Nov 2, 2009

Bellow Hello

Philip R. Klein confuses mud-slinging and legitimate political discourse in his latest article on  Southeast Texas Political Review. I've edited Philip's vulgar language and the emphases are mine:
Right wing wonk and all around nut case David Bellow has thrown his hat in the ring for Hardin County Commissioner.

First, let's be clear. David Bellow has not worked a day in HIS LIFE making a payroll or for that matter even understanding how business works. He just knows that he likes politics and thinks he can get a $60k job a year.

Why? H*** - we have no idea - but it cannot be good for the Hardin County GOP which will abort Bellow and welcome 10 or more democrats into the GOP on Wednesday.

The math? Well - Bellow is p**** that the mainstream conservative blue dog democrats in Hardin County are looking for a home. They simply cannot find one - so they go GOP because looking at the numbers in Hardin County - if you are blue you are screwed.

Bellow and boys seemingly think they live in a closed GOP society. Big tent better?

On his agenda? Social issues? Oh please. Stop.

David Bellow is what is wrong with the party in case in point. We have a bunch of nervous willies running around trying to push their right wing social agenda. Uh - shut up and sit down. As important as that is for some - the county has a business to run and frankly Hardin County - as well as Lumberton has done pretty darn good. Folks like Don Burnett who was a GOPER before GOPERS were what was to be in Hardin County - and took flack from some in the world to which he used to work - has hung in - been a conservative and understands how to run things. That usually comes when you get a job or own your own business?

Did we just blast a GOPER? D*** straight we did. Bellows is about as Right as Pelosi and Reid are left. Bellows in fact could hurt the party when he starts crying when he loses. Remember - with Bellows it is never his fault.
The notion of Philip R. Klein calling someone else a "nut case" because of a "right wing social agenda" must surely be one of the universe's supreme ironies.

Readers will notice that Philip's count on the number of party-switchers in Hardin County has now grown from seven last week to 10 in this article. Philip didn't mention the visit by Governor Rick Perry, but I'll revisit later this week.

David responded with this message:
Dear Mr, Klein;

I currently have a full time job as an EMT saving lives and have had many full time jobs before that.  And I serve in the Army National Guard and have been awarded by the military as the Battalion Soldier of the Year. This is not the first time I have had to mention to you that you are factually wrong. Please stop knowingly lying about me and please correct your misinformation or I will have to take legal action.


David Bellow
David gets bonus points for graduating from a tier one university and serving his country; Philip R. Klein has done neither.

I rarely offer advice, but I have this observation for David: arguing with the village idiot is rarely productive, but it worked for Hardin County District Attorney David Sheffield. We're still waiting for those 27,000 cases to be "refilled."


Anonymous said...

Who's running against Don Burnett? Everybody knows what Phil's endorsement means.

Anonymous said...

David meet Rhonda.

Anonymous said...

If Guv Goodhair does show up in Hardin County, look for PRK and his "Hot Tube" on the front row.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to have to drive out of town to buy a beer but David Bellow has one qualification that Phil lacks: character. The witty Sam the Eagle makes other comparisons today at:

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing Klein is right about, Bellow is too thin skinned for politics.
I wonder if he would threaten to sue the Enterprise if they came out against him.

Anonymous said...

Probably depends on whether the Enterprise made up lies about him, cussed him and called him names. Bellow already has more experience in elections than Kleil.

Anonymous said...

Just caught the story on the news about the 7 Dems switching to the G.O.P. in Hardin County. They said that they ran as dems to get elected but realy had repub. beliefs to began with. Just more lying scumbags..

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing. one of them said that's what he had to do to get elected. lie? what a crock of shit.

Anonymous said...

Klein's kind of audience watched the Hardin County ritual: zero minorities.

Anonymous said...

Funny Phil hasn't moved there.

Anonymous said...

Carraway probably switched because he was going to have a tough primary. I don't know about the other ones, but I suspect Cain will go anywhere TV cameras are . .

Anonymous said...

They are all dishonest cowards to switch mid-term. Let's hope Hardin County voters repay them come election time. No surprise PrK is excited by such spineless acts.