods.