Nov 22, 2009

Hilton Kelley Exposed

Contrary to the title of Philip R.Klein's article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, the piece is more indicative of Klein's poor investigation skills.  He claims:
For the last six months - the Southeast Texas Political Review has been investigating Hilton Kelley, the Director of Community In-power and Development Association, Inc., post his appointment to a lower level EPA advisory committee. In fact - the EPA has posted a Biography on Mr. Kelley which you made read here:

Hilton Kelley EPA Bio

So if the government says it is true?

Well - as you can assume we started in the first paragraph of the BIO. And we will lay it out for you in as simple terms as we can :
Here's the first paragraph from the EPA bio:
Hilton Kelley, Founder and CEO, Community In-power & Development Association Inc., Coordinator of the Southeast Texas Bucket Brigade, And Mobile Community Outreach Director for Coming Clean Collaborative. Mr. Kelley is originally from and currently lives in the refinery and chemical manufacturing town of Port Arthur, Texas. In addition to being a community organizer, Mr. Kelley is an electrician and former member of the US Navy, second class petty officer. After the navy, Mr. Kelley remained in California while there he worked as a youth activist where he was recognized for his youth anti-gang violence efforts and acting ability. He was admitted to the Screen Actor's Guild in 1991. Mr. Kelley moved back to Port Arthur in order to help rebuild and save the community from which he came.
In his investigation, Philip displays the same attention to detail that marks his investigation into the disappearance of Patrick McDermott:
Claim : US Navy - We searched the US Navy Retired Site - we could not find Hilton Kelley as a vet (although he may not be listed - we have filed a FOYI)
The "US Navy Retired Site" is a blog run by a private individual on This site has nothing to do with maintaining service records, properly referenced as Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs). Klein provides implausible deniability by noting that Kelley "may not be listed."

OMPFs are actually administered by the National Records Center, through it's Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR) division. Because of privacy concerns, only certain information is released to the general public concerning service records and requires submitting Standard Form 180 (SF-180), not an "FOYI" as Klein claims. Genealogical researchers are quite familiar with this process, but apparently idiots follow a different procedure.

Klein apparently meant an FOI (Freedom of Information) request; the acronym FOYI means something entirely different, although quite appropriate regarding PRK's investigation.
Claim : Screen Actors Guild 1991 - We called the screen actors Guild and found no listing for a Hilton Kelley ever being admitted to the SAG association. We further contacted Don Johnson Productions regarding Kelley's claims that he was a "stuntman" on the TV Show Nash Bridges - they referred us to IMDB - to which there is no listing for a Hilton Kelley in any of the shows. Further, we then contacted Merritt Yohuka, the head stuntman for Nash Bridges and he advised that there was no stunt man for the show by the name Hilton Kelly. Further, another stuntman named Rocky Cappella, told the Review that nobody named Hilton Kelley was a part of the stunt crew. We pressed further about the show being filmed in Hollywood - and we then found that the show was never filmed in Hollywood as Kelley claimed - it was filmed in San Francisco California.
Philip failed to provide any substantive evidence concerning any of this correspondence. I've previously busted Philip for a similar falsehood, when he claimed he was in contact with the author of the De Novo blog. Philip claimed:
He gives good advice. Oh... and he called me. Nice guy. Wanted to tell me what he thought of the lawsuit. Funny thing what others see out there looking into Jefferson County.
The female author responded publicly on her blog:
Unless I have been sleep-calling radio shows, I never have called Mr. Klein.
I documented this exchange here and here.   The only thing missing from Klein's claim regarding Hilton Kelley is an anonymous fax from Cacma D. 

Klein commented on Kelley's awards:
Claim : Keynote Speaker - Rice University - According to Rice University - they have no listing on this conference nor do they have Hilton Kelley listed as any speaker dating back to 2005.
The agenda for that conference is posted online at the Rice University website. See online at the Rice University website. Note the keynote speaker:
11:30AM Keynote speech "One More Chance"
Hilton Kelley - Director, Community In-power and Development Association
Philip also claims his search for Patrick McDermott is "94 percent done."
Claim : Nomination for Sri Sri Ravi Shanker Award - According to all the research that we could find on this group, or person or whoever - there is no Shankar Award that could be found. We called the foundation - to which is considered a scam foundation by Federal Authorities and they stated that they were unaware of a Hilton Kelley...
Klein purports to speak for the entire Federal Government, but I'm sure his search results would have been different had he spelled Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's name correctly.

Here's the website for the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Award, which states:
The Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Award is given at each Heroes of Humanity event to members of society who are uplifting the community, but it has been established to give special recognition to those individuals or organizations whose contributions command special notice for their commitment to human values in our communities. These individuals create a better world.
Likewise, Philip had problems with this:
And finally - Woodman of the World Life Insurance Society - Award for Conservation. We contacted Woodman - they had no award they knew of.
The Woodmen of the World Conservation Award is well-known and has been in existence for over a century. For example, here's a U.S. Fish and Wildlife press release from 1962, where an employee won the award. Here's another. Here's another recipient. Here are even more.

Klein's "analysis" of CIDA's IRS form 990 for the years of 2008, 2007, and 2006 is just as confused. As an example, here's PRK's first point:
First - we always look at the bottom line. Which in 2008 is almost a quarter of a million dollars according to the money we can see. But - Kelley reports to the IRS that he has spent all of the money. Yep - it is all gone. He reports that on item IX lines one through three that the income is $25,200. But listed it on the front page as $107,200.
Actually, Part IX of Form 990 is a statement of functional expenses. While Klein claims this is CIDA's income, it's actually a list of outgoing contributions and grants from CIDA to other groups. The figure of $25,200 that Philip references is clearly listed as "Grants and other assistance to governments and organizations in the U.S."

I question the credibility of anyone who doesn't know the difference between income and expenses, but Klein's confusion offers insight into his bankruptcy filings.While the rest of Klein's analysis is as confused, I particularly enjoyed this narcissistic statement:
As we have a relationship with some Federal Agencies - we sent two years ago a FOYI request for the Community In-Power and Development Association, Inc. to the Department of Treasury - Internal Revenue Service. They advised that they did not have tax returns from the company for 2006, 2007, 2008 - and would be investigating. In August - the IRS general counsels office in Washington called to advise us that CIDA had filed three years of tax returns on July 9, 2009 - however they were sent to three different branches of the IRS and were processed - and had been flagged.
Philip offers no corroborating evidence for his statement that the "IRS general counsels office in Washington" called him personally. Since there is no such thing as an FOYI request, Klein's reference simply underscores his lack of credibility.

A request for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is quite specific. These requests are processed through the National Records Center as noted above, not the IRS as Klein claims.

The bottom line is this: Klein's ad hominem fallacy in logic does nothing to address the issues concerning the wisdom of turning Port Arthur into North America's toxic waste dump that Kelley has raised. I suspect Klein's vituperative "expose (I use term loosely)" is fueled by his jealousy over the media attention that Kelley brings to these issues.

Is no one paying attention to you, Philip?


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Hilton Kelley:

Dallas, Nov. 19 (AP)— A Southeast Texas industrial plant has scrapped plans to import and incinerate 20,000 tons of hazardous materials from Mexico.

Veolia Environmental Services' industrial incinerator in Port Arthur — which gained national attention in 2007 for importing and burning waste from a military nerve agent — was seeking an exemption to a federal rule prohibiting the import of the chemical waste.

The company cited the economy for its decision to abandon the plan, but environmental groups claimed victory in stopping the area from becoming a "dumping ground for the world."

Anonymous said...

Once again, Klein gets an F on his homework assignment.

Anonymous said...

Please translate Phil's latest gibberish: "There is no place to hide from your decisions - and that God you work in the ivory tower where you are well protected from your public that put you there."

Anonymous said...

Gus, eager to hear your response to Phil's latest nonsense about a lawsuit. Although you don't really have to respond to nonsense. It doesn't make any sense.