Nov 10, 2009

Scandal Brewing

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein breaks another scandal. The emphases are mine:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that a big scandal is brewing within the ranks of the city council and the black community in Port Arthur.

Roosevelt Pitre of GP Industries is seemingly upset with Mayor Prince as we have reported. So upset that he is funding some....well....candidates - which we have already reported. seems that the forces behind Prince are not going to sit there and take it today - so they have fired back asking a few questions.

One of which is this : "What is the relationship between Pitre and Councilwomen Duana Wise."

According to Camp Prince - Pitre was the funds behind Wises' race for city council. And seemingly he is attempting to prop her up to do his bidding. And that had tongue wagging with rumors of a Mercedes Ms. Wise is driving around on a secretaries salary.

So...GP is hanging their hats on some contracts with two of the major plants in Port Arthur and Wise may be working in the background politically. Did we say Ms. Wise is living on a secretaries salary and is said to work at GP?
I think Philip meant Roosevelt Petry, who is the CEO of GP Industrial Contractors. The rest of his allegations are just as credible.

Philip promises to revisit:
We will follow up with you all at a later date.
But first, Philip will offer an update on multiple lawsuits over a sex scandal by a sitting judge, the Great Gumball Investigation, and the status of those 27,000 cases "refilled" in Hardin County.

Did I mention Gillam v. Klein?


Anonymous said...

Another "scandal."
Another lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

Klein and KBTV promised to expose the tax appraisal board's preferential treatment for county bigs. Did I miss this blockbuster revelation by Super Sleuth and his favorite TV news team?

Anonymous said...

Diane Dean is not unattractive. Unfortunately she has no clue how to report. And she will only get worse if Phil is her muse.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Klein removed the big promotional story on his website about KBTV's groundbreaking expose now that it didn't happen. Too late PRK to hide your embarrassment. We remember all that nonsense you reported.

Anonymous said...

Go here for a great story about Philip and the fake letter he wrote pretending to be a former KFDM employee.