Nov 11, 2009

Costra Nostra

Philip R. Klein sounds a familiar theme in this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. According to Klein, the entire BISD is under investigation by the FBI (emphasis is mine):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Examiner will break a story regarding the Beaumont Independent School District and implicating "high ranking officials" that are involved in a company owned and operated by Calvin Walker who recently had his electrical license revoked and was made to pay a $5,000 fine.

Walker - according to sources - is on the hot seat after winning contracts for electrical work on the BISD bond issue and alleged impropriety in billing the district. It has long been alleged that Walker had inside knowledge and dealing with BISD administrators and board members. And that his award of electrical contracts were alleged pay offs by the same officials for helping pass the bond issue.

This last month - the Federal Government quietly began an investigation and according to our sources, federal agents have begun work to accumulate evidence on members of the board, administrative officials and contractors.

More of the "same old think, over and over and over again,"  complete with manufactured sources. The actual article from The Examiner has a different take: Walker is the subject of the investigation, not the Beaumont Independent School District:
And Walker, who is facing multiple investigations, including one by the FBI and a review of his business dealings with several local municipalities, claims the images were included by mistake.
Philip further confused the real issue: the documents cited are for a non-profit trade school, The Southeast Texas Electrical Apprenticeship Academy, not Walker's main business, Walker's Electric Company. Walker's Electric Company received contracts from the Beaumont Independent School District, not the trade school. From The Examiner:
Documents obtained by the newspaper from the Texas Secretary of State list both Haynes and Jones as directors of the SE Texas Electrical Apprenticeship Academy Inc., suggesting a possible conflict of interest because Walker's electrical business receives millions of dollars in work from the school district.

The nonprofit SE Texas Electrical Apprenticeship Academy filed its incorporation papers with the state on June 12, 2008 - two months before The Examiner first revealed in August 2008
The Examiner quoted BISD board member Tom Neild, who addressed the real issues succinctly:
"I would hope that any of us, whether in administration or on the board or in any capacity that we might have on the bond issue, would lay out or disclose any relationship that might cast an appearance of a conflict of interest," Neild said. "Anybody involved in this has a duty to disclose any connections that they might have, no matter how large or small. There is no accusation and no one is saying it is right or wrong, but it needs to be disclosed and explained."
By contrast, here's Philip's shrewd analysis:
Again - we think - and we may be wrong - but we really think that in the end - some people may just go to jail. And there is only one way to break up the Mafia called the BISD - fire 'em. Take them out of power. And Carroll Thomas should be first.

Wow we say. It is not over yet. And man oh man - we just cannot believe a company was operating under everyone's nose with Walker and BISD higher ups. Wow. Simply wow.
Philip's hysterical claims and name-calling do nothing but obfuscate the real issues. Walker's contracts may well prove to be problematic, but Philip's wild accusations only expose his reckless disregard for the real truth.

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