Nov 9, 2009


Philip resorts to more of the "same old think, over and over and over again" in his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review. Even the title has been recycled many times:
Two sources this morning have send the Review a copy of a news article that hit this morning showing these Freedom Communications executives that TOOK BONUSES while employees were being laid off and money was cut back in furloughs of employees :

Lawrence Beaulieu ­ KFDM-6-CBS
in Beaumont, TX (Market #141), 
$26,000 (three MBO bonuses).

What and do what? Hard working low paid newsroom people are getting laid off, money cut back from their checks and............bankruptcy with a bail out in restructure?

This "news article" actually came from an anonymous blogger, AZ Policy Wonk. Klein apparently believes that anonymous blogging is quite credible, as long as the subject matter is in agreement with his extremist right-wing opinions.

Nor did Philip mention this comment left in response to the article:
Wow. I would have thought a website that allegedly does quality reporting would have vetted this information. Heck, it’s public record! But no. Instead the numbers are highly inflated in at least a dozen cases. Simple math is all it takes, but apparently the so-called reporter lacks those skills.

It’s a shame that many on this list who have worked their backsides off for so many years have to be dragged through the mud with shoddy reporting and the commenters who have no life at all

Such a pity.
Klein's reckless disregard for the truth is apparent, since he failed to contact anyone at KFDM to corroborate this story. In spite of PRK's deceit, he actually corroborated previous statements from Channel 6 employees, who told Klein publicly on two occasions that they received bonuses for beating projections. Philip alleged that they were lying. 

Philip's deceit is also quite evident in this statement:
...bankruptcy with a bail out in restructure?
KFDM is owned by Freedom Broadcasting, whose parent company, Freedom Communications, is seeking Chapter 11 protection while it reorganizes. The legal documents filed so far mention no bail out by the U.S. Federal Government or any other entity. These are source documents in black and white, not a purported "source" who apparently sent Philip a link to another spurious blog article.

Freedom owns more than 30 daily papers, but only eight TV stations. I suspect the company's problems stem from the print division, rather than the broadcast wing of the company.Freedom Communications has actually set up a toll-free restructuring phone line to answer such idiot accusations as his: 1-800-299-1960;. Unfortunately, Klein will neither call or publish a response that contradicts his quack reporting.

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Anonymous said...

Why would Phil, who claims to be a champion of free enterprise devoted to a "get guvmint off mah back" philosophy, criticize a corporation ("I like them") for rewarding key employees?