Nov 10, 2009


Racism runs rampant in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review.  Meet Philip R. Klein, humorist:
[Former Mayor Oscar] Ortiz gets that he is the only one that has a chance of running the Mayor for her seat. Oscar has name ID and cuts across the line with the Latino vote and as well the white vote. Well, there is 29%.

The joke running around the political world is that the other 71% cannot vote due to felony convictions or to lazy to get out and make it happen.
While this joke may be running around Philip's backwater in the "political world," I suspect none of the other people mentioned in Klein's article would consider this a joke:
We have sources in the West End of Port Arthur telling us that there is a movement afoot with black political "leaders" headed up by Commissioner Sinegal, Councilman Beard, Councilman Chapman, Councilman Flood and Councilwoman Wise - who is teaming up with the likes of The Most Reverend (giggle) Donald Frank - mobilizing people to vote AGAINST Mayor Prince.
For the record, I'll note there is no Councilman Chapman on the Port Arthur City Council.
From what we can gather - the financial backer is Roosevelt Pitre. Although that is the political rumor - we have heard it about 20 times in the last week by 20 different people.
An amazing synchronicity. While Philip's numbers match this time, his manufactured sources still speak the same idiomatic language as Philip:
"Port Arthur is simply a very dysfunctional place where we pay millions of dollars in tax revenues to let those that run the place feel important, pay off those that politically help them and rob the community dry. They have the fire fighters union scared, they have the police union scared and they have the city works simply not caring. As long as everyone gets their check - screw the city. And we simply don't care. Port Arthur is going to rebirth itself - but before that happens it must collapse," said our source inside the JCBRT.
Philip makes this astute observation:
Oscar is not black [?] - but did pull serious support from the black community and is....well...sources tell us today....has been running around at city hall telling anyone who will listen he is coming back and nobody's jobs are secure.
We'll revisit. In closing, Philip offers his unsolicited opinion:
Oscar can run it or Mayor Prince can run it. Nobody cares. It is dead. It is like having someone stand over a dead body and time after time say it is dead.

Dead is Dead. We know Dead. And Port Arthur is dead.
If Port Arthur is truly dead, then why is Philip beating the body?

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