Nov 30, 2009

Klein's FTF

In an article entitled "Glock" on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein wanders from subject to subject like a drunken private eye on a Saturday night.

While most of his posting is nonsensical, replete with quotes attributed to manufactured sources, Klein does accuse Jefferson County Commissioners and the Texas Workforce Commission of a conspiracy to falsify public documents:
The Review is on it - but from what we hear behind closed doors is that a number is lurking of the "true" unemployment figures and that pols have put pressure on the TWC locally to not release those said numbers. Remember - high unemployment equals crime.

We are going to watch and listen for the behind the scenes numbers and will post them when they come up.
We'll revisit Philip's conspiracy when he produces the "behind-the-scene" numbers.

As far as I can tell, Philips primary thesis in this sophomoric waste of electrons is this: high unemployment equals a rise in violent crime:
From shootings, to stabbings to muggings.....what a great first weekend in Southeast Texas!
For those who would like more information, here is an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal. It's much easier to read, more objective, and has fewer misspelled words than Philip's posting:
By and large, the studies show that lousy job markets -- particularly for young or unskilled men -- are linked to more thefts. But the connection isn't so plain with violent crimes like murder and rape. That bolsters the theory of a more rational criminal: When the economy flags, people inclined to crime opt for dishonest income; they don't start shooting people.
Here are two of my favorite books which further address these correlations. Both are written by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner:
I'll leave Philip with the last word:
Until them [sic] - lock and load!

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You can tell when Phil forgot to takes his meds.