Nov 14, 2009


Philip R. Klein claims a news story by KBMT/Channel 12 "bashes" the Lumberton Police Department.
We kind of held our fire watching the other media post KBMT doing a smash piece on the Lumberton Police Department and posting a report regarding a secondary autopsy by a profession paid meat cutter in Houston, Texas. However, the other media did not really jump on the press release.

Let's make one thing really clear - TWO grand juries, the Texas Rangers and even the Feds have looked at the Kevin Laday case in Lumberton. And they found that the officers did the right thing and acted appropriately. And in fact - they went above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with convicted felon and drug induced [sic] Kevin Laday.
Philip didn't explain what "drug induced [sic] Kevin Laday," meant, but I suspect it's just more gibberish intended to confuse readers. Klein has purposefully misrepresented this civil suit. As an example, Philip is apparently confused about how a grand jury works (emphasis is mine):
The grand jury reported its decision to Judge Britt Plunk.   The panel had asked to be held over after its term expired September 30 to hear the case.
The Hardin County Grand Jury repeatedly refused to indict a group of Silsbee High football players for allegedly gang-raping a cheerleader. In lieu of meaningful content, Klein hides his ignorance of the case by throwing mud at the forensic pathologist who conducted the second autopsy:
Now - the family hired a whack job named in the media as "Mr. Buttinsky" - a flying saucer chaser to "investigate the claims" of the family. Hmmm....we first wonder if he has a license to do so?

...a report regarding a secondary autopsy by a profession paid meat cutter...
While the fat private investigator refers to Dr. Lee Ann Grossberg as a "meatcutter,' her qualifications are beyond reproach, and there are indeed discrepancies between the second autopsy and the original autopsy performed by the Southeast Texas Forensic Center.  

I'm not sure why Philip begrudges a mother for seeking the truth about the death of her son, but I'll note that a civil suit against O.J, Simpson found him culpable in the death of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown, after a criminal suit found him innocent.

Philip has censured Channel 12 for an objective report, but didn't comment on Channel 4 failure to folllow up on a report on the Jefferson County Appraisal District.


Anonymous said...

Gus, you missed the real meaning behind "drug induced Kevin Laday." I've often wondered whether Klein's sources were drug-induced.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how Klein could claim that channel 12 is bashing the lumberton police.

Anonymous said...

Klein wants to be a part of the Lumberton community in the worst way. He's convinced they are racist wingnut's just like he is. Further he pretends to be a friend to the rank and file LEO's because he's a wanna be. From what I hear he is no better at sneaking around apartment complexes spying on people than he is at predicting political races or getting the facts straight. Sucks to get caught eh Phil?

Anonymous said...

Getting caught writing letters to himself happens, too. Gus does it regularly, and so does Sam.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Anon 10:34: Sam again nailed PRK's letters-to-self sham at:

Anonymous said...

Boy, I can't WAIT to see what Klein has to say about Angel's so-called "interview" of Carroll Thomas!!! SO one sided!