Oct 19, 2009


Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Clinton "Clint" Woods will announce his first run for office for Criminal District Judge - if (when) John Stevens steps down and the Governor appoints Steven's replacement.
I mentioned this last week while Philip was sniffling Dr. Mackey's underwear. 
Sources confirm to the Review that Woods has been making the rounds and as well sitting Judge Lane Walker has been quietly pushing the candidacy (we know he cannot do that he is a sitting judge - this is Jefferson County where the law is what we want the law to be).
Philip's thesis:
However, a young 6 year lawyer to sit on the bench? Maybe JP? Maybe Muni? But not district. Too young.

Frankly - he needs to come back to earth.

Klein is apparently unaware that Cllint Woods is older than Judge Larry Gist when he won his first term. Clint has roughly the same experience as Jim Farris and Tom Maness when first elected to the bench.

There are other examples, but why should I do Philip's homework?


Anonymous said...

Clint Woods would make a fine judge. Perhaps someday he will preside over a case involving Philip Klien.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil-Why don't you run against Clint and let the voters show you who they prefer.

Anonymous said...

Phil no longer trusts his 6th sense -- he now channels Kleinwatch for his political "scoops."
So, Gus, do him a favor and tell him how to spell Layne Walker's name.