Nov 30, 2009

Check Books

In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein posted a fictionalized account of a workshop by the Jefferson County Commissioners.

Since Klein's gibberish plumbs new lows in the English language, there is little upon which to comment except for Philip's confusion:
Commissioner GOP : "What does our new county judge....uh...wait....uh...our county attorney say?"

County Attorney : "Well, uh....well....Judge...."

County Judge : "What should I say?"

County Attorney : "Well, judge, say everything is good and we need to put about $100 thousand dollars into....well....rebuilding the image! of the airport."

County Judge : "My image?"

Commissioner 2 : "I want to talk about my image? I have an election coming up?"

County Judge : "Well #2 - you gotta a problem. My county attorney is running for your seat!"
Jeff Branick is not the County Attorney, as Philip apparently believes, but serves as Assistant to County Judge Ron Walker.

It's also quite obvious that Philip has never attended a commissioners' workshop and that he has idea what this particular workshop is about:
Workshop presentation by the Southeast Texas Regional Airport and Sixel Consulting Group, Inc. to advise the Court of the current state of the Airline Industry and recent, ongoing, and future Commercial Air Service Development efforts and prospects.
Philip, please note that "checkbooks" is one word, not two. Next article, please.

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