Nov 12, 2009

Revisiting the Klein School of Internet Journalism

On October 30, 2009, Philip R. Klein wrote:
The calls started to come at about 5 p.m. Thursday.

"Have you seen KBTV's web site?"

And now we actually have a TV station that is going to take on the establishment. And they are going to do their jobs.

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that a lawsuit has been filed by Dave Thomas, a resident of Jefferson County, who has done a two year long investigation on HIS OWN and found that some homes and neighborhoods have not seen that 30 - 40% jump in value that has created a HUGE tax increase to the residents of Jefferson County.

Big deal? Well.....everyone put on your surprised face - ready for the kicker?

The areas that did not see the 30-40% increase in value seemingly are.....please tell us neighborhoods where ELECTED OFFICIALS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY LIVE!

Please say no it cannot get better?

Speaking outside his legal counsel - Thomas told KBTV which is posted on their web site : "When you have 90% of homes in one neighborhood have their property taxes raised, and you go to 8 similar neighborhoods in the immediate area, and find totally different results, they need to explain themselves. That's what this boils down to."

Huh? Well? No way!

So KBTV is doing a two part special and will dispatch reporters to speak with those elected to office in certain parts of the county and cities whose appraisals have not seemingly GONE UP 40% and in some cases have dropped - while houses around them........went up?
Typically, Philip failed to cite his source, but the actual story appeared on the KBTV website:
Fox 4 will have much more on this issue in a two-part special report, "Unequal Burdens", airing November 10th and 11th on Fox 4 News, First at Nine.
It's possible I missed that "two-part special report," but I never saw it on the newscasts, nor could I find the story on the KBTV/Channel 4 website. I'll give the last word to a reader who left this comment:
Looks like Klein removed the big promotional story on his website about KBTV's groundbreaking expose now that it didn't happen. Too late PRK to hide your embarrassment. We remember all that nonsense you reported.
Well said.

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