Oct 4, 2009


Phillip covers the same ground in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. According to another of his unreliable sources in Washington:
"It is slow. I am not going to lie to you. The Obama administration has a bunch on their plate - but I have been told that both Stevens and Woods will be in the federal system here pretty quick," said the source in Washington late Friday night.
The last time Philip consulted his source in D.C., he was told:
The Review has also learned of a "dark horse" that may come in at the last minute to sweep the position from underneath the two candidates.

"We have been given a third name that has not formally applied. If he applies there seems to be interest in him," said the source.
That never happened.  My favorite prediction from Klein's deep throat in D.C.:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that lawyers for both Obama and Clinton have been dispatched to major cities and strong democratic held  [sic] counties - including Jefferson County - armed with lawsuits in an attempt to insure [sic] each candidate will obtain their proper amount of votes in the county caucus voting.
Philip offers this juvenile and shortsighted analysis:
As for Zena - she will fit in but she will NEVER be a part of the gang of Seven. They don't trust her and they she does not have a chit in the big game. But that will come when or if she is elected. She too is a good person and will do okay in the most corrupt county in Texas called Jefferson.
Klein apparently believes the First Amendment applies to his comparison between the elected officials of Jefferson County and China's Gang of Four, but calling PRK an idiot is not protected.

Philip's "gang of seven" has flexible boundaries, evidence of his advanced math skills. At various times, he's identified the following people as members of this cabal  (arranged alphabetically):
  1. Bo Alfred
  2. Eddie Arnold
  3. Mark Domingue
  4. Caroline Guidry
  5. Miriam Johnson
  6. Waymond Hallmark
  7. Lolita Ramos
  8. Michael Sinegal
  9. Patrick Swain
  10. Ron Walker
  11. Mitch Woods
While Philip is engaged in his silly conspiracy theories, he missed the real significance. If appointed, Zena Stephens would become the first female and the first African American Sheriff of Jefferson County.

His silence is deafening on the other significance. Klein has claimed on several occasions that the Beaumont PD and the Jefferson County Sheriff's office are "at war,' but he didn't mention that Zena has also served as a detective with the Beaumont PD.

We'll revisit this in the future:
As for Stevens Court seat - that goes to an entirely new level - being Austin and Governor Perry.

The Review has learned that there are two schools of thought regarding the seat - being (1) the appointee will have to be a person that pledges themselves to the GOP and Perry, (2) will not run when the seat comes up. Meaning - a gatekeeper for the court until the democrats can run who they want.


Anonymous said...

Beware, Zena, when PRK calls someone a "good person," he's sharpening his dagger.

Anonymous said...

If Phil had any reliable sources they would have told him that Ron Hobbs will most likely receive the appointment. Zena will have a tough time now just because Klein mentioned her name.

Anonymous said...

if anybody supports zena they obviously don't know her or work in jcso.i would hate to have to work under her!!!