Nov 13, 2009


Philip printed two lines of a message from Jack Chatman, a pastor and member of the Port Arthur City Council (emphases are Philip's, not mine):
Well kids - there is a new player in town in Port Arthur - and his name is Jack Chatman.

This past week we reported that Chatman was going to support Oscar Ortiz for Mayor against current mayor Prince. Well.......Jack contacted the Review. And he gave us some pretty good information and dropped a bomb shell in our backyard.

"I am not supporting anyone at this time and don't want to give any impression that I have made a decision on who I may be supporting."

So we take that at face value - but our radar goes up because usually those who make that statement have another thing in mind - like running for the office for themselves. And then we read on :

"Actually I'm thinking about running for the mayor position myself......"
Since Mr. Chatman was elected to the City Council in 2007, one would hardly call him a "new player in town."

Ironically, Philip didn't mention that Mr. Chatman contacted him about mangling his name in an article earlier this week (emphasis is mine):
We have sources in the West End of Port Arthur telling us that there is a movement afoot with black political "leaders" headed up by Commissioner Sinegal, Councilman Beard, Councilman Chapman, Councilman Flood and Councilwoman Wise - who is teaming up with the likes of The Most Reverend (giggle) Donald Frank - mobilizing people to vote AGAINST Mayor Prince.
As I pointed out at the time, there is no Councilman Chapman on the Port Arthur City Council. This is evidence of how badly Philip R. Klein is out of touch: he doesn't even know the real players.

Klein published only two lines of a longer message from Mr. Chatman, but didn't include the original correspondence. Instead,  PRK offers his take with no point of reference for readers:
And then we go into the pride of Port Arthur speech and the "things are bad but not that bad but are not worse than Beaumont" talk. We call it the shell shocked talk. However, we kind of like that talk. We like the pride thing - in what could be. It shows......leadership?
Klein's bias is evident, further corroborated later in the story:
We will watch this guy....and see if he takes the jump off the ledge. Now that he has leaked it to us - means that he needs to either step up or step out. We say step up!
Readers will notice that "this guy" didn't actually leak anything to Philip. Instead, council member Chatman simply stated that he was only considering a run for the Port Arthur Mayor's chair. Shoddy reporting, wouldn't you say?

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