Nov 16, 2009


Philip R. Klein again demonstrates his utter confusion with simple facts:
Another bridge over troubled waters is falling down. And it is not usable. So the County of Jefferson is going after some emergency federal funds. There is seemingly not enough money in the county road and bridge account.
Seemingly, Philip is too ignorant to understand the difference between those roads administered by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and those roads administered by Jefferson County. From the Beaumont Enterprise:
On the surface, it's smooth going for the 79,000 vehicles passing through the nterchange from Interstate 10 to U.S. 69 near Washington Boulevard daily.

But the view beneath might be unsettling to the casual observer. There, some of the "rip raps" - the sloped embankments between the road and girders - look as if Southeast Texas has been shaken by a major earthquake.

But things aren't as bad as they seem, said Duane Browning, area engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation's Beaumont district.

The district has done expensive quick fixes to temporarily correct the problem for several years, but local transportation officials await word and money from Austin for $700,000 in more permanent solutions.
Readers will also notice that the bridges aren't falling down, as Klein claims. PRK further confuses the issue by invoking the unit road system, which would have nothing whatsoever to do with I-10 and U.S. Highway 69:
So we went back to 2005 and the suggestion that there be a unit road system.  Remember that?

Here - take a look at the committee report and how much money it could have saved the county :

So - the commissioners in their wisdom made the decision not to go to the unit road and bridge system? And we wondered at the time why? After all - if they had gone to it - the county could have saved its citizens millions by now.

Klein promises a follow-up "report" (I use the term loosely):
We are just kind of giving you guys in the media the heads up. Later this week -or next we will be posting the story on where the money went. And you might just be surprised.
To be revisited!


Anonymous said...

Having uncovered all of Jefferson County's dark secrets, PRK is en route to Nevada's Area 51 to determine why the guvmint refuses to reunite an alien child with its parents.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad PRK changed "Rouge" to "Rogue" on his Carroll Thomas post.