Nov 2, 2009


In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip proves he has a hard time counting past one (Emphases are mine):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this weekend that the Beaumont Independent School District is currently under investigation by two federal agencies. Both deal with taxpayer money that has been misused and possible charges of mail fraud.

The Review's sources are (1) a source inside the Beaumont Independent School District administration and (2) a source close to the US Department of Justice.

According to both sources - the investigation is said to be focused on two areas.

First, bond money that was paid to certain contractors outside of original contracts and second, misuse of taxpayer money for personal use.

Both sources confirm that the investigation is in it's infant stages and that nobody from the school district has been questioned. The reason? Collect the evidence first - then question those that say they are not involved.

The initial story broke in the mainstream media when one of the complainants filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice. However, it was soon leaked that the investigation was already begun before the complaint had even been filed.

"To say that they have been watching from a distance would be a good statement," said the source inside the district.

Our take?

Blah Blah Blah Blah. Carroll Thomas and his minions can do, will do, and have done whatever they have wanted. And nobody - including the Federal Government can get them. They are way too slick. And you know - and we know it.

Case Closed before it even opens.
Philip lost count after one and never explained the second investigation, probably because there is no second investigation. His information is blatantly pirated from media accounts. Here's an important part of the story that Philip omitted from the Beaumont Enterprise version:
FBI Houston spokeswoman Special Agent Shauna Dunlap said the agency does not confirm or deny investigations. She said, "Routinely we take complaints from the public regarding possible violations of federal law. The fact that a complaint is filed does not necessarily mean an investigation will be opened."
Neither does the U.S. Department of Justice comment on investigations, so Philip has just accused someone in the DOJ of leaking privileged government information. This is a felony.  As one example, a Deputy U.S. Marshall in Chicago was sentenced to four years in prison last week for leaking information about another DOJ investigation.

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Maybe the 2nd investigation is into Phil's leak.