Nov 30, 2009

Klein's FTF

In an article entitled "Glock" on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein wanders from subject to subject like a drunken private eye on a Saturday night.

While most of his posting is nonsensical, replete with quotes attributed to manufactured sources, Klein does accuse Jefferson County Commissioners and the Texas Workforce Commission of a conspiracy to falsify public documents:
The Review is on it - but from what we hear behind closed doors is that a number is lurking of the "true" unemployment figures and that pols have put pressure on the TWC locally to not release those said numbers. Remember - high unemployment equals crime.

We are going to watch and listen for the behind the scenes numbers and will post them when they come up.
We'll revisit Philip's conspiracy when he produces the "behind-the-scene" numbers.

As far as I can tell, Philips primary thesis in this sophomoric waste of electrons is this: high unemployment equals a rise in violent crime:
From shootings, to stabbings to muggings.....what a great first weekend in Southeast Texas!
For those who would like more information, here is an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal. It's much easier to read, more objective, and has fewer misspelled words than Philip's posting:
By and large, the studies show that lousy job markets -- particularly for young or unskilled men -- are linked to more thefts. But the connection isn't so plain with violent crimes like murder and rape. That bolsters the theory of a more rational criminal: When the economy flags, people inclined to crime opt for dishonest income; they don't start shooting people.
Here are two of my favorite books which further address these correlations. Both are written by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner:
I'll leave Philip with the last word:
Until them [sic] - lock and load!

Check Books

In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein posted a fictionalized account of a workshop by the Jefferson County Commissioners.

Since Klein's gibberish plumbs new lows in the English language, there is little upon which to comment except for Philip's confusion:
Commissioner GOP : "What does our new county judge....uh...wait....uh...our county attorney say?"

County Attorney : "Well, uh....well....Judge...."

County Judge : "What should I say?"

County Attorney : "Well, judge, say everything is good and we need to put about $100 thousand dollars into....well....rebuilding the image! of the airport."

County Judge : "My image?"

Commissioner 2 : "I want to talk about my image? I have an election coming up?"

County Judge : "Well #2 - you gotta a problem. My county attorney is running for your seat!"
Jeff Branick is not the County Attorney, as Philip apparently believes, but serves as Assistant to County Judge Ron Walker.

It's also quite obvious that Philip has never attended a commissioners' workshop and that he has idea what this particular workshop is about:
Workshop presentation by the Southeast Texas Regional Airport and Sixel Consulting Group, Inc. to advise the Court of the current state of the Airline Industry and recent, ongoing, and future Commercial Air Service Development efforts and prospects.
Philip, please note that "checkbooks" is one word, not two. Next article, please.

Nov 29, 2009

Traffic Report

I haven't commented on the number of Southeast Texas Political Review readers recently, so let's review (pun intended), shall we?

From Website Outlook:
  • Daily Pageview: 126
  • Pageviews per user (one-month average over the past month): 3
We can extrapolate the average number of daily readers by dividing the number of daily pageviews by the average pageviews per user. Note that semi-literate wingnuts may need help from a fifth-grader with the advanced mathematical concept of division: 
  • 126 / 3 = 42 daily readers
I suspect that if one subtracts Philip's friends, family, and employees, the Southeast Texas Political Review would average somewhere between 20 to 30 daily readers.


Nov 27, 2009


In this Southeast Texas Political Review article, Philip R. Klein accuses the Beaumont Enterprise of bias for reporting third quarter results by Conn's. The firm recently settled a suit by the Texas Attorney General that alleged the company engaged in deceptive trade practices.

According to Philip R. Klein:
They DID WRONG - but they stood up - and counted themselves up - and admitted that they were wrong
According to Conn's Chairman, Dr. William Nylin:
"Conn’s denied those allegations in our answer to the suit and we continue to deny them today. The terms of the settlement provide that Conn’s denies any wrong doing.”
Conn's faced civil penalties of $20,000 per complaint. Since at least 2,000 complaints had been filed, even someone with limited math skills like Philip R. Klein can figure out the bargain Conn's got by paying $4.5 million to end the action. The company actually diluted its loss of 68 cents per share with a "goodwill impairment charge:"
Diluted loss per share was $0.68 for the third quarter of fiscal 2010, including a $9.6 million non-cash goodwill impairment charge and $3.7 million non-cash fair value adjustment. The adjusted diluted loss per share excluding these items was $0.29.
So while the company agreed to pay $4.5 million in penalties, the company claimed an adjustment worth almost twice that in its 3rd quarter. Isn't it ironic how a shrewd businessman like Philip R. Klein missed that?

PRK compounds this blatant falsehood with his own ignorance:
Here comes the media again on the attack - pointing out the Conn's is showing a 3 quarter loss? And that is news? Why is that news?
Quarterly profits and losses are regularly reported, but Klein apparently doesn't read the financial sections.

The Texas Attorney General filed this suit in May 2009, so Conn's profits were already heading south before AG Gregg Abbot made his announcement. I suspect the world recession of the past year had more to do with Conn's falling profits than "trust issues" based on media reports.  Furthermore, the Conn's business model may not be competitive with the big box stores, since consumers typically avoid stores with smaller inventory and high-pressure sales tactics these days.

The news release from Conn's is quite clear about this and the possible consequences:
The recent declines in the economic conditions in the Company's markets have negatively impacted its operating results. As a result, there is a reasonable likelihood that the decline in the Company's operating results could trigger covenant violations under its credit facilities, beginning January 31, 2010, unless it is able to sufficiently improve operating trends, reduce the amount of debt outstanding on its balance sheet or amend the covenants contained in its and its QSPE's credit facilities. The Company has initiated discussions with its lenders and is reviewing options to reduce the balance of debt on its balance sheet prior to January 31, 2010.
Rather than actually research the real issue, Philip R. Klein simply made up more fictions, based on his own biases:
Well - we will tell you why it is news and why the media is going after Conn's.

Revenue dropped. Hmmm....wonder why? A trust issue maybe? Well - sure enough. According to Conn's corporate - they are taking a huge hit in the marketing and had to show an impairment write off being a chance to ...  well....try and recover.

And.....a major cut back in .... no

You have to be kidding right? Cutting back advertising?
In releasing its third quarter financials Conn's made no such statement regarding "cutting back advertising."  Neither did the Enterprise article. 

Klein ends his sophomoric analysis with this observation:
Because the media in general hates business. Unless they have a check to give them?

Remember - the left hates business. The right is business. And thus the culture class in politics. And guess what? It is what it is.
Compare Philip's childish statement with the real facts. From USA Today on the Presidential Election of 2008:
In this election, however, Obama has bested McCain among employees and executives in finance, insurance and real estate; health; communications; law; and "miscellaneous business," according to the center's tally of contributions through August.

McCain has maintained the traditional Republican lead in transportation, construction, defense, energy and agribusiness.

In the miscellaneous business sector — which includes retail, service industries and many small enterprises...Obama has taken in $20.5 million from that sector to McCain's $13.4 million, records show. Those numbers don't include September and October, when Obama was raising tens of millions but McCain's campaign was not taking private donations. McCain accepted $84 million in public financing while Obama opted out of the federal system.

Obama has taken in twice as much as McCain from employees of pharmaceutical and related companies, the center found. And Obama has raised $5.1 million from workers at computer and Internet companies, compared with McCain's $1.3 million.

Among Obama's contributors, 5,845 list "CEO" or "chief executive" in their title, compared with 2,597 of McCain's donors, according to election records compiled by CQ MoneyLine. 
It's also interesting to remember some of the businesses that Philip has defended in the past. He claimed Mike Young would not file for bankruptcy

Philip also defended Goldstar EMS and made this prediction:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that the former owners of Goldstar EMS, whose offices were raided by the FBI and Medicare investigators has noticed the United States Attorney of the "Intent" to file for $205 million dollars in damages against the United States Justice Department and related agencies.

Mark our could be one of the biggest cases and miscarriages of justice in the history of this region.

This may be the biggest legal story to hit in years and will go national.
As requested, I marked Philip's words, but I'm still waiting on that national news. 

Bottom line: actions speak louder than words. While Philip claims he's on the side of business, his history of litigation against other businesses says something else.

Nov 24, 2009


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on the uncontested race of Jeff Branick for Jefferson County Judge:
"Where in the h*** is Nick (Lampson). I heard he was going to run Jeff and at least give taxpayers a choice," said one long time democrat to the Review this past week.
If he or she really exists, this "long-time Democrat" apparently read about Lampson's race for Jefferson County Judge on the Southeast Texas Political Review. 

Here's an interesting time line. Klein first claimed that Nick Lampson would "consider a run" for Jefferson County Judge on Nov. 5, 2008:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Congressman Nick Lampson who was defeated this week in the District 22 race in Sugarland [sic] will be moving back to Southeast Texas and will consider a run for Jefferson County Judge's office.
A month later, Philip claimed these people would run against Jeff Brannick on Dec. 8, 2008:
Nick Lampson, Bo Alfred and a dark horse blast from the past that has asked us not to use their name at this time. That name may be a GOPER.
Philip again claimed that Nick Lampson had announced his race for Jefferson County Judge on Jan. 26, 2009:
Nick Lampson came home from DC after getting the boot in Sugarland [sic]. And announces in the backrooms that he is going to run for Jefferson County Judge.
The next day, Philip claimed that "Team Lampson" exclusively confirmed Lampson's candidacy on Jan. 27,2009:
"[Brannick] can have his day in the media. We will have our day," says one source to the Review this afternoon.

"Nick will get his day also. And then we can debate the issues," said the source.
Readers should note that Klein has already predicted the outcome of the race for Jefferson County Judge. The winner: Commissioner Mark Domingue:
When the sheep go to the polls - they will remember Domingue more than they will remember Branick.
In his bottom line, Philip invented another new statistic:
Here is the facts - government has grown on the county level by well over 31% in the last seven years.
Here are the real facts: On Oct. 24, 2009, Philip claimed that the county government had grown by 46 percent in the past three years:
Mr. Branick - since Judge Walker has been in office - the budget has increased from 86 million to 126 million. During this time you were Judge Walkers architect in building up government.
And that's the real story behind Philip's latest story.

Nov 23, 2009

A Message From The Editor

Philip writes on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Over the past week we have been working with our legal counsel and other interested parties in preparing a web page called "Lawsuit" regarding our filed suit against Google, Inc. etal. In such, we have posted the public filings and a small portion of the background of this case.

The purpose of such is to keep you - and the media informed of what is happening with the lawsuit. In such - we anticipate that we will be writing some case law with this lawsuit.

As well, in our continued cooperation with law enforcement regarding (1) Mail Fraud issues, (2) the Use of Public Computers for purposes other than government business, (3) impersonation of a federal official issues that are still on the table and being investigated, we are not posting all of the information regarding this suit. Some will be held "in-camera" for the judge assigned to this case to review.

In no way shape or form is this web page posted today an attempt to garner support from a jury pool or an attempt to sway any person - it is an attempt to get the facts out there.

Make no mistake - this case will be a very important case for the 1st amendment and how it relates to the public. Clearly - we have set aside enough money to take it all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary - and we will - but our guess is that this will be resolved soon.

Everyone has the right to speak their mind. Those that detract from the view of this web site and myself have that right to call me names, disagree with me and frankly to give the other side. But you do not have the right to use copyrighted material in words, voice or image. And then claim parody. It simply does not work.
There is little fact in Philip's delusive description of his nuisance lawsuit; it's mostly erroneous information and blatant falsehood. As just one example:
A third web site agrees to cooperate in giving the legal team and investigators all IP addresses passed through their site from Operationkleinwatch over the past four months since the site posted a link to an anonymous IP address block site. Such was received on October 5, 2009 in an agreement not to litigate.
Ignoring PRK's gibberish, he's referring to From their privacy policy:
Logfiles: Anonymouse does not keep records of site accesses. Usage logs will only be created during technical problems and are immediately destroyed after the technical problem is solved.
Since Anonymouse doesn't keep logfiles, they can't provide  "all IP addresses passed through their site from Operationkleinwatch over the past four months..."

As another example, Philip contradicted his own published version of his interaction with Google. According to Philip's new timeline:
Violations of the MCA continue - with requests to Google USA to intervene. They refuse stating the 1st amendment issues and a lawsuit in New York that had been filed mirroring the same claims. The reference is the State of New York : Liskulula;, petitioner v. Google, Inc.
According to his statement from May 2008:
A new web site appears on the Internet. It is named “The Decline of Klein.” The site is written anonymously by a pen name of “Gus Pillsbury.” The site is originally headed according to Google Security from Lamar University Systems computer. The site abruptly changes its name to “Operation Kleinwatch” post enquiry [sic] from Google Security.
Philip's story changes more frequently than the weather in Texas. These falsehoods are legion throughout his bizarre account and readers can decide for themselves whether Philip R. Klein is credible.

The real facts are these: PRK filed a civil action in Jefferson County under Rule 202. This is not a lawsuit, but a simply a petition for Court approval to subpoena my account information from Google to discover my identity. As the sole operator of Operation Kleinwatch and representing myself, I anonymously filed a motion to quash Philip's request. Sam the Eagle apparently did the same, but Google will not release this information without specific direction from the Court.  Philip has posted these three documents on his website, which verify these facts.

I've previously addressed the rest of Philip's complaints that are pertinent to this case, such as Philip's spurious copyright claims. I've reprinted that article below.

On Klein V. Google (Reprint)

Posted: Thursday, September 3, 2009 | Posted by Gus Pillsbury |
Philip R. Klein and his counsel, John Morgan, have filed litigation aimed at silencing critics, a SLAPP suit. By definition, it's a frivolous action and a nuisance lawsuit.

According to Philip R. Klein:
On Wednesday afternoon, August 26, 2009, the company that owns the SET Political Review and its sister company, Klein Investments, Inc., filed a cause of action in the Jefferson County District Courts which is entitled PRK Enterprises, Inc., Klein Investments, Inc., v. Google, Inc., We have filed this cause of action further naming two particular blogspot sites, namely, opertionkleinwatch [sic] and samtheeagleusa, as well as another site associated with the first after a two-year investigation and monitoring of the site (s). This case has been filed under rule 202.2 of the Texas Civil Code, which is the first step of three that we intend to take under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, 17 U.S.C., section 512.
For perspective, Philip claimed in May of 2008 (emphasis is mine):
April – May of 2007 – A new web site appears on the Internet. It is named “The Decline of Klein.” The site is written anonymously by a pen name of “Gus Pillsbury.” The site is originally headed according to Google Security from Lamar University Systems computer. The site abruptly changes its name to “Operation Kleinwatch” post enquiry [sic] from Google Security...The “writer” notes themselves as a retired professor.
If Google Security has already provided this information, why is Klein now litigating? This displays his propensity of intimidating and harassing critics. See sidebar for another example.

Any action regarding Operation Kleinwatch should be filed separately. By including both blogs in this action, Philip implies there is a conspiracy where none exists. I am not affiliated with The Sam the Eagle Political Review, each site is run independently, and I have no control or influence over content that Mr. Eagle chooses to publish.

This is clearly prejudicial.

Operation Kleinwatch debuted on April 15, 2007 and has not changed its editorial style. Texas law has affirmed a one-year statute on libel actions, specific to online postings (see Nationwide v. Belo). Why has Philip R. Klein waited for two-and-a-half years before bringing this suit?
Regarding Philip's copyright allegations
The Southeast Texas Record published an overview of Klein's suit on Sept. 1, 2009:
PRK and Klein Investments allege both Web sites are engaged in the violation of copyright laws, as they do not have permission to reprint snippets of articles appearing on the Southeast Texas Political Review. "A review of the Web sites make it clear that they are not expressing any 'opinions' protected by the First Amendment but instead are solely vehicles for defamation," the suit states.
This issue is settled law.

Philip Klein is asking for an unprecedented waiver of the Fair Use doctrine, as codified in the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107. Specifically,
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.
This site clearly offers critical and reasoned analysis of Philip R. Klein's expressed opinions and statements. Whether these expressions are made through his daily blog, media appearances, newspaper and magazine interviews, radio shows, or TV commentary, this criticism is protected under the First Amendment.

Furthermore, these snippets are absolutely crucial to the context of this analysis, since Philip Klein does not maintain a public archive of his past articles. Critical readers cannot document his previous statements. This violates commonly accepted usage standards for blogs who deal in political commentary of a controversial nature.

A  legal blog, de Novo, previously advised Philip R. Klein of this issue. I documented this exchange here and here.

Even though this fair use extends to the recordings and images found on Operation Kleinwatch, Philip R. Klein lacks standing since he does not hold the copyright to these items. One can't hold a press conference and later claim a copyright on the pictures; the copyright belongs to the person who took the picture. Any requests from the copyright holders of record will be carefully considered; please email all notices to Operation Kleinwatch.

Perhaps Klein has confused defamation and parody (see Today's Cover Boy in the sidebar). In Campbell v. Acuff-Rose, the Supreme Court determined that parody, even commercial, is a transformative work, not derivative. As such, the work is protected against copyright claims under the Fair Use doctrine.
Regarding this charge of malice
"These Web sites host significant, false information and invade the privacy of Petitioners throughout the Web site," the suit states. "The purpose of these Web sites is to disparage, harass and cause injury to these Petitioners, as well as Mr. Philip Klein personally."
I've previously stated my intent on several occasions. From an Open Letter to Caroline Klein on July 7, 2008:
As a person, indifference best characterizes my opinion of your father. I don't dislike him or wish him malice whatsoever. However, I strongly object to his manufactured lies, half-truths, smears, and personal attacks under the guise of credible political commentary.
Calling one an idiot for making ridiculous statements does not constitute malice; it's publicly expressed opinion and protected under the First Amendment.

In truth, I have a vested interest in the welfare of Philip R. Klein. By promoting Philip's media career as a public personality (see sidebar), my own readership will grow.

Likewise, Klein acknowledged that Operation Kleinwatch has significantly contributed to his blog's growth of traffic in his editorial from Dec. 1, 2007 (see personal endorsement in the sidebar) .
Regarding charges of posting false information
"The Web site Operation Kleinwatch, contains false information on legal proceedings that do not involve either Mr. Klein individually or the Petitioners, falsely represent that judgments have been taken against the Petitioners and/or Mr. Klein individually, falsely identify a bankruptcy proceeding, also identify lawsuits that do not involve Petitioners and/or Mr. Klein individually,"
The extensive litigious history of Philip R. Klein and his legal entities is public record.

As noted in the sidebar, they include those actions where Philip R. Klein, PRK Enterprises, Inc., or Klein Investments, Inc., are plaintiffs or defendants.

Almost all can be verified through the Jefferson County Clerk's site or the Jefferson County District Clerk's site. The notation under the Abstract Judgments section incontrovertibly states that Klein Investments, Inc. is the grantee in each instrument. The bankruptcy proceedings can be verified through U.S. Bankruptcy proceedings on PACER for the Eastern District of Texas.
Regarding the Anonymity of Operation Kleinwatch
They are also asking for the identities of all people who provided money or literary substance to the Web sites, who posted comments on the Web sites and those who are in any way affiliated with the Web sites.
In other words, Mr. Klein and his counsel would like Google to pay for their fishing trip.

Philip's complaint has not identified any specific comments on Operation Kleinwatch that are libelous, if any exists. Since Klein contends that all comments are defamatory, he is simply seeking to stifle the free exchange of critical opinion by suppressing First Amendment rights.

As the person solely responsible for all other content on this site, I have already addressed Klein's other contrived complaints above.

As a public personality, Philip R. Klein has established a pattern of using his position to intimidate those with dissenting views. The most recent example of this intimidation concerned a local citizen, Rhonda Dugas. From

August 30, 2009:
Sources tell us that Dugas, after being told of the problems, began yelling, cussing and screaming at employees and owners of the daycare. Further being in earshot of the children. She was asked to leave by the daycare representatives - but refused and continued to scream and curse and upset not only employees but "possibly some of the children."
This is not legitimate political discourse. At best, this is hearsay; more realistically, this is a gross invasion of Ms. Dugas' privacy with a reckless disregard for the truth. Philip failed to disclose his prior relationship with the owner of this daycare facility.

PRK has demeaned Rhonda Dugas for over four years. He has called her names on his blog including "loon" and "nutcase," disparaged her physical appearance, published photos of her home taken without her knowledge or permission, posted her financial information, published rumors about her private relationship with her child, allowed subscribers to his now-defunct Talk Back Line to post manipulated and obscene images of her, and fraudulently claimed she was under investigation.

In other cases, Klein has invented or threatened "investigations," or to "monitor" private traffic on the web of those who express criticism. See the example above concerning Mr. Klein's alleged Google Security "inquiry," none of which is true.
In Closing
Given Mr. Klein's history, this action is clearly aimed at silencing his critics and retaliation against dissenting opinion. The First Amendment right of free speech, specifically anonymous criticism, extends online as well (First Cash v. Doe). To release any information is a gross civil rights violation.

This spurious litigation has no merit.

Nov 22, 2009

Hilton Kelley Exposed

Contrary to the title of Philip R.Klein's article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, the piece is more indicative of Klein's poor investigation skills.  He claims:
For the last six months - the Southeast Texas Political Review has been investigating Hilton Kelley, the Director of Community In-power and Development Association, Inc., post his appointment to a lower level EPA advisory committee. In fact - the EPA has posted a Biography on Mr. Kelley which you made read here:

Hilton Kelley EPA Bio

So if the government says it is true?

Well - as you can assume we started in the first paragraph of the BIO. And we will lay it out for you in as simple terms as we can :
Here's the first paragraph from the EPA bio:
Hilton Kelley, Founder and CEO, Community In-power & Development Association Inc., Coordinator of the Southeast Texas Bucket Brigade, And Mobile Community Outreach Director for Coming Clean Collaborative. Mr. Kelley is originally from and currently lives in the refinery and chemical manufacturing town of Port Arthur, Texas. In addition to being a community organizer, Mr. Kelley is an electrician and former member of the US Navy, second class petty officer. After the navy, Mr. Kelley remained in California while there he worked as a youth activist where he was recognized for his youth anti-gang violence efforts and acting ability. He was admitted to the Screen Actor's Guild in 1991. Mr. Kelley moved back to Port Arthur in order to help rebuild and save the community from which he came.
In his investigation, Philip displays the same attention to detail that marks his investigation into the disappearance of Patrick McDermott:
Claim : US Navy - We searched the US Navy Retired Site - we could not find Hilton Kelley as a vet (although he may not be listed - we have filed a FOYI)
The "US Navy Retired Site" is a blog run by a private individual on This site has nothing to do with maintaining service records, properly referenced as Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs). Klein provides implausible deniability by noting that Kelley "may not be listed."

OMPFs are actually administered by the National Records Center, through it's Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR) division. Because of privacy concerns, only certain information is released to the general public concerning service records and requires submitting Standard Form 180 (SF-180), not an "FOYI" as Klein claims. Genealogical researchers are quite familiar with this process, but apparently idiots follow a different procedure.

Klein apparently meant an FOI (Freedom of Information) request; the acronym FOYI means something entirely different, although quite appropriate regarding PRK's investigation.
Claim : Screen Actors Guild 1991 - We called the screen actors Guild and found no listing for a Hilton Kelley ever being admitted to the SAG association. We further contacted Don Johnson Productions regarding Kelley's claims that he was a "stuntman" on the TV Show Nash Bridges - they referred us to IMDB - to which there is no listing for a Hilton Kelley in any of the shows. Further, we then contacted Merritt Yohuka, the head stuntman for Nash Bridges and he advised that there was no stunt man for the show by the name Hilton Kelly. Further, another stuntman named Rocky Cappella, told the Review that nobody named Hilton Kelley was a part of the stunt crew. We pressed further about the show being filmed in Hollywood - and we then found that the show was never filmed in Hollywood as Kelley claimed - it was filmed in San Francisco California.
Philip failed to provide any substantive evidence concerning any of this correspondence. I've previously busted Philip for a similar falsehood, when he claimed he was in contact with the author of the De Novo blog. Philip claimed:
He gives good advice. Oh... and he called me. Nice guy. Wanted to tell me what he thought of the lawsuit. Funny thing what others see out there looking into Jefferson County.
The female author responded publicly on her blog:
Unless I have been sleep-calling radio shows, I never have called Mr. Klein.
I documented this exchange here and here.   The only thing missing from Klein's claim regarding Hilton Kelley is an anonymous fax from Cacma D. 

Klein commented on Kelley's awards:
Claim : Keynote Speaker - Rice University - According to Rice University - they have no listing on this conference nor do they have Hilton Kelley listed as any speaker dating back to 2005.
The agenda for that conference is posted online at the Rice University website. See online at the Rice University website. Note the keynote speaker:
11:30AM Keynote speech "One More Chance"
Hilton Kelley - Director, Community In-power and Development Association
Philip also claims his search for Patrick McDermott is "94 percent done."
Claim : Nomination for Sri Sri Ravi Shanker Award - According to all the research that we could find on this group, or person or whoever - there is no Shankar Award that could be found. We called the foundation - to which is considered a scam foundation by Federal Authorities and they stated that they were unaware of a Hilton Kelley...
Klein purports to speak for the entire Federal Government, but I'm sure his search results would have been different had he spelled Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's name correctly.

Here's the website for the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Award, which states:
The Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Award is given at each Heroes of Humanity event to members of society who are uplifting the community, but it has been established to give special recognition to those individuals or organizations whose contributions command special notice for their commitment to human values in our communities. These individuals create a better world.
Likewise, Philip had problems with this:
And finally - Woodman of the World Life Insurance Society - Award for Conservation. We contacted Woodman - they had no award they knew of.
The Woodmen of the World Conservation Award is well-known and has been in existence for over a century. For example, here's a U.S. Fish and Wildlife press release from 1962, where an employee won the award. Here's another. Here's another recipient. Here are even more.

Klein's "analysis" of CIDA's IRS form 990 for the years of 2008, 2007, and 2006 is just as confused. As an example, here's PRK's first point:
First - we always look at the bottom line. Which in 2008 is almost a quarter of a million dollars according to the money we can see. But - Kelley reports to the IRS that he has spent all of the money. Yep - it is all gone. He reports that on item IX lines one through three that the income is $25,200. But listed it on the front page as $107,200.
Actually, Part IX of Form 990 is a statement of functional expenses. While Klein claims this is CIDA's income, it's actually a list of outgoing contributions and grants from CIDA to other groups. The figure of $25,200 that Philip references is clearly listed as "Grants and other assistance to governments and organizations in the U.S."

I question the credibility of anyone who doesn't know the difference between income and expenses, but Klein's confusion offers insight into his bankruptcy filings.While the rest of Klein's analysis is as confused, I particularly enjoyed this narcissistic statement:
As we have a relationship with some Federal Agencies - we sent two years ago a FOYI request for the Community In-Power and Development Association, Inc. to the Department of Treasury - Internal Revenue Service. They advised that they did not have tax returns from the company for 2006, 2007, 2008 - and would be investigating. In August - the IRS general counsels office in Washington called to advise us that CIDA had filed three years of tax returns on July 9, 2009 - however they were sent to three different branches of the IRS and were processed - and had been flagged.
Philip offers no corroborating evidence for his statement that the "IRS general counsels office in Washington" called him personally. Since there is no such thing as an FOYI request, Klein's reference simply underscores his lack of credibility.

A request for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is quite specific. These requests are processed through the National Records Center as noted above, not the IRS as Klein claims.

The bottom line is this: Klein's ad hominem fallacy in logic does nothing to address the issues concerning the wisdom of turning Port Arthur into North America's toxic waste dump that Kelley has raised. I suspect Klein's vituperative "expose (I use term loosely)" is fueled by his jealousy over the media attention that Kelley brings to these issues.

Is no one paying attention to you, Philip?

Nov 20, 2009

Rouge (TWD?)

Here's the original version of Klein's article from Wednesday, before Philip woke up sober and made changes the next day:

Nothing new here, but I found Philip's confusion over the English language quite funny. Rouge is a cosmetic, so perhaps PRK meant "rogue."

Regarding the mangled names, Klein has always had a problem with the proper spelling of Dr. Carrol Thomas, but Angle San Juan is new. Dr. David Tauscher is actually Dr. David Tuescher. How credible.

Typing while drunk again, Philip?

Nov 16, 2009


Philip R. Klein again demonstrates his utter confusion with simple facts:
Another bridge over troubled waters is falling down. And it is not usable. So the County of Jefferson is going after some emergency federal funds. There is seemingly not enough money in the county road and bridge account.
Seemingly, Philip is too ignorant to understand the difference between those roads administered by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and those roads administered by Jefferson County. From the Beaumont Enterprise:
On the surface, it's smooth going for the 79,000 vehicles passing through the nterchange from Interstate 10 to U.S. 69 near Washington Boulevard daily.

But the view beneath might be unsettling to the casual observer. There, some of the "rip raps" - the sloped embankments between the road and girders - look as if Southeast Texas has been shaken by a major earthquake.

But things aren't as bad as they seem, said Duane Browning, area engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation's Beaumont district.

The district has done expensive quick fixes to temporarily correct the problem for several years, but local transportation officials await word and money from Austin for $700,000 in more permanent solutions.
Readers will also notice that the bridges aren't falling down, as Klein claims. PRK further confuses the issue by invoking the unit road system, which would have nothing whatsoever to do with I-10 and U.S. Highway 69:
So we went back to 2005 and the suggestion that there be a unit road system.  Remember that?

Here - take a look at the committee report and how much money it could have saved the county :

So - the commissioners in their wisdom made the decision not to go to the unit road and bridge system? And we wondered at the time why? After all - if they had gone to it - the county could have saved its citizens millions by now.

Klein promises a follow-up "report" (I use the term loosely):
We are just kind of giving you guys in the media the heads up. Later this week -or next we will be posting the story on where the money went. And you might just be surprised.
To be revisited!

Nov 14, 2009


Philip R. Klein claims a news story by KBMT/Channel 12 "bashes" the Lumberton Police Department.
We kind of held our fire watching the other media post KBMT doing a smash piece on the Lumberton Police Department and posting a report regarding a secondary autopsy by a profession paid meat cutter in Houston, Texas. However, the other media did not really jump on the press release.

Let's make one thing really clear - TWO grand juries, the Texas Rangers and even the Feds have looked at the Kevin Laday case in Lumberton. And they found that the officers did the right thing and acted appropriately. And in fact - they went above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with convicted felon and drug induced [sic] Kevin Laday.
Philip didn't explain what "drug induced [sic] Kevin Laday," meant, but I suspect it's just more gibberish intended to confuse readers. Klein has purposefully misrepresented this civil suit. As an example, Philip is apparently confused about how a grand jury works (emphasis is mine):
The grand jury reported its decision to Judge Britt Plunk.   The panel had asked to be held over after its term expired September 30 to hear the case.
The Hardin County Grand Jury repeatedly refused to indict a group of Silsbee High football players for allegedly gang-raping a cheerleader. In lieu of meaningful content, Klein hides his ignorance of the case by throwing mud at the forensic pathologist who conducted the second autopsy:
Now - the family hired a whack job named in the media as "Mr. Buttinsky" - a flying saucer chaser to "investigate the claims" of the family. Hmmm....we first wonder if he has a license to do so?

...a report regarding a secondary autopsy by a profession paid meat cutter...
While the fat private investigator refers to Dr. Lee Ann Grossberg as a "meatcutter,' her qualifications are beyond reproach, and there are indeed discrepancies between the second autopsy and the original autopsy performed by the Southeast Texas Forensic Center.  

I'm not sure why Philip begrudges a mother for seeking the truth about the death of her son, but I'll note that a civil suit against O.J, Simpson found him culpable in the death of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown, after a criminal suit found him innocent.

Philip has censured Channel 12 for an objective report, but didn't comment on Channel 4 failure to folllow up on a report on the Jefferson County Appraisal District.

Nov 13, 2009


Philip printed two lines of a message from Jack Chatman, a pastor and member of the Port Arthur City Council (emphases are Philip's, not mine):
Well kids - there is a new player in town in Port Arthur - and his name is Jack Chatman.

This past week we reported that Chatman was going to support Oscar Ortiz for Mayor against current mayor Prince. Well.......Jack contacted the Review. And he gave us some pretty good information and dropped a bomb shell in our backyard.

"I am not supporting anyone at this time and don't want to give any impression that I have made a decision on who I may be supporting."

So we take that at face value - but our radar goes up because usually those who make that statement have another thing in mind - like running for the office for themselves. And then we read on :

"Actually I'm thinking about running for the mayor position myself......"
Since Mr. Chatman was elected to the City Council in 2007, one would hardly call him a "new player in town."

Ironically, Philip didn't mention that Mr. Chatman contacted him about mangling his name in an article earlier this week (emphasis is mine):
We have sources in the West End of Port Arthur telling us that there is a movement afoot with black political "leaders" headed up by Commissioner Sinegal, Councilman Beard, Councilman Chapman, Councilman Flood and Councilwoman Wise - who is teaming up with the likes of The Most Reverend (giggle) Donald Frank - mobilizing people to vote AGAINST Mayor Prince.
As I pointed out at the time, there is no Councilman Chapman on the Port Arthur City Council. This is evidence of how badly Philip R. Klein is out of touch: he doesn't even know the real players.

Klein published only two lines of a longer message from Mr. Chatman, but didn't include the original correspondence. Instead,  PRK offers his take with no point of reference for readers:
And then we go into the pride of Port Arthur speech and the "things are bad but not that bad but are not worse than Beaumont" talk. We call it the shell shocked talk. However, we kind of like that talk. We like the pride thing - in what could be. It shows......leadership?
Klein's bias is evident, further corroborated later in the story:
We will watch this guy....and see if he takes the jump off the ledge. Now that he has leaked it to us - means that he needs to either step up or step out. We say step up!
Readers will notice that "this guy" didn't actually leak anything to Philip. Instead, council member Chatman simply stated that he was only considering a run for the Port Arthur Mayor's chair. Shoddy reporting, wouldn't you say?

Nov 12, 2009

Revisiting the Klein School of Internet Journalism

On October 30, 2009, Philip R. Klein wrote:
The calls started to come at about 5 p.m. Thursday.

"Have you seen KBTV's web site?"

And now we actually have a TV station that is going to take on the establishment. And they are going to do their jobs.

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that a lawsuit has been filed by Dave Thomas, a resident of Jefferson County, who has done a two year long investigation on HIS OWN and found that some homes and neighborhoods have not seen that 30 - 40% jump in value that has created a HUGE tax increase to the residents of Jefferson County.

Big deal? Well.....everyone put on your surprised face - ready for the kicker?

The areas that did not see the 30-40% increase in value seemingly are.....please tell us neighborhoods where ELECTED OFFICIALS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY LIVE!

Please say no it cannot get better?

Speaking outside his legal counsel - Thomas told KBTV which is posted on their web site : "When you have 90% of homes in one neighborhood have their property taxes raised, and you go to 8 similar neighborhoods in the immediate area, and find totally different results, they need to explain themselves. That's what this boils down to."

Huh? Well? No way!

So KBTV is doing a two part special and will dispatch reporters to speak with those elected to office in certain parts of the county and cities whose appraisals have not seemingly GONE UP 40% and in some cases have dropped - while houses around them........went up?
Typically, Philip failed to cite his source, but the actual story appeared on the KBTV website:
Fox 4 will have much more on this issue in a two-part special report, "Unequal Burdens", airing November 10th and 11th on Fox 4 News, First at Nine.
It's possible I missed that "two-part special report," but I never saw it on the newscasts, nor could I find the story on the KBTV/Channel 4 website. I'll give the last word to a reader who left this comment:
Looks like Klein removed the big promotional story on his website about KBTV's groundbreaking expose now that it didn't happen. Too late PRK to hide your embarrassment. We remember all that nonsense you reported.
Well said.

Nov 11, 2009

Costra Nostra

Philip R. Klein sounds a familiar theme in this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. According to Klein, the entire BISD is under investigation by the FBI (emphasis is mine):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Examiner will break a story regarding the Beaumont Independent School District and implicating "high ranking officials" that are involved in a company owned and operated by Calvin Walker who recently had his electrical license revoked and was made to pay a $5,000 fine.

Walker - according to sources - is on the hot seat after winning contracts for electrical work on the BISD bond issue and alleged impropriety in billing the district. It has long been alleged that Walker had inside knowledge and dealing with BISD administrators and board members. And that his award of electrical contracts were alleged pay offs by the same officials for helping pass the bond issue.

This last month - the Federal Government quietly began an investigation and according to our sources, federal agents have begun work to accumulate evidence on members of the board, administrative officials and contractors.

More of the "same old think, over and over and over again,"  complete with manufactured sources. The actual article from The Examiner has a different take: Walker is the subject of the investigation, not the Beaumont Independent School District:
And Walker, who is facing multiple investigations, including one by the FBI and a review of his business dealings with several local municipalities, claims the images were included by mistake.
Philip further confused the real issue: the documents cited are for a non-profit trade school, The Southeast Texas Electrical Apprenticeship Academy, not Walker's main business, Walker's Electric Company. Walker's Electric Company received contracts from the Beaumont Independent School District, not the trade school. From The Examiner:
Documents obtained by the newspaper from the Texas Secretary of State list both Haynes and Jones as directors of the SE Texas Electrical Apprenticeship Academy Inc., suggesting a possible conflict of interest because Walker's electrical business receives millions of dollars in work from the school district.

The nonprofit SE Texas Electrical Apprenticeship Academy filed its incorporation papers with the state on June 12, 2008 - two months before The Examiner first revealed in August 2008
The Examiner quoted BISD board member Tom Neild, who addressed the real issues succinctly:
"I would hope that any of us, whether in administration or on the board or in any capacity that we might have on the bond issue, would lay out or disclose any relationship that might cast an appearance of a conflict of interest," Neild said. "Anybody involved in this has a duty to disclose any connections that they might have, no matter how large or small. There is no accusation and no one is saying it is right or wrong, but it needs to be disclosed and explained."
By contrast, here's Philip's shrewd analysis:
Again - we think - and we may be wrong - but we really think that in the end - some people may just go to jail. And there is only one way to break up the Mafia called the BISD - fire 'em. Take them out of power. And Carroll Thomas should be first.

Wow we say. It is not over yet. And man oh man - we just cannot believe a company was operating under everyone's nose with Walker and BISD higher ups. Wow. Simply wow.
Philip's hysterical claims and name-calling do nothing but obfuscate the real issues. Walker's contracts may well prove to be problematic, but Philip's wild accusations only expose his reckless disregard for the real truth.

Nov 10, 2009

Scandal Brewing

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein breaks another scandal. The emphases are mine:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that a big scandal is brewing within the ranks of the city council and the black community in Port Arthur.

Roosevelt Pitre of GP Industries is seemingly upset with Mayor Prince as we have reported. So upset that he is funding some....well....candidates - which we have already reported. seems that the forces behind Prince are not going to sit there and take it today - so they have fired back asking a few questions.

One of which is this : "What is the relationship between Pitre and Councilwomen Duana Wise."

According to Camp Prince - Pitre was the funds behind Wises' race for city council. And seemingly he is attempting to prop her up to do his bidding. And that had tongue wagging with rumors of a Mercedes Ms. Wise is driving around on a secretaries salary.

So...GP is hanging their hats on some contracts with two of the major plants in Port Arthur and Wise may be working in the background politically. Did we say Ms. Wise is living on a secretaries salary and is said to work at GP?
I think Philip meant Roosevelt Petry, who is the CEO of GP Industrial Contractors. The rest of his allegations are just as credible.

Philip promises to revisit:
We will follow up with you all at a later date.
But first, Philip will offer an update on multiple lawsuits over a sex scandal by a sitting judge, the Great Gumball Investigation, and the status of those 27,000 cases "refilled" in Hardin County.

Did I mention Gillam v. Klein?


Racism runs rampant in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review.  Meet Philip R. Klein, humorist:
[Former Mayor Oscar] Ortiz gets that he is the only one that has a chance of running the Mayor for her seat. Oscar has name ID and cuts across the line with the Latino vote and as well the white vote. Well, there is 29%.

The joke running around the political world is that the other 71% cannot vote due to felony convictions or to lazy to get out and make it happen.
While this joke may be running around Philip's backwater in the "political world," I suspect none of the other people mentioned in Klein's article would consider this a joke:
We have sources in the West End of Port Arthur telling us that there is a movement afoot with black political "leaders" headed up by Commissioner Sinegal, Councilman Beard, Councilman Chapman, Councilman Flood and Councilwoman Wise - who is teaming up with the likes of The Most Reverend (giggle) Donald Frank - mobilizing people to vote AGAINST Mayor Prince.
For the record, I'll note there is no Councilman Chapman on the Port Arthur City Council.
From what we can gather - the financial backer is Roosevelt Pitre. Although that is the political rumor - we have heard it about 20 times in the last week by 20 different people.
An amazing synchronicity. While Philip's numbers match this time, his manufactured sources still speak the same idiomatic language as Philip:
"Port Arthur is simply a very dysfunctional place where we pay millions of dollars in tax revenues to let those that run the place feel important, pay off those that politically help them and rob the community dry. They have the fire fighters union scared, they have the police union scared and they have the city works simply not caring. As long as everyone gets their check - screw the city. And we simply don't care. Port Arthur is going to rebirth itself - but before that happens it must collapse," said our source inside the JCBRT.
Philip makes this astute observation:
Oscar is not black [?] - but did pull serious support from the black community and is....well...sources tell us today....has been running around at city hall telling anyone who will listen he is coming back and nobody's jobs are secure.
We'll revisit. In closing, Philip offers his unsolicited opinion:
Oscar can run it or Mayor Prince can run it. Nobody cares. It is dead. It is like having someone stand over a dead body and time after time say it is dead.

Dead is Dead. We know Dead. And Port Arthur is dead.
If Port Arthur is truly dead, then why is Philip beating the body?

Nov 9, 2009


Philip resorts to more of the "same old think, over and over and over again" in his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review. Even the title has been recycled many times:
Two sources this morning have send the Review a copy of a news article that hit this morning showing these Freedom Communications executives that TOOK BONUSES while employees were being laid off and money was cut back in furloughs of employees :

Lawrence Beaulieu ­ KFDM-6-CBS
in Beaumont, TX (Market #141), 
$26,000 (three MBO bonuses).

What and do what? Hard working low paid newsroom people are getting laid off, money cut back from their checks and............bankruptcy with a bail out in restructure?

This "news article" actually came from an anonymous blogger, AZ Policy Wonk. Klein apparently believes that anonymous blogging is quite credible, as long as the subject matter is in agreement with his extremist right-wing opinions.

Nor did Philip mention this comment left in response to the article:
Wow. I would have thought a website that allegedly does quality reporting would have vetted this information. Heck, it’s public record! But no. Instead the numbers are highly inflated in at least a dozen cases. Simple math is all it takes, but apparently the so-called reporter lacks those skills.

It’s a shame that many on this list who have worked their backsides off for so many years have to be dragged through the mud with shoddy reporting and the commenters who have no life at all

Such a pity.
Klein's reckless disregard for the truth is apparent, since he failed to contact anyone at KFDM to corroborate this story. In spite of PRK's deceit, he actually corroborated previous statements from Channel 6 employees, who told Klein publicly on two occasions that they received bonuses for beating projections. Philip alleged that they were lying. 

Philip's deceit is also quite evident in this statement:
...bankruptcy with a bail out in restructure?
KFDM is owned by Freedom Broadcasting, whose parent company, Freedom Communications, is seeking Chapter 11 protection while it reorganizes. The legal documents filed so far mention no bail out by the U.S. Federal Government or any other entity. These are source documents in black and white, not a purported "source" who apparently sent Philip a link to another spurious blog article.

Freedom owns more than 30 daily papers, but only eight TV stations. I suspect the company's problems stem from the print division, rather than the broadcast wing of the company.Freedom Communications has actually set up a toll-free restructuring phone line to answer such idiot accusations as his: 1-800-299-1960;. Unfortunately, Klein will neither call or publish a response that contradicts his quack reporting.

Nov 2, 2009

Bellow Hello

Philip R. Klein confuses mud-slinging and legitimate political discourse in his latest article on  Southeast Texas Political Review. I've edited Philip's vulgar language and the emphases are mine:
Right wing wonk and all around nut case David Bellow has thrown his hat in the ring for Hardin County Commissioner.

First, let's be clear. David Bellow has not worked a day in HIS LIFE making a payroll or for that matter even understanding how business works. He just knows that he likes politics and thinks he can get a $60k job a year.

Why? H*** - we have no idea - but it cannot be good for the Hardin County GOP which will abort Bellow and welcome 10 or more democrats into the GOP on Wednesday.

The math? Well - Bellow is p**** that the mainstream conservative blue dog democrats in Hardin County are looking for a home. They simply cannot find one - so they go GOP because looking at the numbers in Hardin County - if you are blue you are screwed.

Bellow and boys seemingly think they live in a closed GOP society. Big tent better?

On his agenda? Social issues? Oh please. Stop.

David Bellow is what is wrong with the party in case in point. We have a bunch of nervous willies running around trying to push their right wing social agenda. Uh - shut up and sit down. As important as that is for some - the county has a business to run and frankly Hardin County - as well as Lumberton has done pretty darn good. Folks like Don Burnett who was a GOPER before GOPERS were what was to be in Hardin County - and took flack from some in the world to which he used to work - has hung in - been a conservative and understands how to run things. That usually comes when you get a job or own your own business?

Did we just blast a GOPER? D*** straight we did. Bellows is about as Right as Pelosi and Reid are left. Bellows in fact could hurt the party when he starts crying when he loses. Remember - with Bellows it is never his fault.
The notion of Philip R. Klein calling someone else a "nut case" because of a "right wing social agenda" must surely be one of the universe's supreme ironies.

Readers will notice that Philip's count on the number of party-switchers in Hardin County has now grown from seven last week to 10 in this article. Philip didn't mention the visit by Governor Rick Perry, but I'll revisit later this week.

David responded with this message:
Dear Mr, Klein;

I currently have a full time job as an EMT saving lives and have had many full time jobs before that.  And I serve in the Army National Guard and have been awarded by the military as the Battalion Soldier of the Year. This is not the first time I have had to mention to you that you are factually wrong. Please stop knowingly lying about me and please correct your misinformation or I will have to take legal action.


David Bellow
David gets bonus points for graduating from a tier one university and serving his country; Philip R. Klein has done neither.

I rarely offer advice, but I have this observation for David: arguing with the village idiot is rarely productive, but it worked for Hardin County District Attorney David Sheffield. We're still waiting for those 27,000 cases to be "refilled."


In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip proves he has a hard time counting past one (Emphases are mine):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this weekend that the Beaumont Independent School District is currently under investigation by two federal agencies. Both deal with taxpayer money that has been misused and possible charges of mail fraud.

The Review's sources are (1) a source inside the Beaumont Independent School District administration and (2) a source close to the US Department of Justice.

According to both sources - the investigation is said to be focused on two areas.

First, bond money that was paid to certain contractors outside of original contracts and second, misuse of taxpayer money for personal use.

Both sources confirm that the investigation is in it's infant stages and that nobody from the school district has been questioned. The reason? Collect the evidence first - then question those that say they are not involved.

The initial story broke in the mainstream media when one of the complainants filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice. However, it was soon leaked that the investigation was already begun before the complaint had even been filed.

"To say that they have been watching from a distance would be a good statement," said the source inside the district.

Our take?

Blah Blah Blah Blah. Carroll Thomas and his minions can do, will do, and have done whatever they have wanted. And nobody - including the Federal Government can get them. They are way too slick. And you know - and we know it.

Case Closed before it even opens.
Philip lost count after one and never explained the second investigation, probably because there is no second investigation. His information is blatantly pirated from media accounts. Here's an important part of the story that Philip omitted from the Beaumont Enterprise version:
FBI Houston spokeswoman Special Agent Shauna Dunlap said the agency does not confirm or deny investigations. She said, "Routinely we take complaints from the public regarding possible violations of federal law. The fact that a complaint is filed does not necessarily mean an investigation will be opened."
Neither does the U.S. Department of Justice comment on investigations, so Philip has just accused someone in the DOJ of leaking privileged government information. This is a felony.  As one example, a Deputy U.S. Marshall in Chicago was sentenced to four years in prison last week for leaking information about another DOJ investigation.

Nov 1, 2009

A Set

Philip R. Klein comments on a lawsuit and a KBTV Channel 4 news story:
The calls started to come at about 5 p.m. Thursday.

"Have you seen KBTV's web site?"

And now we actually have a TV station that is going to take on the establishment. And they are going to do their jobs.

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that a lawsuit has been filed by Dave Thomas, a resident of Jefferson County, who has done a two year long investigation on HIS OWN and found that some homes and neighborhoods have not seen that 30 - 40% jump in value that has created a HUGE tax increase to the residents of Jefferson County.

Big deal? Well.....everyone put on your surprised face - ready for the kicker?

The areas that did not see the 30-40% increase in value seemingly are.....please tell us neighborhoods where ELECTED OFFICIALS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY LIVE!

Please say no it cannot get better?

Speaking outside his legal counsel - Thomas told KBTV which is posted on their web site : "When you have 90% of homes in one neighborhood have their property taxes raised, and you go to 8 similar neighborhoods in the immediate area, and find totally different results, they need to explain themselves. That's what this boils down to."

Huh? Well? No way!

So KBTV is doing a two part special and will dispatch reporters to speak with those elected to office in certain parts of the county and cities whose appraisals have not seemingly GONE UP 40% and in some cases have dropped - while houses around them........went up?

Unfortunately, Channel 4 viewers will have to wait until November 10th to see the two-part special, according to the actual story on the KBTV website:
Fox 4 will have much more on this issue in a two-part special report, "Unequal Burdens", airing November 10th and 11th on Fox 4 News, First at Nine.
To me, this seems a little odd that Channel 4 would announce this "special report" weeks in advance. 

Perhaps it has something to do with a lack of reporters to get this story out on a timely basis. While Philip claims all is well at KBTV Channel 4, their staff seems to be leaving the station on a regular basis.  As an example, here is part of a resignation notice submitted last week:
Dear Mr. Angel San Juan,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Morning Anchor for the past year here at Fox 4 News upon your promotion to News Director. However, as you know, prior to our meeting about the end of my upcoming contract I sat down with you to informally discuss my future here at KBTV-4. About three months ago I expressed my unhappiness and at that time mentioned that after four years of employment, I would not be resigning my contract this October. Therefore, I know it is no surprise to you that this is my official notice. My time here at Fox 4 will come to an end Friday....


Ericka English
Considering Klein's premature expectations and free publicity, perhaps the "special report" will interview Philip R. Klein as the "author of the wildly popular local blog, the Southeast Texas Political Review."